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Last Updated - March 20, 2011 
by Robert M. Sharp
57 Summit Drive  Gilberts, IL 60136
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Family History Library 03/20/11
The Sharp Family Line 09/22/05
The Puthoff Family Line 02/24/08
The Smith Family Line
The Marshall Family Line09/02/02
The Kinsey Family Line 09/05/02
The Marrinan Family Line 09/08/02
The Rohe Family Line 03/13/05
The Deem Family Line 08/04/04
The Neal Family Line 04/08/06
The Thorn Family Line10/20/2010
The McPherson Family Line 03/08/04
The Johnson Family Line 12/03/06
The Bundy Family Line  11/13/2010
The Whitaker Family Line 04/05/06
The Patterson Family Line 01/09/04
The Braddock Family Line new.gif (733 bytes)3/19/00
The Horn Family Line 8/5/00
The Pierce Family Line new.gif (733 bytes)1/17/06
The Torr Family Line new.gif (733 bytes)12/29/00
The Kesling Family Line 12/5/98
The Null Family Line 10/29/00
The Mills Family Line new.gif (733 bytes)2/25/01
The Peacock Family Line new.gif (733 bytes)12/29/00
The Lunsford Family Line new.gif (733 bytes)03/20/11
The Taylor Family Line 11/24/02
The Arey/Ihrich Family Line 12/23/02
The Corlies Family Line new.gif (733 bytes)03/10/01
The Haines Family Line new.gif (733 bytes)10/21/06
The Battle Family Line new.gif (733 bytes)12/28/99
The Pearsall/Purcell Family Line 05/01/02
Rollo to Thomas Pearsall09/12/00
Adam to Rollo new.gif (733 bytes)12/26/99
Adam to Poppa, wife of Rollonew.gif (733 bytes)12/28/99
Taylor Thorn Biography
Gulialma Mariah (Bundy) Thorn Biography
Martha Ann Alice Thorn Kinsey Biography
Martin V. B. Thorn Civil War Letter
The Joshua B. Sharp Family History Project  10/14/07
Descendants of Joshua B. SHARP 03/12/11
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Bob Sharp's Get Together Message new.gif (733 bytes)11/08/03
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Our Immigrant Ancestors new.gif (733 bytes)10/14/07
Union Chapel Church & Cemetery Records new.gif (733 bytes)10/14/07
1846 Deed new.gif (733 bytes)10/14/07
1883 Deed new.gif (733 bytes)10/14/07
Sharp Family Directory 10/14/05
Two Generation Descendants of Joshua B. SHARP 9/21/05
aquadot.gif (509 bytes) Other Sharp Project Genealogy Resources 9/21/05
Current Genealogy Research12/31/05
Roots Surname List 03/13/05
The Descendents of Robert Young KINSEY 04/07/01
Sharp Genealogy Resources 08/30/05
Canoeing Adventures12/31/05
Bicycle Centuries12/28/08
Favorite Websites  12/31/05
The Cousin Connection 01/17/06
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