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Joshua B. Sharp 
Family History Project

A project to document the life of Joshua B. Sharp (Aug 07, 1813 - Oct 25, 1863) and his descendants. The project is being conducted by a number of  J. B. Sharp descendants and is open to anyone interested in Sharp family history.  

One major project goal is to identify all of the descendants of Joshua B. Sharp.   As of August 2004, there are 1019 descendants listed in this database.  

aquadot.gif (509 bytes)  The Descendants of Joshua B. Sharp - Contains the descendants of  Joshua B. Sharp that have been recorded to date.  The page will take some time to load.  Please be patient.

The Sharp research group is conducting a series of get-togethers to collect Sharp family information.  These have been great for acquainting family members and initiating discussions.

Joshua B. Sharp Genealogy Get-Together 1   September 27, 2003

Joshua B. Sharp Genealogy Get-Together 2   April 12, 2004

Joshua B. Sharp Genealogy Get-Together 3   Saturday September 25, 2004 

 Joshua B. Sharp Genealogy Get-Together 4   Saturday September 24, 2005 

Joshua B. Sharp Genealogy Get-Together 5   Saturday September 23, 2006 

Joshua B. Sharp Genealogy Get-Together 6   Saturday September 29, 2007 

See  Sharp Family Directory for a listing of Sharp family member interested in ur Sharp Family History

E-mail Forum
Bob Sharp has volunteered to facilitate an e-mail discussion group.  Those cousins that have provided e-mail addresses are on distribution.  It is hoped that anyone that has Sharp information to share, direct it to the entire discussion group.  Bob will collect the data and post any updates on this website periodically.  If you know of anyone else that might be interested in participating in the forum, please contact Bob at

 Things you can do to help with this project

1. Check the Sharp Family Directory to make sure you are recorded.  Check all of the fields to make sure you are recorded correctly. Contact Bob Sharp via email at for any updates. 

2. Please invite any descendents of Joshua B. Sharp or let us know their address or e-mail address so that we can invite them.  We know the surnames of the descendents and the spouses of the descendents, but we often donít know their address or e-mail address.

3. See The Descendants of Joshua B. Sharp above.   Find your family by first checking for Surname and  by first name.  Verify the accuracy of the family history and report errors and additional family history to Bob via email at Information we are looking for are all vital record for birth, marriage, and dates and places.  Any other information, including interesting items about each person.

4.  Volunteer to be a sponsor for a particular ancestor.  All this requires is that you help collect information for that ancestor.  It might mean checking with aunt and uncles or cousins on their family information.  The 2-Generation Chart shows the number of known descendants for each ancestor.  We hope to see these numbers grow as new information is recorded.  It also shows the people who have volunteered to be a sponsor for their ancestor. .

5.  Collect and send photos, family histories, and anything else you might want to share. 

6.  Get together with family members in your area to share information.  We would like to see this happen locally, and possibly plan an Annual Get-Together.

 aquadot.gif (509 bytes) Other Sharp Project Genealogy Resources - A listing of specific help topics including getting started, genealogy software, Internet resources, local vital records, libraries, and societies.

Additional websites are maintained at

aquadot.gif (509 bytes)  Sharp and Related Families - Ancestors of Robert M. Sharp and their Immediate Families include over 625 ancestors back over 40 generations.  This source also includes the descendants of our ancestor  William Sharpe through nine generations.

See the Family History Library and Sharp Genealogy Resources for more Genealogy information.

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