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The BATTLE Family Line

26 Nov 1999

Robert M. Sharp is the 11th lineal descendant of John Battle of Nansemond Co, VA. The lineage is through his Taylor, Thorn, Kinsey, and Sharp lines.

The Battle Family from the Earliest Times

It is speculated the Battle family descends from Walter DeBotteville DeBetuile of Normandy. The source of this line is from the Battle Cry presented in 1984 at the Battle Reunion in Dothan, AL. It was also published in the 2nd Battle Book, "The Descendants of Mathew Battle England to Virginia 1647 - A collection of Family records Genealogical and Historical", by Lynwood Deal Jordan, SR who also published it for the Battle reunion in 1984. This 2nd Battle Book pertains to Mathew's descendants and mentions the first Battle Book, Lynwood's book was published in 1992. This research actually came from the Genealogy of William Augustus Battle that was presented at the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa.

Some of this lineage is in dispute and some has been disproved. There is currently no certifiable link between our Battles of America and the Battle family in England. However, it is provided here because of it's interesting link to the historical Battle of Hastings.

In September of 1066, Walter DeBotteville DeBetuile sailed across the English Channel in heavy winds with William the Conqueror. They landed in Prevense near Hastings, preparing for the conquest of England. Walter was from a prominent family in Normandy. Their family residence was at Bouteville in Canton of Sainte Mere Englise, Arrodisement de Valognes. Members of the family were benefactors of the Abbey St. Sauveur. The family held a fiefdom and Walter was supposedly a knight under William the Conqueror (William I).

In the early morning of October 14, 1066, Walter DeBetuile was among the warriors who answered the role call for battle against King Harold II.

The Battle of Hastings occurred on Senlac Hill near Hastings, England October 14, 1066. The battle between King Harold II, the King of England and William the Conqueror began at 9:00 am and lasted until 6:00 pm. Harold II was killed in battle and William was the victor. Many of the men who fought with William were rewarded with lands and titles in England.

The lineage of the first 16 generations of the Battle family can be found at the Battle Pride Web Site:

Sir Humphrey DeBattell son of Walter DeBetuile
Thomas DeBattaile son of Sir Humphrey DeBattell.
Sir Richard DeBattell son of Thomas DeBattaile: Sir Richard held Bataylee Hall,Essex County, England in 1165.
Robert Battell son of Sir Richard, Robert married Elizabeth Howe, daughter of Edmund Howe.
Sir Edmond Battell son of Robert Battell, Sir Edmond married Jane Bassingborne, daughter of John Bassingborne. Sir Geoffrey Battell son of Sir Edmond Battell, Sir Geoffrey married Christian Torrell, daughter of John Torrell of Torrell Hall.
Sir William Battell son of Sir Geoffrey Battell.
Sir John Battell son of Sir William Battell, Sir John married the daughter of Sir Thomas Rockford. Sir John was styled as Johannes Battell de Aunger (Ongar) Park, Essex County.
Sir John Battell son of Sir John Battell, Sir John married Elizabeth Ennefield, daughter of Sir Richard Ennefield.
Sir Thomas Bataile son of Sir John Battell, Sir Thomas married Aliamore Ondeby, daughter of Thomas Ondeby. Sir Thomas Bataile possessed the Manor of Ongar Park, in 1420.
John Battaile son of Sir Thomas Bataile.
John Battaile son of John Battaile, John succeeded to Ongar Castle in 1473. Richard Battaile son of John Battaile, Richard's will was signed April 2, 1539.
Wyll'm Battell son of Richard Battaile, Wyll'm married Cateryn Heman on October 25, 1551 at the All Saints in Maidstone, England.
William Battell son of Wyll'm Battell, William married Margaret Dukes, license was obtained from London on June 16, 1601. Possible father of our John Battle.

First Generation

1. John1 Battle, son of William Battell and Margaret Dukes, was born in Yorkshire, England 1634. John died abt 1690 in Paspetank, Pasquotank River, NC, Colonial America. His body was interred abt 1690 in Pasquotank River.

He married twice. He married Mary Rame in England, 30 Jul 1638. He married Elizabeth ??.

John and his second wife, Elizabeth, along with his brother Matthew immigrated to America in 1654. This immigration included neighbors the Summers, Hunters, and Bakers, who settled on the west fork of the Nansemond River in Virginia. John was granted a Royal Patent for 200 acres and another 640 acres in North Carolina on the "Paspetank" or Pasquotank. In 1663 he received another grant on the Pasquotank for transporting 13 persons into the area for settling, and in 1682 received 580 acres in Kill Mary Swamp for transporting 12 persons into Nansemond Parish of Virginia.

From Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents & Grants 1623-1666

John BATTELL (BATTLE), 200 acs. in the W. branch of Nansimum Rjv .,adj. land of Thomas Babb. 14 Dec. 1654, p. 216. Trans. of 4 pers: John Battle, Elizabeth Battle, Thomas Nowell, Robert Wolfe.

John BATTLE, 60 acs. on Wwd. side of Paspetanke River beg. on a point which parts this & land of Mrs. Fortsen, running S. W. &c. 25 Sept. 1665, p. 94 (585) Trans of 13 per: John Garey, Ed. Maurice, Jno. Curtain, Tho. Cooly (or Celly), Tho. Mory, Wm Crow, Wm. Hutton, Saml, Cornix, Abra' Travers, Wm. Fowler, Jacob Carew, Wm. Hughes, Mary Stevens.

John BATTLE, 580 acst., in the Up. Par. of Nanzemond, att a place called Kill Many Swamp; 24 Apr. 1682, p. 172. Trans of 12 pers: Robt. Hubberd, Saml Merrit, Wm. Morgan, Richd. Harrington, Tho. Skinner, David Hollingsworth, Joan Stiles, Marv Batest, Susan Meriday; Toney, Isabel, Bastian, Negroes.

John Battle and Elizabeth ?? had the following children:

2 i. Alsey2 Battle was born on (birth date unknown).

+ 3 ii. William Battle Sr was born 1682.

Second Generation

3. William2 Battle Sr (John1) was born in Paspetank River, NC, Colonial America 1682. William died 1749 in Nansemond Co, VA, at 67 years of age.

He married Sarah Hunter in Nansemond Co, VA, 1710. Sarah was born in Nansemond Co, VA 1684. Sarah was the daughter of William Hunter. Sarah died 1769 at 85 years of age. William Battle was only eight years old when his father died. William was raised by Lawrence & Mary Mageo who were named in a suit against Richard Pope regarding land on the Pasquotank River.

William Battle Sr and Sarah Hunter had the following children:

+ 4 i. William3 Battle II was born 1707.

+ 5 ii. John Battle was born 30 Apr 1709.

6 iii. Sarah Battle was born 1711.

+ 7 iv. Elisha Battle was born 09 Jan 1723.

8 v. Mary Battle was born in Nansemond Co, VA 1723. She married William Robins bef 1742.

Third Generation

4. William3 Battle II (William2, John1) was born in Nansemond Co, VA 1707. William died Dec 1778 at 71 years of age.

He married Martha Brown. William Battle II in his will of 1778 had witnesses including Hardy Horn and John Thorn, signifying a continuing relationship with those families. It is possible that this John Thorn was son of Thomas and Mary (Lee) Thorn and brother to Martin Thorn b. 1737. Thomas and Mary Thorn sold land to William Battle in 1741.

William Battle II and Martha Brown had the following children:

9 i. Mary4 Battle was born before 30 Aug 1746, the first event for which there is a recorded date. Mary died aft 1783. She married William Taylor 30 Aug 1746. William was born 1706. William was the son of Thomas Taylor and Mary ??.

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