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     The known origins of our Gibson family begin in Overton County, Tennessee where James Gibson was born in 1806. We next find the Gibson family in Missouri. In 1825 James married Elizabeth Burris in Cooper County, Missouri.

     By 1830 the Gibson family had moved to western Missouri. We find them in Jackson and Van Buren Counties where he bought land and farmed.

     In the early 1850's the Gibson family left Missouri and headed for Oregon Territory. According to his Oregon Donation Land Grant, James Gibson arrived in Oregon September 12, 1853 and was granted 323.04 acres of land for residence and cultivation in Douglas County.

     While James farmed the rich land, Elizabeth was busy raising eleven children, keeping house, and raising her seven dozen chickens. In 1875 she sold 81 dozen eggs for 25 cents a dozen, amounting to $20.25.

     James Gibson died in 1877 at the age of 71 at his farm eight miles east of Yoncalla. The only heir still living in Oregon was Silas Gibson. He took over the farm and Elizabeth lived with his family.

     Other sons, James Redmond Gibson and Clarence Gibson came to Paradise, Wise County, Texas to visit his mother's brother, the Burris family, who had moved to Texas from Missouri. While in Paradise James Redmond met Mary Elizabeth Cooper.

     Family history tells this story concerning their courtship. Mary Elizabeth and his sister, Ella, were in the field hoeing when they saw two men approaching. One of them was the boy Ella was keeping company with, the other a stranger to them. The girls were barefooted, and of course, in their work clothes, so they leaned forward on their hoes as the men came up to cover their bare feet with their skirts.

     Ella's bow introduced the stranger as his cousin, James Gibson, visiting from Oregon. They asked the girls to go to a party that Saturday night. The girls said they would have to ask "papa". Papa gave his permission, so that was the first date with James. Mary said he was very handsome and had the prettiest curly black hair she had ever seen.

     James Redmond and Mary were married in 1876. Not long afterward Clarence, James and Mary headed for Oregon by train.

     This story was told by Mary. The three of them boarded a train leaving Fort Worth going west to California in the year 1877. Mary was pregnant with their first child at the time. When Clarence and James left the train while on the way, Clarence made Mary hold his vest that was lined with twenty dollar gold pieces. He insisted that no one would rob a lady. Mary was scared to death. She was not feeling well because of her condition and by the time they arrived in California, she was so homesick that she begged James to go back to Texas. James and Mary returned to Texas and left Clarence to continue the journey. He was never heard from again. It is supposed that he was robbed and murdered.

     James and Mary lived in Paradise, Texas and had five children, two who died young.

     James' mother Elizabeth Gibson, a widow, came to Texas from Oregon in August of 1844 to visit. When she arrived she had pneumonia and ony lived three weeks. Hers is the first tombstone in the Paradise Cemetery. It was carved from sandstone by Mary's father.

     Less than a month later James Gibson died of acute indigestion, probably appendicitis.

     Mary James, called Jimmie, was born seven months and 22 days after the death of her father. An old superstition says that because she had never seen her father, she could cure thrush in a baby's mouth by blowing her breath into it. Mothers brought their babies quite often for her to cure!

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   James Gibson, Oregon Donation Land Grant

   Notice of Administratrix from THE PLAINDEALER for James Gibson Estate

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