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I've been working on my genealogy on and off for a number of years, and it is very much a work in progress (has anyone ever "finshed" their genealogy?). The Internet has been a great tool in this research, and I have been helped by many kind and friendly people that I have encountered along the way. To all of them, I say "Thank you."

This site is my way of sharing what I have learned. If you think we may be connected, please feel free to contact me so we can share information.

I've broken down my research into various family groups--follow the links here to go to each family's site.

My father's side:

Descendants of Stephen Augy Harding (1816-1895)

Descendants of Johann Friederick Buchholz (1790-1855)

Descendants of Job Tyler

Descendants of Thomas White (about 1741-1816)

Descendants of Henry Miller (1766-1840)

Descendants of Jacob Geisreiter

My mother's side:

Descendants of August Boltz (1830-1895)

Descendants of Thomas McCabe, Sr. (1816-1883)

Descendants of Herman Draeger (1851-?)

Descendants of Bernard Antoine Stoflet (1814-?)

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