Stark County Illinois News

Stark County News
13 December 1885

The bastardy case of the People upon complaint of Miss Rebecca J. Peve against Joseph M. Dunn of West Jersey, pending in the County Court, was brought to a sudden and unexpected termination Monday evening. The defendent was required to give a new bond for his appearance at the next term of court and started off to get it signed. One of his bondsmen in the meantime, procured a certified copy of the original recogizance and with an officer, started after him, with the intention of arresting and surrendering him to the sheriff. After a lively chase Dunn was overtaken and returned to Toulon. There was a fair prospect of his going to jail and the young man flinched. He had heard bad stories of the Stark County prison pen and disliked to make its aquaintance. There was but one way out of the dileman. The County Clerk was sent for; the girl was willing and at 8 o'clock they stood up together in the Follett House and Judge Wright made them husband and wife in due form of law. Two souls were made happy and the third saved from disgrace. The best thing ever done by Dunn.

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