Eli Pavey Obituary, 1821 - 1889
Homboldt Iowa Newspaper, 15 May 1889

Died-In Rutland Township on May 13th, 1889, Deacon Eli Pavey, aged sixty-eight years. Deacon Pavey has been an invalid for seven or eight years, suffering from some complicated chronic disease that baffled the skill of all the physicians. About two months ago the Deacon had a paralytic stroke, and since that time he has been failing day by day until this morning at 8 o'clock a.m. his sufferings were ended by death. Mr. Pavey was born in Devonshire,England, September 4th, 1821. He came with his parents to Woodstock, Canada, in 1832, living there until 1866, when he moved to Illinois and from Illinois here in 1875. Deacon Pavey experienced religion and joined the Baptist church in 1836, and since that time he has ever been a sincere and working Christian and died in full hope of being and reigning with the Master that he has so long served. Mr. Pavey leaves a wife and a large number of children and grandchildren to mourn his loss. They have the sympathy of the whole community in their breavement.
May 13 1889. Tom reported to newspaper.
Posted on the internet by: Karen De Groote-Johnson Date: 10/10/2001

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