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Last Name First Name Spouse: Last Name Spouse: First Name County: Date:
PAVY Eli R. BROWN Eliza Switzerland 27 Nov 1848
PAVY Eli R. WILSON Catharine Switzerland 22 Oct 1842
PAVY James GERRADE Margaret Jane Switzerland 12 Sep 1833
PAVY John S. DUNN Nancy Decatur 26 Apr 1838
PAVY Mary Glena DOWNEY Amos S. Switzerland 5 Sep 1845
PAVY Samuel BARBERY Roland Harrison 13 Aug 1812
PAVY Samuel MOULTON Julia Ann Switzerland 8 Aug 1842
PAVY Samuel JOHNSON Mary Ann Washington 2 Oct 1840
PAVY Sarah Jane WINES David Decatur 10 Jun 1844
PAVY Washington BOOK Sarah Ann Decatur 22 Apr 1841

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