Uniacke, co. Cork, formerly an officer in the 
Denbighshire calvary, m. 10 Sep 1844, Mary-Elizabeth, 
2nd dau. of the late Col. Drinkwater-Bethune, of 
Balfour, co. Fife, and has issue, 

I.  Eleanor-Georgina.
II.  Geraldine-Cecelia.  

LINEAGE. -- This ancient family, whose original name was 
Fitz-Gerald (descended from the Desmond branch of the great 
Geraldine Family) went to Ireland about the close of the 12th 
century.  The name, a singular one, arose according to 
tradition from the following circumstance:  In the skirmishes 
which were constantly taking place between the rival houses of 
Fitz-Gerald and Butler, a service, attended by great danger, 
becoming necessary to be done, and the commander hesitating 
who to employ, an individual was pointed out and recommended 
to him with this remark, "Unicus est," meaning "he 
is the only person to undertake this service."  These two words 
were used as the family motto until the period of the battle of 
the Boyne:  in that memorable conflict, James Fitzgerald 
Uniacke, of Coolegaragh, since called Mount Uniacke, 
commanded a troop of calvary, and being present when King 
William's horse was shot, dismounted, and offered his to the 
King, who, accepting it, called him a faithful and true man, 
and taking a pistol from his holster said, "Let that be your 
crest evermore."  The family crest previous to this was a dexter 
armed arm gauntletted, holding a hawk's lure, but James-
Fitzgerald Uniacke, and his descendants have since used the motto, 
"Faithful and brave," and taken for crest a dexter arm in 
armour holding a pistol.  It appears by the ancient public 
records, that the family of Uniacke was settled at an early 
period in the South of Ireland, and had possessions in the 
counties of Cork, Waterford, and Tipperary.  The following 
notices of four descents in the 13th and 14th centuries, are 
extracted from the records in the Bermingham Tower in the 
Castle of Dublin:  Bernard de Uniak, Esq., was resident at Cork, 
in 1305, as appears by an entry on the plea-roll of that year.  
His son, Bernard de Uniak, Esq. of Youghal, co. Cork, living 
in 1311, is mentioned in the plea-roll, and also in the great roll 
of the pipe, all preserved in that depository of ancient records.  
His son, PHILIP DE UNIAK, of Youghal, was living in 1355.  
Thomas de Uniack, of Cork, son of the said Philip de Uniak, of 
Youghal, was the father of Thomas de Uniack, of Cork, living there 
in 1391.  There having been but one family in Ireland of this 
peculiar name, it is certain that the present Uniackes, descend 
from the above-mentioned persons, though the intermediate 
generations from 1390 to 1500 have been lost sight of.  The 
branch of this family which settled in co. Tipperary have since 
assumed the name of Fitz-Gerald, and are represented by Sir 
John-Judkin Fitzgerald, Bart. of Lishen, co. Tipperary.  The 
principal seat was Ballyhubbert, near Youghal, until the middle 
of the 17th century, and since then Mount Uniacke, also near 
Youghal, both in co. Cork.  

THOMAS UNIACKE, Esq., of Ballyhubbert, who was the son of 
Edmund Uniacke, Esq. of Youghal, grandson of Thomas 
Uniacke, Esq., and great-grandson of Thomas Uniacke, Esq., of 
Ballyhubbert, who was living in 1500, had, by Margaret his 
wife, two sons, I.  JAMES UNIACKE, of Ballyhubbert, who d. 
1576, of whose line we treat; II.  Thomas, of Youghal (see 
Woodhouse branch.)  James had, by Margaret his wife, one 
son and two daus.  John (only son) of Ballyhubbert, Esq., d. 
without issue, before 1623, as appears by an "Inquisitio post 
mortem" remaining on record among the rolls of the High Court 
of Chancery.  He was s. by 

THOMAS UNIACKE, Esq. of Ballyhubbert, his 1st cousin and 
heir male in 1623; he m. Elizabeth, and was s. by his eldest son, 

JAMES UNIACKE, of Mount Uniacke, co. Cork, whose will was 
dated 1682.  By Mary, his wife, he had issue, 

I.  James, his heir.
II.  Norman, of Curraheen (see that branch).
III.  John, d.s.p.
IV.  Edmond, of Cappaghmusgree, co. Cork, father of James 
UNIACKE, Esq. of Cappaghmusgree, who m. Barbara, dau. of 
John Power, Esq. of Clashmore, co. Waterford, and had a 
dau. Catherine, who m. Maurice Uniacke, of Ballymacody, 
co. Cork, 3rd son of Thomas Uniacke, Esq. of Woodhouse, co. 
Waterford, and had issue, a dau., Barbara, who m. Walter 
Atkin, Esq. of Leadington, from whom descend the Atkins 
of Leadington.  

The eldest son, 

JAMES-FITZ-GERALD UNIACKE, Esq. of Mount Uniacke, com-
mander of a troop of cavalry at the battle of the Boyne, m. 
Mary, dau of John Mathew, Esq. of co. Kilkenny, and had 

  I  RICHARD of whom presently.  
 II  John, of Carrig, co. Cork, m. Judith, dau. of Redmond 
     Barry, Esq. of Ballyclough, co. Cork, and had, with a dau., 
     Mary, wife of Major Heny ffolliott, of Hollybrook, an only 

       Redmond Uniacke, Esq. of Carrig, who m. Elizabeth, dau. 
       of Lionel Fleming, Esq. of Thornhill Park, co. Cork, and 
       had issue, 

       1  John, of Carrig, capt. in roy. fusilliers, killed at Cuidad 
           Rodrigo, in 1812, unm.  
       2  Lionel, of Carrig, an officer in the army, m. Elizabeth 
           dau. of George Crotty, Esq. of the co. Waterford, and 
           has issue 
       3  Thomas-Fane, an officer in rifle brigade, of Linbury 
           Lodge, co. Westmeath, m. Elizabeth, dau. of Gustavus 
           H. Rochfort, Esq. M.P. of Rochfort, co Westmeath, and 
           by her left issue, 

              Gustavus Fane, an officer in 71st Highland light in-
              fantry, accidentally killed in 1842.
              John, an officer in 71st Highland light infantry.
              Frances, m. Lionel Smith, Esq., capt. 54th regt.
       1  Martha, m. Thomas Townsend, Esq. of Castle Townsend, 
          near Mallow
       2  Judith, m. Major General Richard Uniacke. 
       3  Henrietta, m. Arthur Molly, Esq. capt. in the army.
       4  Georgina, m. Edward Coxon, Esq. capt. in the army.
       5  Isabella, m. Philip Somerville, Esq. capt. South Cork 

III  Norman Fitz-Gerald, of Castletown, co. Cork, m. Alicia, 
    dau of Bartholomew Purdon, Esq. of Gworane James, co. 
    Cork, and had issue, 

     1  James, of Castletown, who m. Elizabeth, dau. of Simon 
         Dring, Esq. of Rockgrove, and d. in 1836, having had two 
         sons, and one dau., 
            [1]Norman Fitz-Gerald, of Castletown, lieut. col. North Cork 
            rifles, m. 1821, Eleanor, dau. of Col. Robert Uniacke 
            Fitz-Gerald, M.P. of Corkbeg, and dying in 1835, left 
            two sons and one dau., viz.: -- 
                  [1]Robert Uniacke Fitz-Gerald, now of Castletown, m. 
                  22 April, 1854, Florence Elizabeth, dau. of the late 
                  Norman Uniacke, Esq. of Mount Uniacke, and has 
                  issue, Robert Uniacke FitzGerald.  
                  [2]James FitzGerald
                  [3]Elizabeth Frances. 
            [2]James, of Glengarra, co. Cork, major North Cork Rifles,
            m. Alicia, dau of Simon Dring, Esq. of Rockgrove, and 
            [3]Mary, m. George Crawford, Esq. of Lakelands, co. Cork.  
     2  Bartholomew Coote, officer in the army, d. unm. 
     3  Norman Fitz-Gerald, d.s.p.
     4  Richard John, H.M. attorney-general and member of 
         Executive Council of Nova Scotia, m. 1st, Martha Maria, 
         dau. of Mons. de Lesdernier, of Canton Geneva, Switzer-
         land, and by her had issue, 
            Norman Fitz-Gerald, of the Inner Temple, chief justice
               of the Canadas, d. in 1847.
            Crofton, of Lincoln's Inn, formerly judge of the Admiralty 
               in British America, and author of "A Letter to the Lord 
               Chancellor", and other works on law reform; m. and left 
               issue, Richard John, in holy orders; Crofton, d. unm. 
               in 1817; Norman Fitz-Gerald; Martha Maria; Eliza-
               beth; and Alicia.  
            Richard-John, judge of the Supreme Court in British 
               America, m. and left issue,
                  Charles Hill, capt. in the army.  
                  Richard John Norman, d. suddenly at Dover in 1844.
                  Helen Maria, d. unm. 1848.
                  Mary Mitchell, m. in 1851, I C. W. Watkins, Esq. of 
                     Badby House, co. Northampton, formerly an officer in 
                     the army. 
            James Boyle.
            Robert Fitz-Gerald, in holy orders. 
            Mary, m. Rear Admiral Sir Andrew Mitchell, K.C.B.
            Martha Maria, m. John Jeffery, Esq., son of John 
            Jeffery, Esq. M.P. of Sans Souci, Dorsetshire.  
            Alicia Margaret, m. William Scott, Esq. of Wood, co. 
            Selkirk, and Sunderland Hall, co. Roxburgh. 
            Anne, m. Kevin Leslie, Esq. of Wilton Park, co.Cork,
              an officer in rifle brigade.
            Elizabeth, d. unm.
            Eleanor Rebecca, m. William Hackett, Esq., inspector-
              general of military hospitals. 
        Mr. Richard John Uniacke the attorney gen. of Nova 
        Scotia, m. 2ndly, Eliza, dau. of William Newton, Esq., 
        major 48th regiment, and by her had one child, Andrew 
        Mitchell.  He d. 1830.  
   5  Crofton of Ballyre, co. Cork, m. Elizabeth, dau. of Borr 
          Uniacke, Esq. of Woodhouse, and by her left one son and 
          two daus., 
              [1]Crofton, of Ballyre, m. 1835, Esther, dau. of Percy 
                  Smythe, Esq. of Hadborough, co. Tipperary 
              [2]Anne Alicia.
              [3]Mary, m. Simon Dring, Esq. of Rock Grove.
   1  Elizabeth, m. the Venerable Perkins Crofton, archdeacon 
              of Aghadoe, co. Kerry.
   2  Mary, m. James Lombard, Esq. of Lombardstown, co. 

James Fitz-Gerald Uniacke, d. 1730, and was s. by his son, 
   RICHARD UNIACKE, Esq. of Mount Uniacke, who m. Anne, 
dau. of Robert Longfield, Esq., M.P. of Castle Mary, co. Cork 
(see that family), and had issue,

II. John, d.s.p. 1761.
III. Richard, of Abadda, m. Helena, dau. of Borr Uniacke, 
        Esq. of Woodhouse, co Waterford, and had issue, 
        1 Richard, d. unm.    1 Mary
        2 Elizabeth, m. to John Bayley, Esq. of Debsborough, co. 
           Tipperary.  (See that family.)
IV. Robert, a col. in the army, m. Mary, dau. of Gen. Baines, 
     of Gilbraltar, and had issue, 
        1 Richard, of Castleview, gen. in the army, m. Judith, dau. 
           of Redmond Uniacke, of Carrig, and has issue, 
           Redmond, late an officer in the army. 
           Richard, an officer Madras cavalry. 
           Mary.                Jane.
        2 Robert Fitz-Gerald, officer in 3rd light dragoons.
        1 Henrietta, m. John Armstrong, Esq., capt. in the army.
        2 Catherine        3 Mary 
        4 Jane.  
     He d. in 1823.  
I. Elizabeth, m. John Swayne, Esq. of Youghal
II. Harriet, m. Edward Nash, Esq. of Youghal

The eldest son, 
   JAMES FITZ-GERALD UNIACKE, of Mount Uniacke, m. 1st,
the Lady Caroline Coote, sister of Charles, last Earl of Bella-
mont, and 2ndly, Mary Higgins, by the latter of whom he had 
one son, who s. him,

   NORMAN UNIACKE, Esq. of Mount Uniacke, b. 1796; m. 1818, 
Eleanor, dau. of William Lax, Esq. of Wells, co. Somerset, by 
whom at his decease, 19 April, 1861, he left issue,

   I. NORMAN JAMES BIGGS, now of Mount Uniacke
   II. George Lax
   III. Robert Fitzgerald, d. 13 Dec. 1862, at West Melbourne, 
   IV. Crofton Bernard.
   I. Eleanor, d. unm. 
   II. Florence Elizabeth, m. Robert U. F. Uniacke, Esq. of 
       Castletown. (See above.)
   III. Marianne, d. unm.
   IV. Susan Helena, m. George Morris, Esq. 

Arms--Arg., three piles from the chief, and two from the 
base, gu. 
Crests--A dexter armed arm, holding a hawk's lure; and a 
dexter arm in armour, holding a pistol.
Mottoes--Unicus est, and Faithful and Brave.
Seat--Mount Uniacke, Killeagh, co. Cork. 


   The late Robert John Uniacke, of Woodhouse, 
co. Waterford, J.P., and D.L., high sheriff 1819, b. 
19 April, 1795; m. 2 Aug. 1821, Mildred, dau. of 
the Hon. and Rev. Richard Bourke, Bishop of 
Waterford, brother to the Earl of Mayo, and by her 
had issue, 

   I. Robert Borr, b. 29 Oct. 1823; d.unm. 30 July, 1853
   II. Richard, b. 23 July, 1833; d. 22 April, 1841.
   I.  Frances Costantia, m. 15 Nov. 1844, to Col. C. J. Beres-
       ford, R.A.
   II. Louisa Arabella.
   III. Mildred Gertrude.
   IV. Annette Charlotte, m. 3 Nov. 1853, to Capt. G. G. Ander-
        son, Bengal native infantry. 

LINEAGE. -- THOMAS UNIACKE, Esq. of Youghal, co. Cork,
2nd son of THOMAS UNIACKE, Esq. of Ballyhubbert, and 
brother of JAMES UNIACKE, Esq. of Mount Uniacke (see pre
ceeding article), m. Helena, dau. of Maurice Fitzgerald, Esq. of 
Lisquinlan, co. Cork, and had a son,

MAURICE UNIACKE, Esq. of Youghal, who m. Eleanor, dau, 
of Garret Fitzgerald, Esq. of Lisquinlan, and had an only 
son Thomas Uniacke, Esq. of Woodhouse, co. Waterford, who m. 
Helena, dau. of Christian Borr, Esq. of Borramount, co. Wex-
ford and had issue,

   I. Borr, his heir.  
   II. Robert, of Ballyvergin, co. Cork, who assumed the name 
   and arms of Fitzgerald, according to the will of his uncle, 
   Robert Fitzgerald, Esq. of Lisquinlan.  He m. 1st, Jane, 
   dau of Grice Smyth, Esq. of Ballynatray, co. Waterford, and 
   by her had a dau., Gertrude, who m. John La Touche, Esq. 
   of Harristown, co. Kildare.  He m. 2ndly, Frances, dau and 
   heir of John Judkin, Esq. of Greenhill, co. Tipperary, and    
   had a son, from whom descend the Fitzgeralds of Corkbeg.  
   III. Maurice, of Ballymacody, co. Cork, who m. Catherine 
   dau. of James Uniacke, Esq. of Capps, and had issue, 
         Barbara, who m. Walter Atkin, Esq. of Leadington, co Cork.  
   I. Clotilda, who m. Barachias Wallis, Esq. of Carrigrenan, co. 

The eldest son, 
   BORR UNIACKE, Esq. of Woodhouse, m. Anne, dau. of 
Frederick Trench, Esq. of Woodlawn, co. Galway and by her 
had issue, 

   I. ROBERT JOHN, late of Woodhouse.
   II. John James, d. unm. in Australia.
   I. Jane, d. unm. 
   II. Barbara Elizabeth, m. to the Rev. Joseph Chapman
   III. Catherine Costantia.
   IV. Nanette Helen.
   V. Frances Amelia, m. to the Rev. Edward Groome.
   VI. Helena SElina, m. to C. Doyne, Esq. of Newtown Park, co. 

Arms and Crest--Same as UNIACKE of Mount Uniacke.
Motto--Fortis et fidelis
Seat--Woodhouse, co. Waterford.  


NORMAN UNIACKE, M.D. of Curraheen, co. Cork, 2nd son of 
James Uniacke, Esq. of Mount Uniacke (see that family), m. 
and had issue,

   I. JAMES, who m. Jane, dau of Arthur Lucas, Esq. of 
   Rathealy, co. Cork, and had issue, 
      1 Norman, d.s.p.     2 Arthur, d.s.p.
      3 Jasper, of Aragln, co. Cork, who m. Maria, dau. of 
      Joshus Andrews, Esq. of Kilworth, and had issue, 
          James, a major R.M., who m. Emma, dau of Edmond 
          Roche, Esq. of Kildinan, co. Cork, but had no male 
          issue.  He was killed in China in 1842. 
          Mr. Jasper Uniacke was murdered in his own house, 
          together with Col. Monsergh St. George, in 1798.
   II. JOHN, of whose line we treat. 

The 2nd son, 
   JOHN UNIACKE, Esq. of Cottage, co. Cork, m. Frances, dau. 
and co-heir of Roger Mainwaring, Esq. of Kermincham, co. 
Cheater, and had issue, 
   I. JOHN MAINWARING, his heir
   II. Mary, m. to John R. Parker, Esq. of Cherrymount, co. 
   III. Frances, m. to Henry Turner, Esq. of Bath

The only son, 
   JOHN MAINWARING UNIACKE, Esq. of Cottage and kermin-
cham, m. Mary, dau. of the Rev. Dixie Blundel, dean of Kil-
dare, and had issue,
   I. JOHN, of Chester, who m. Anne, dau. of Vice Admiral 
   Pierrepoint, and has issue,
   I. Mary, m. to Henry Chapman, MacVeagh, Esq. of Drews-
   town, co. Meath (see that family.) 

Title:  A Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the Landed Gentry of Great Britian...
Author:  Sir Bernard Burke - 
Page 1561-1562
Published:  1863 Harrison
Original from Oxford University
Digitized by Google Books:  9 Jun 2006
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