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This is my wonderful Shamp Grandparents, Vaughn and Dorothy (nee Norris) Shamp. My grandpa was born in Willmar, Kandiyohi Co, Minnesota, the fourth of five children born to Benjamin Franklin Shamp and Gladys Jeanette Ellingson. Four of the children are still living, James Benjamin Shamp, the oldest son, died in WWII while serving on the USS Juneau. Benjamin died when the children were very young and they didn't know anything about the Shamp's. My great Grandma, Gladys, moved to Washington state about 1943 and re-married to Warner Forsman. I was blessed enough to know my great grandma until I was 8 years old, I will never forget her counters filled with her homemade Norwegian cookies! Unfortunately, great grandpa Forsman died in 1970 before any of us great grandkids were able to meet him. I will try to add all that I have found, there are some articles and records I will not put up on the web for the living families sake. I would suggest checking out my family tree here to see how each name ties into the family. I will give a shortened version below.

Generation 1
    Benjamin F Shamp, b. January 26, 1897 in Minneapolis, MN; d. October 16, 1931 in Alexandria, MN. He was the son of Ralph Henry Shamp and Maggie (May) Deschane. He married Gladys J Ellingson May 25, 1920 in Willmar, MN.

Generation 2
    Ralph Henry Shamp, b. March 05, 1877 in Springfield, Massachusetts; d. April 04, 1956 in Fargo, ND. He was the son of Henry Bear Shamp and Viola Elizabeth Ballou.

Generation 3
    Henry Bear Shamp, b. September 21, 1850 in Wooster, OH; d. December 28, 1931 in Sutherlin, OR. He was the son of Andrew Jackson Shamp and Eliza M Morris. He married Viola Elizabeth Ballou March 17, 1875 in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Generation 4
    Andrew Jackson Shamp, b. November 05, 1815 in Union Co., PA; d. March 21, 1895 in Wayne County, OH. He was the son of Jesse Shamp Sr and Anna Unknown. He married Eliza M Morris June 18, 1835 in Edinburgh, OH.

Generation 5
    Jesse Shamp Sr, b. 1780 in New York; died Abt. 1824 in Buffalo Valley, PA. He was the son of Johannes Malachi Shamp and Catryna Slegt. He married Anna Unknown.

Generation 6
    Johannes Malachi Shamp, b. Abt. 1736; d. August 14, 1780 in Hunterdon Co., New Jersey. He married Catryna Slegt April 01, 1762 in Dutch Reform Church of North and Southampton - Bucks Co., Pennsylvania.

:: Census ::
1850 Andrew Jackson Shamp     1880 Henry B Shamp            1880 James Burger          1880 Joseph Shamp
1870 Andrew J Shamp                1900 Henry B Shamp            1900 James Burger            1880 Lee Lightfoot
1870 Andrew J Shamp Pg 2        1910 Henry B Shamp            1910 James Burger            1880 1880Jesse M Shamp
1880 Andrew J Shamp                1930 Henry B/George Shamp  1920 James Burger           1900 Jesse M Shamp
1860 James C Shamp                  1910 Ralph Shamp                1910 Roy Shamp                 1910 Jesse M Shamp
1870 James C Shamp                  1920 Ralph Shamp                1920 Roy Shamp                 1920 Jesse M Shamp
1880 James C Shamp                  1930 Ralph Shamp                 1930 Roy Shamp

:: Obituaries ::
Article on James Shamp from the Willmar Tribune September 15, 1943     Page 2
May Shamp              Andrew J Shamp
Henry Bear Shamp               Viola (Ballou) Shamp
Ralph Henry Shamp           Lillian Shamp
Walter Shamp             Ralph Shamp Jr
Anna S Reider              Durbin Shamp
Nellie McFarland             James G Shamp
Lotta Shamp            Roy Shamp
Roy 'Bill' Shamp           Delno Shamp
Clifford Shamp              Arthur Shamp
Perry Delno Shamp             Ruth Shamp
Oliver Perry Shamp              James A Shamp
Warner Forsman                     Jesse M Shamp
Mabel (Mable) Shamp                     Birdie M Shamp
Charles A Shamp                     Myrtle Shamp
Joseph W Shamp                   Death Notice Cornelia Ballou
Death Notice Edward Ballou                   Death Notice Mahlon Ballou

:: Records ::
Marriage Application for Ralph Henry Shamp and May Deschane.       Marriage License
Divorce Record for Ralph H Shamp and May Shamp Pg. 1 Pg. 2 Pg. 3
Birth Record for Benjamin F Shamp.       Death Certificate for Benjamin F Shamp.
SS application for Gladys (nee Ellingson) Shamp.
Marriage Certificate Benjamin Shamp and Gladys Ellingson.
Death Certificate May (neeDeschane) Shamp.
Marriage Certificate Ralph Shamp and Lillian Bjerstrom. PG 2
Death Certificate Henry B Shamp.             Death Certificate Viola (nee Ballou) Shamp.
Death Certificate Erwin Shamp.                Death Certificate Edwin Ballou
Death Certificate Cornelia Ballou        Death Certificate Andrew Jackson Shamp
Death Certificate Ralph H Shamp        1920-1921 Willmar Directory
1927 Willmar Directory
Benjamin F Shamp WWI Registration Card
Charles Burger WWI Registration Card        Delno R Shamp WWI Registration Card
George Shamp WWI Registration Card        Joe W Shamp WWI Registration Card
Francis Marion Shamp Family Worksheet
Fairfield Cemetery Book
Moses C Shamp Family Worksheet
Carlton T Shamp Family Worksheet
Thomas Barr Shamp Family Worksheet PG 2
Fred J Shamp Family Worksheet
Jesse Shamp Family WorksheetPG 2
Marriage Announcement Benjamin Shamp/Gladys Ellingson
VanValkenburgh Family Tree (as held by the Greene Co., New York Historical Society)

:: Photos ::
Vaughn Shamp   One     Two     Three    Four
1946 Vaughn and Dorothy     Back
Shamps Vaughn, Dorothy, Bruce and Mark (my dad :))
Shamps Vaughn, Dorothy, Bruce, Mark, Marsha and Val
Confirmation Class with Vaughn Shamp
Confirmation Class with James Shamp
Memorial Wall PhilippinesJames B Shamp
Port Angeles Daily News 1971
Benjamin and Gladys Shamp Back
Benjamin and Gladys Shamp Kids 1  Back   2  3   4   5   6
Warner and Gladys Forsman 1   2   Back
Gladys and James Shamp   2
Gladys and Vaughn Shamp
Shamp/Wilhelm Families - last picture w/ Great Grandma before she died    Back
William and Marie Forsman - Warner's parents
Forsman Memorial at Mount Angeles Memorial Park
Warner Forsman Memorial at Mount Angeles Memorial Park
Gladys Forsman Memorial at Mount Angeles Memorial Park
Mark Shamp and kids early 80's?

:: Pension Files ::
Sydney H Shamp-Civil War
Joseph S Shamp-Civil War

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