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Shipping and Passenger Lists



'Lord Burleigh'

..August 8 1856 Lord Burleigh Ship 622 tons. A.C.Clarke Master from London.....

Passengers.... Mr Alex V. Carpendale; Thomas J. Booth; Thomas Bennett; Alfred Bennett; Matthias Rowe; Mrs Mary Booth; Mrs Ellen Bennett and infant; Mr H. Rowe and infant; Mrs Harriet Acland; Miss Emily Acland; F. Dawson; W. F. Ripley; R. Randley; F. W. Bell; J. Morris; W. Young; W. Philcox; D. Horner; W. W. Wallis; G. Sutton; W. Marshall; J. G. Pratt; W. Angus; D. Fisher; Margaret, John, James, Margaret, Robert, Agnes, Catherine Fisher; Agnes, Elizabeth, Agnes Muir; E. Tremain; Mary A. Tremain; Ann, Caroline, James, Ann Hicton; John, Clarissa, Jessima, John, Thomas, Mary, Ellen, Maria, Jane, Samuel Short; Andrew, Mary, Janet Stewart; Charles, Mary, Mary Ann, Robert, Sarah, Mary Ann, Robert, Rosa, Margaret, Susannah, Christina Strong; Elizabeth Humphreys; Hector, Ann, John, Isabella, John, Ann Norman; Colin McDonald; John, Georgina, Ellen, Maria Goodwin; Margaret, William, John, Robert, Margaret, George Nairn; Janet, Janet Campbell; Jessie, Allison, Catherine, Ann, James, Lloyd, Mary, Margaret, George McCaul; David, Mary, Mary, George Morton; George A. Purvis; James, Elizabeth, John, Peter, James, Agnes, Janet, Elizabeth Brown; Mary F. Sims; John and Jane Nelson; Thomas and Jane Sherson; Martha Armstrong; Allen, Robert, Janet Millar; Ann, Rebecca, Thos Johnston; Elizabeth Glasford; Patrick, Christopher Martin; Thomas Smith; Charles Walters; Robert Lyons; James Lyons; Eleen Gibbons; John, Margaret, Margaret, John James Bacon;

....12 cabin and 126 second cabin and steerage. Brown and Campbell Agents....

From the Boat tickets.....
Margaret, Susannah and Christina Strong. Lord Burleigh. 8.8.56

'Lord Burleigh'

March 22 - Lord Burleigh, Capt. Smith, from London.

PASSENGERS–Chief Cabin: Edward Maltby, Jos Jackson, Jane Alice Stepney, James Pilcher, Eliza Reece; Charles H., Henen C., Rockfort, J. Maud, Ernest & Gertrude Snow.
Second Cabin: Edward J. Marks, James Harvey, David Stack, Thomas Cork, Henry Dunn; Edwin, Eliza, Edwin, Emily, Joseph & Alfred Fossett; Patrick, Catherine, Ann & Betsy Birrell; Agnes Watson, Martha Ross, Agnes & Ellen Crombie, Mary Ann Murfett; Martin, Emily, John, Marie, Frederick, Hermann, Rudolpk & Mary Krippner; Thomas Rallo, Francis Holder; Alfred, Mary C., Louisa C., Jane M. & Elizabeth Jones; Charles Supton, George Pope.
Enclosed Steerage; Harry Green; William, Sarah, Frances, Elizabeth, Helen, Leonard & Sarah L. Lee; Charles, Alice F., Charles A., Alice A., & Amelia S. Gaze;John C., Sarah, John, & Joseph Wilkes; Thomas Dorrington; Martin, Dorothy & Joseph Scherdler; Joseph & Margaret Pancraz, Daniel & Harriet Rumbol, Esther C. Leach, Joseph Buer, Henry W. Davis, John Paul, John Wm. Benbow, Emily Collier, Elizabeth Alexander; Carpenter, Elizabeth, William, Mary, Elizabeth, Ayelsbear, Emma, John, Carpenter & Ellen Arthur.
Open Steerage: John W. & Harriett Steed, James & Sarah A. Woodward, Elizabeth Turmald, Elizabeth Fleming, Charles Fletcher, James Bell, John Stewart, James Reid, James Foubister, John & Robert Sinclair, Andrew Murie, Albert H. Pratt, James Cramond, William Mudd, Charles Vince, Alexander Muir, James Pattison, Joseph Morland, William Reid, Charles Hanson, John Scott, John B. John, William Burnett, Thos. Cooper, Thos. Payne, Alexander Steel, David Wilson, James & Matthew Scott, James Hamilton, James Blett.
Brown & Campbell - Agents.


21st February 1860 Lord Ashley (s.s.), A. Kennedy, from Sydney.

Passengers– Mr S. Clark, Rev. T. Buddle, Mrs Schroder, Mr & Mrs Chamberlain, Miss Holman, Mr Chisolm, Mr & Mrs Rich, Messrs. McKay, Russell, Johnson, McAlpine, Evelyn, Green, H. Connell, Mr Bolous & Son, Mr & Mrs Dunn, Messrs. Coney, Towsey, Franklin, Townsend, Quarterman & Kinn.
E. Colman - Agent.


March 28 - Lord Ashby, s.s. 296 tons, Kennedy for Sydney.

Passengers;–Messrs. McKay & Diore, Rev. J. Koe, Messrs. Simpson, Batger, W. Milner, J. Milner, H. Ellis, W. Johnson, Bolous, McCarthy, Miss McCrutchy, Mr J. Hall,Mr & Mrs Harvey,Mr & Mrs Sutton. Mr Wilson, Mrs Henderson, Ramsay, Mr & Mrs Orr, Mrs Cleveland, Miss Bradshaw, Messrs. J. White, Henderson, Johnston, McLean, Finlay, Miles, England, Henry, McGuire, Hortons, Griffiths, J. Richardson, J. Richardson, Day, Mooney, Karamph, Lever, Langtricky, Franklin, Franklin, Molloy.
I. C. R. M. C. - Agents


March 22 - Lord Ashley (s.s.) 250 tons Kennedy, from Sydney.

Passengers–Rev. J. Clark & Mrs Clark, Mrs Wood, E. Partington, Miss Young, Messrs. Cotton, Montgomery, Batyn.


April 24th 1860 Lord Worsley - (s.s.) 290 tons, R. Johnson, from Sydney 10th instant.

Passenger;–Colonel & Mrs Smythe, Captain Kelly, Messrs W. B. Smith, H. Ellis, J. Kelly, Denehy, G. A. Wilson, Drury, Julian, Batger, Richards, Lewis, Cook, Turquand, Russell.
R. C. R. M. Co - Agents.


April 28 1860 - Lord Worsley s.s., 200 tons - Johnston - for Sydney.

Passengers;–Mr & Mrs Reed, Messrs. Jones, Lloyd, Taylor, Lieut. Dean, Mrs & Miss Boulcott, Mr Johnson, Mr & Mrs Moore & 3 children, Messrs. Campbell, Bowden & 51 others (sorry they didn't print all the names).
I. C. R. M. C. - Agents.