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Copies of Wills, Inventories and Letters of Admimistration

Provided by Roy W Shakespeare


ANNE ISABELLA SHAKESPEAR of Kenilworth (wife of Thomas Shakespeare). d.24th April 1893.

Letters of Administration. 8th June 1893, Birmingham.


CHARLES (Chas) SHAKESPEARE (wife Mary) of Gravelly Hill, Birmingham.

Beneficiaries (children) Lilian Mary, Charles Edward, Erle Victor, Percy, Harold Ernest.

Will. Probate granted 13th July 1899, Birmingham.


CHARLES ERNEST SHAKESPEARE (wife Emily Maude) of Birmingham.

Witnesses Joseph Shakespeare and Eliza Jane Shakespeare.

Will. Dated 27th August 1917.


EDWARD SHAKESPEARE (wife Hannah) of Aston Park, Birmingham. d.4th March 1865.

Letters of Administration to Hannah Shakespeare, unadministered. Hannah died 24th March 1866.

Granted to Charles Shakespeare (son of the above) 11th December  1866.


EDWARD SHAKESPEARE (wife Esther) of Dudley. d.18th december 1883.

Letters of Administration. 2nd January 1884, Dudley.


EDWIN SHAKESPEARE (wife Amelia) of Ladywood, Birmingham . d.1st February 1885.

Beneficiaries (children) William Edwin, George Henry, Walter Joseph, Charles Ernest.

Executor Joseph Shakespeare (brother).

Will. Proved 10th March 1885. Birmingham.


ELIZABETH SHAKESPEARE, spinster, of Lapworth.

Beneficiaries include Mary Shakespeare, mother, John Shakespeare, father, Thomas Shakespeare, Richard, John, brother, Thomas Sly of Lapworth, brother-in-law, Elizabeth Sly, his daughter, Aliss wife of Humphry Shakespeare, ‘my sister Mary Sly of Barford(?)’, the poor of Rowington.

Will dated 4th February 1649(?).  Endorsement in Latin. 



Beneficiaries (children) John, Josiah, Samuel & Sarah.

Witness William Shakespeare, clerk to solicitor.

Will. Proved 2nd November 1861.


GEORGE SAMUEL SKAKESPEAR (*) (wife Elizabeth) of Coventry.       (*) spelling as per original document)

Letters of Administration. 10th April 1900.


HENRY SHAKESPEARE of Birmingham (wife Mary). d.5th February 1891.

Will. Proved 20th February 1891. Birmingham.



Beneficiaries include sons Humphery, John, Thomas, William, daughter Ursula, grandchildren Elizabeth Shakesoeare, Ursula Turner, Humphery Turner.

Will dated 18th March 1688.



Beneficiaries include sons Humphery and Henry(? Honrio), wife not named, brothers Thomas and John shakespeare, both of Knowle.

Signatures include Elizabeth Shakspeare (wife?)

Will dated 1671. Proved 11th February 1672. Inventory dated 23rd September 1672.



John Shakespeare of Dudley. d.5th February 1875.

Letters of Administration to Sarah Shakespeare, widow, 2nd March 1875.


JOHN SHAKESBY (Shakespeare?) of Feckenham

Inventory dated 3rd February 1680. Listed amongst Shakespeares Wills at Somerset House.


JOHN SHAKESPEARE of Keresley (no wife, children). d.20th April 1874.

Beneficiaries include William Shakespeare of Leamington, godchild.

Will. Proved 24th June 1874. Birmingham.


JOSEPH SHAKESPEARE (wife Jane) of Ladywood, Birmingham. d.11th September 1874.

Will. Proved 11th November 1874. Birmingham.


JOSEPH SHAKESPEARE (wife Elizabeth Henrietta) of  Portway, Kingswinford. d.8th January 1875.

Letters of Administration with Will annexed granted 3rd February 1876.


MARY SHAKESPEAR (son William Grosvenor Shakespear) of Acocks Green. d.6th April 1877.

Letters of Administration. 14th August 1877.


MARY ANN SHAKESPEARE (wife of John Shakespeare). Late of Brooklyn, State of New York. d.1st March 1860.

Letters of Administration to John Shakespeare 24th April 1882.



Letter of Obligation (?) dated 1680. Printed form with spaces filled in by hand. Partly in Latin.

Names mentioned include John Shakespeare, and Gus (?) Shakespeare (could be Latin abbreviation of William – Guilliemus ?)


PRUDENCE SHAKESPEARE (wife of John Thomas Shakespeare) of Kings Norton. d.25th April 1891.

Letters of Administration to John Thomas Shakespeare 29th May 1891.


RICHARD SHAKESPEARE of Mollington. d.1st September 1866.

Beneficiaries - (children) Sarah Ann, Isabella, (uncle) Jeremiah French, (brother) Thomas, (wife) Mary.

Will. Proved 29th January 1867. Birmingham.



Beneficiaries include neices - Sarah Annie Parkes, Elizabeth Annie Parkes, Elizabeth Annie Dorrington, Martha Shakespear, Nellie Shakespear, nephews - Joseph Dorrington, William John Dorrington, George Thomas Dorrington, George Shakespear, brother -George Simeon Shakespear, sisters - Ann Shakespear, Catherine Shakespear, Susan Parkes, solicitor - William Shakespeare.

Will dated 10th April 1895. Probate granted 17th February 1900.


SOLOMON GROSVENOR SHAKESPEAR of Hampton-in-Arden (wife Mary).d.17th April 1866.

Beneficiaries include Mary Shakespear, wife, Thomas Shakespear, William Grosvenor Shakespear, sons, Jane Shakespeare, daughter

Also mentioned, late sister Mary Shakespear

Will. Proved 25th October 1866. Birmingham.


THOMAS SHAKESPEARE of Harborne, Birmingham. d.22nd November 1896.

Letters of Administration to Elizabeth Shakespeare 29th December 1896. Birmingham.


THOMAS SHAKESPEAR of Corley (wife Catherine).

Will dated 4th September 1857.


THOMAS SHAKESPEAR of Corley (wife Elizabeth). d.11th October 1872.

Beneficiaries include wife Elizabeth Shakespeare, daughters Ann, Catherine, Elizabeth, wife of Joseph Harrington(?), Sarah, wife of William Shakespeare of Birmingham, Susan, wife of John Parkes of Coventry, George Simon, son,

Will dated 18th May 1872. Proved 20th November 1872. Birmingham.


THOMAS SHAKESPEARE of Henley-in-Arden (wife Ann). d.10th December 1886.

Beneficiaries include Henry Shakespeare, brother, William Shakespeare, son of Henry,

Will dated 19th April 1886. Probate granted 10th December 1900 to Ann Shakespeare, widow.


THOMAS SHAKESPEARE of  Portway, Kingswinford. d.3rd January 1861.

Letters of Administration granted to Sarah Shakespeare, widow. 14th March 1863. Sureties including Joseph Shakespear.


THOMAS SHAKESPEAR(E) of Leamington Spa, widower. d.between 5th March 1897 and 26th May 1897.

Beneficiaries include ‘my friend’ Wm. Josef Lukas of III Habsburgerhof 6 Steige Vienna Austria.

Will dated 25th March 1897. Probate granted 26th May 1897 at Birmingham.


WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE of Coventry, gentleman. d.23rd February 1876.

Will dated 6th December 1875. Proved 29th March 1896. Birmingham.