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held by

Lichfield Joint Record Office

  From a list supplied by John Shakespear, descendant of the Keresley family.

Year Name Place Notes Availability on Website
1558 Christopher of Packwood

1558 Elizabeth of Derby

1605 Roger of Tachbrook

1605/6 William of Coventry

1606/7 John of Coventry

1637 William of Coventry

1683/4 Thomas of Packington Parva

1686 William of Coventry

1687 Thomas of Little Packington

1688 John of Austrey

1693 Thomas of Coventry

1700 George of Fillongley (?husband of Mary Orton) Summary
1709 Thomas of Coventry (husband of Rebecca)
1712 Sarah of Penn (Adm)
1720 Thomas of Arley (may be husband or son of Maria) Summary
1724 William of Coventry (Cardmaker)
1725 George of Coleshill (of Packington)
1728 Ephraim of Flecknoe

1729 William of Arley (husband of Mary)
1734 George of Coleshill

1751 George of Fillongley (?s. of William & Mary)
1751 Ann
1763 Thomas of Fillongley (husband of Ann) Summary
1768 Mary of Aston

1768 Richard of Aston

1776 Thomas of Fillongley (s. of Thos & Ann, nee Grosvenor) Summary

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1780 Ann
(Nee Grosvenor, wife of Thos of Fillongley) Summary
1789 John Stretton-On-Dunsmore (s.of Thomas b.1717, of Keresley
1804 Simon of Keresley

1805 Thomas of Napton

1822 Benjamin of Kingswinford

1830 William of Birmingham
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1830 Thomas of Fillongley (s.of Thomas & Mary)
1835 William of Birmingham

1842 John of Coventry

1843 James of West Bromwich

1851/7 John of Corley

1853 George of Fillongley (?brother of John & Lucy)
1854 Elizabeth
Quad Bona

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