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1820 Freeholders of Warwick

This list was extracted from a book published by
Mr J. W. Unett. He was the agent for Mr Lawley, it was printed by a Mr T. Knott Jun,

the poll took place over a number of days 31 Oct., 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th, & 7th, November 1820,
the two candidates names were, Francis Lawley Esq. & Richard Spooner Esq.,
Mr Lawley was the eventual winner this is a breakdown of the results


Date Lawley Spooner
Tuesday 31, Oct. 189 58
Wednesday 1, Nov. 424 210
Thursday 2, Nov. 412 141
Friday 3, Nov. 263 148
Saturday 4, Nov. 413 92
Monday 6, Nov. 230 127
Tuesday 7, Nov. 122 193
Hundred Lawley Spooner
Barlichway 353 94
Hemlingford 515 670
Kington 535 64
Knightlow 751 141
  ------- -------
Total 2153* 969*

*A total of 3122 votes cast according to my figures it should have been 3022* votes cast
only 3015 names can be found in the book ?

The other part of the book deals with a petition from Mr Spooner on the
9/May/1821 saying that the election of Mr Lawley be declared null and void
"the arguments of counsel & the evidence adduced before the committee of the house
of commons for and against the petition of the Coventry Freeholders " Sheriff Christopher
Roberts Wren Esq., after a great deal of discussion 139 pages long it was thrown out.

Surname Forenames Place of Abode
Abbott Henry Hill Morton
Abbotts Charles Harbury
Abbotts Richard Wolvey
Abbotts Thomas Leamington Priors
Abell George Rugby
Adams Thomas Stratford
Adams Alexander Birmingham
Adams H C Anstey
Adams John Yardley
Adams Joseph West Brom
Adams Joseph Birmingham
Adams William Honingham
Adey Richard Warwick
Adish William Amington
Adock John Burton Hastings
Ainsworth Isaac Birmingham
Akers John Birmingham
Akers John Bedworth
Alchurch Thomas Halesowen
Alcoat Job over Whitacre
Alcote William Wolvey
Alder Thomas Hodnill
Aldridge Thos Devis Kenilworth
Allcock Thomas Edgbaston
Allcock William Edgbaston
Allcock Job Stratford
Allen Peter Alcester
Allen Joseph Ninevah
Allen William Birmingham
Allen Josiah Hurley Common
Allen Richard Long Itchingson
Allen Samuel Bordesley
Allen Thomas Fenny Compton
Allibone Anthony Pillerton Hersey
Allibone John Bilton
Allibone Thomas Grandborough
Allibone Thomas Willoughby
Allibone William Staverton
Allison Alexander Birmingham
Allitt Richard Oxhill
Allport William Aldridge
Allwood Joseph Aston
Alsop Elisha Exhall
Alsop John Napton
Alsop Thomas Napton
Ambler William Warwick
Andrews Thomas Studley
Annerley Hugh Newton Regis
Annesley Rev A Clifford
Appleby Benjamin Handsworth
Appleby Thomas Snittefield
Archer John Alcester
Archer Richard Bishops Tachbrok
Archer John Southam
Arkesden John Warwick
Arnold Edward Allesley
Arnold G H Ashby Lodge
Arnold John Nuneaton
Arnold John Polesworth
Arnold John Stratford on Avon
Arnold Nathan Southam
Arnold Nathan, Jun Southam
Arnold Robert Glascote
Arnold Thomas Kenilworth
Arnold Thomas Wilthybrook
Arnold William, Sen Kenilworth
Ashburne Rev W Ladbroke
Ashbury   Tanworth
Ashford Joseph Birmingham
Ashford Stephen Sutton Coldfield
Ashmore Issac Henley
Askey Thomas Birmingham
Astley John Nuneaton
Astley Thomas Hurley
Aston William Birmingham
Athos Thomas Birmingham
Atkins Charles Coventry
Atkins Daniel Kenilworth
Atkins Thomas Sow
Atkins William Kington
Atkins William Rotherham
Averill Thomas Alcester
Avery Thomas Birmingham
Avery William Birmingham
Avery John Studley
Awson John Coley
Bacon Joseph Nuneaton
Bacon Joel Nuneaton
Bacon Joseph Foleshill
Badams William Warwick
Badbury John Rowington
Badger Richard Napton
Badson Thomas Temple Grafton
Bagshaw Thomas Dunchurch
Bagshaw William Thurlaston
Bagshaw William Long Lawford
Bagshaw William Wolston
Baker Abraham Fillongley
Baker Edward Fillongley
Baker Joseph Birmingham
Baker Samuel Birmingham
Baker Thomas Fillongley
Baker James Leicester
Baker James Birmingham Heath
Baker Richard Sutton
Baker Wiliam Brailes
Baker William Nuneaton
Bald James Shuckburgh
Baldwin Anthony Hockley
Baldwin John Stratford
Baldwin Thomas, Sen Solihull
Baldwin Thomas W Wollaston
Baldwin Edmund Brailes
Baldwin Thomas, Jun Solihull
Baldwin William Brailes
Ball Thomas Hatton
Ball Benjamin Honingham
Ballard John Nuneaton
Ballard John Shilton
Ballard Richard Chilcers Coton
Ballard Richard Leamington Priors
Ballard Samuel Nuneaton
Ballard William Fillongley
Ballard William Bulkington
Baly John Birmingham
Bambury John Wappenbury
Bamford Thomas, B Glascote
Bampton James Sutton Coldfield
Banks Rev John Pailton
Banner James Warwick
Bannister George Solihull
Barber Stephen Great Alne
Barfod Edward Birmingham
Barford Edward Hampton in Arden
Barke James Edgbaston
Barker Charles Coton
Barker John Birmingham
Barker John Corley
Barlett John Illmington
Barlett William Redditch
Barlow James Birmingham
Barlow John Birmingham
Barnacle Thomas Nuneaton
Barnard Rev Robert Ligthorne
Barnes John, Jun Austrey
Barnes John, Sen Austrey
Barnes Joseph Shuttingham
Barnes Richard Kenilworth
Barnes Thomas Keniworth
Barnett Thomas Solihull
Barnhurst John Stratford
Barns Edward Exhall
Barns Joseph Burton Hastings
Barns Richard Easenhall
Barns Thomas Snitterfield
Barnsley William Birminham Heath
Barnswell John Leamington Priors
Barraclough ? Nuneaton
Barratt John Austrey
Barratt Thomas Berkswell
Barrett Daniel Frankton
Barrett Rrichard Frankton
Barron John Tysoe
Barrow James Birmingham
Barrows Benjamin Birmingham
Barrows William Birmingham
Barrs Thomas Erdington
Bartlam Robert Alcester
Bartlam Rev John Beoley
Bartlett John Stretton
Baseley Henry Harbury
Baseley John Stoneleigh
Basley Thomas Churchover
Bason John Bulkington
Bass William Garndborough
Bassett George Tamworth
Bassett Thomas Wilncote
Bastock Thomas Chesterton
Batchelor John Middleton Cheyney
Batchelor Mark Birmingham
Bate John Studley
Bates Edward Harborough Magna
Bates John Cosford
Bates William Pailton
Batkin John Birmingham
Batsford John Henley
Batsford Timothy Warwick
Baxter John Norton
Baxter Wiliam Birmingham
Baylis William Churchover
Baylis Edward Leamington Priors
Baylis Thomas Wixford
Bayliss John Stratford
Beach Joseph Tanworth
Beadman Joseph Grendon
Beale Thomas Birmingham
Beale William Birmingham
Beamish John Nuneaton
Beasley Thomas Rugby
Beasly Thomas Harbury
Beasly William Harbury
Beck Edward Cherrington
Beck James Allesley
Beck James Stockton
Bedders Thomas Bedworth
Bedford John Bordesley
Beech John Tanworth
Beere Edward Napton
Beesley William Warmington
Bellamy Henry Bearley
Bellamy Joh B Shipston on Stour
Bellamy William Haselor
Bellamy Henry Studley
Bellamy Job Tanworth
Bellamy William Fillongley
Bellis John Wolvey
Belton Edward Baxterley
Bembridge Thomas Birmingham
Benbow John Warwick
Bench James Southam
Benn Thomas Rugby
Bennel John Lea Marston
Bennet Richard Tamworth
Bennett Henry Stratford
Bennett Richard Rugby
Bennett Thomas Bedworth
Bennett William Stratford
Bennett William Birmingham
Bennett William Bilton
Benton J M Clopton
Bentou William Leamington Priors
Berridge Thomas Wolvershill
Berry Edward Kenilworth
Berry John Coventry
Berry John Kenilworth
Berry Thomas Lttle Woolford
Berry William Whichford
Best R Birmingham
Bethell John Birmingham
Betty William Kenilworth
Betty William Kenilworth
Bevington William Eatington
Bib Wiliam Hockley Pool
Bickenhill J G Kings Norton
Bicknell Charles Hales Owen
Bicknell Richard Birmingham
Bicknell Thomas Bethel Wootton Wawen
Biddall John Solihull
Biddle Henry Broom
Biddle John Grafton
Biddle Robert Atherstone
Biddle Thomas Atherstone
Biddulph Rev John Birdingbury
Biff Thomas, Jun Grandborough
Biggs Thomas Podmore
Bill John Pailton
Billingham James Leamington Priors
Bilson Robert Baxterley
Bingham John Birmingham
Bingley William Birmingham
Binley Thomas Tamworth
Birch George Warwick
Birch John Aston
Birch John Curdworth
Birch John, Sen Aston
Birch Joseph Warwick
Birch Rev William Rugby
Birchall William Wolvey
Bird Charles Brinklow
Bird George Ryder Birmingham
Bird Thomas Bilton
Bird William Sutton Coldfield
Bishop John Ilmington
Bishop Joseph Burton Dassett
Bishop Thomas Burton Dassett
Bissell Bejamin Lapworth
Bissell George Pinley
Bissell Joseph Deritend
Bissell Richard Deritend
Blackall Rev Thos Tutnall and Cobley
Blakeman Samuel Tachbrook
Blakeman Thomas Kineton
Blenkinsop William Warwick
Blews William Birmingham
Blick Francis Tanworth
Blick Abraham Warwick
Bloxam Samuel Napton
Bloxham Rev R Rous D D Rugby
Bloxwich Richard Worley Wiggorn
Blunt Thomas Tamworth
Boddington John Cubbington
Boddington John Kenilworth
Boddington John Meriden
Boddington Robert Rugby
Boddington William Corley
Boddington William Keniworth
Boden William Solihull
Bodily John Southam
Bolt John Warwick
Bolton William Stratford
Bolton John Studley
Bolton Thomas Rowington
Bolton William Rowington
Bolton William Redditch
Bonas William over Whitacre
Bond Joh Culcope Birmingham
Bond John Upper Shuckburgh
Bond John Nuneaton
Bond Joseph Polesworth
Bond Thomas Warwick
Bond William Birdingbury
Booth John Newton in the Thisles
Booth William Hurley
Bordesley Thomas Marton
Bostock Joseph Atherstone
Boston Thomas Beoley
Boston Theron Knowle
Boswell George Warwick
Boswell John Studley
Boswell Thomas Studley
Bosworth William Stockingford
Bott William Handsworth
Botterill Wiliam Nuneaton
Boudier Rev John Warwick
Boultbee Joseph Springfield
Bourton Jonas Napton
Bower Thomas Birmingham
Boyce Thomas Claydon
Boyes Thomas Warwick
Boys Aaron Hill Morton
Bradbury Robert Wootton Wawen
Bradbury William Lapworth
Bradford John Street Ashton Monke Kirby
Bradford John Shilton
Bradford Thomas Brentford
Bradford William Bretford
Bradley William Stratford
Bradley Charles Birmingham
Bradley William Chesterton
Bradshaw George Pryors Marston
Bradshaw Robert Pruors Marston
Bragg Thomas Sheldon
Brandis Henry Honn
Bray Michael Brinklow
Brayne Robert Banbury
Brayne Thomas Long Compton
Bree Rev William Allesley
Breedon Thomas Kenilworth
Brereton Samuel Birmingham
Bricknell John Warmington
Brierley Harry Brinklow
Brierley Jeremiah Stretton under Fosse
Brierley William Birmingham
Brinton Richard Birmingham
Briscoe William Warwick
Broad Edward Sutton Coldfield
Bromfield Revt Ross Napton
Bromwich Thomas Birmingham
Brooke Benjamin Alcester
Brooke Stephen Balsall
Brookes John Warwick
Brookes John Berkswell
Brookes John Solihull
Brookes Michael Tanworth
Brookes Thomas Birmingham
Brookes William Birmingham
Brookes William Solihull
Brookes William F Walsall
Brookhouse Henry Sutton Coldfield
Brookhouse Joseph Warwick
Brooks John Aston Cantlow
Brooks Joseph Kenilworth
Brooks Samuel Norton Lindsey
Brough John Birmingham
Brown Thomas Ratley
Brown George Beausale
Brown John Coventry
Brown William Kinwarton
Brown William Wheatley
Brown Benjamin Sutton Park
Brown Charles Oxford
Brown James Ausley
Brown John Dostill
Brown John Foleshill
Brown Mark Atherstone
Brown Robert Coleshill
Brown Samuel Warwick
Brown Thomas Warwick
Brownell William Daniel Aston
Bruce John Tiddington
Bruce Thomas Coleshill
Brunner Thomas Birmingham
Brunt John Chilvers Coton
Bruton George Alcester
Bryan George Kenilworth
Bryant Thomas Warwick
Bryant Thomas Warwick
Buckingham Robert Cosford
Buckler Jeremiah Chilvers Coton
Bucknill Charles Rugby
Bucknill William Nuneaton
Buffery Robert Radway
Buffrey John Birmingham
Buggins Thomas Hampton in Arden
Buggins William Suton Coldfield
Buler Wm Henry Kenilworth
Bull William Nuneaton
Buller Benjamin Stratford
Buller William Stratford
Bullivant John Tanworth
Bullivant John Solihull
Bullock Joseph Warwick
Bulmer Mathew Napton
Burberry Thomas Wooten Grange
Burbidge Thomas Coventry
Burbridge William Great Packington
Burbury Daniel Winter Warwick
Burden William Pryors Hardwick
Burdett Edward, Sen Dosthill
Burdett Henry Staverton
Burdett R B Coleshill
Burdett Robert Birmingham
Burdett Thomas Kingbury
Burdett Thomas Hydes Pasture
Burgess William Yardley
Burman John Tanworth
Burman Richard Henley
Burman T.i.p Henley
Burman Thomas Henley
Burman Insull Aspley
Burman John Light Hall Tamworth
Burman Richard Southam
Burman Richard Kings Norton
Burman Thomas Tanworth
Burman William Stratford
Burn Rev Edward Birmingham
Burr Mathew John Birmingham
Burrows John Willey
Burrows Robert Ansley
Bursell Henry Kenilworth
Burton Thomas Birmingham
Burton E S Daventry
Burton Henry Nuneaton
Burton John Nuneaton
Burton William, Mister Allesley
Busby James Edgbaston
Bushill Thomas Wolston
Bustin Samuel Harbury
Buswell George Stourton
Buswell Joseph Nuneaton
Butler Edward Alcester
Butler Bravins Sutton Coldfield
Butler Edward Erdington
Butler George Bulkington
Butler James Warwick
Butler John, Jun Tamworth
Butler Rev Samuel D D Shrewsbury
Butler William Birmingham
Butler William Nether Whitacre
Butler William Curdworth
Butlin Edward Wolston
Butlin Mark Bulkington
Butlin William Rugby
Butt Thomas Hill Morton
Butterworth Bejamin Spark Coventry
Butwell William Preston Bagot
Buzzard Marston Lutterworth
Cabday James Birmingham
Caldecott John Little Lawford
Caldercott Abraham Rugby
Caldwell Thomas Birmingham
Calley George Birmingham
Camel Thomas Fillongley
Campbell Joseph Southam
Campion John Newbold Comyn
Canning Thomas Norton Lindsey
Capers Thomas Barford
Capner John Birmingham
Capner Thomas Birmingham
Carey John Tanworth
Carless John Aston
Carlton Rev H Tectory Exhall
Carnall Joseph Warwick
Carr Edward Berkswell
Carr John Coventry
Carter Joseph Bordesley
Carter William Barford
Carvel William Southam
Cash Joseph Fillongley
Cashmore John Warwick
Castle John Combrook
Cater William Minworth
Cattell Joseph Beausale
Cattell Edward Livingford
Cattell John Easenhall
Cattell Richard Warwick
Cattell Thomas Balsall
Cattle John Alcester
Cattle Rev Thomas Warwick
Cave William Rugby
Cavignan Samuel Polesworth
Chaddock Thomas Castle Bromwich
Chair Thomas Broom
Chamberlain H T Churchover
Chamberlain Thomas Beaudesert
Chamberlain William Warwick
Chamberlain Edward Rowington
Chamberlian Benjamin Knowle
Chambers John Alcester
Chambers Stephen Kings Coughton
Chambers Rev J Spernall
Chambers Thomas Henley
Chambers William Rugby
Chambers Charles Leamington Priors
Chambers Edmund Milcote
Chambers W Yardley
Chandler Rev George Southam
Chaplian Robert Nuneaton
Chaplin Joseph Warwick
Chapman J H Atherstone
Chapman Wiliam Rugby
Charles Rev Richard S Aston Cantlow
Chater Thomas Rugby
Chater William Harbury
Chattaway James Studley
Chattaway John Tamworth
Chattaway William Stratford
Chattock John Castle Brom
Chattock Thomas Solihull
Cheatle John Dosthill
Cheatley Edward Bulkington
Cheatley William Coleshill
Checketts Bejamin Wilmcot
Checkland Thomas Brinklow
Checkley Thomas Warwick
Chellingworth Thomas Solihull
Cheshire B Kings Norton
Cheshire Edward Ansley
Cheshire John Fillongley
Cheston Thomas Birmingham
Chillingworth Benjamin Solihull
Chillingworth Henry Solihull
Chilwell George Sheldon
Chilwell Joseph Polesworth
Chipman Richard Chilvers Coton
Chirm Joseph Birmingham
Choyce R Thomas Stockingford
Clark Robert Radford Semeley
Clark William Allesley
Clark William Withybrook
Clarke Henry Knowle
Clarke Daniel Curdworth
Clarke John Solihull
Clarke John Solihull
Clarke John Warwick
Clarke John Hampton in Arden
Clarke John Nuneaton
Clarke John Arley
Clarke Joseph Crick
Clarke Mathew Gaydon
Clarke Richard Birmingham
Clarke Thomas Cherrington
Clarke William Birmingham
Clarke William Birmingham
Clarke William Chilvers Coton
Clarkson George Birmingham
Clarkson Job Leamington Priors
Clavering Rev John Wellesborne
Cleaver John Rugby
Cleaver Richard Hill Morton
Clemens John Warwick
Clive Joseph Solihull
Cockbill E S Clifford Chambers
Cockbill Thomas Warmington
Colcott Richard Tysoe
Cole William Hamptom on the Hill
Cole Issac Birmingham
Cole George Wellesborne
Cole Richard Napton
Cole William Clifton on Dunsmore
Colegrave John Sibford
Coleman Thomas Shotteswell
Coleman Thomas Tamworth
Coleman Thomas Shotteswell
Coleman William Kingsbury
Coles James Alcester
Coles Thomas Southam
Coley   Stockingford
Coley Edward Birmingham
Coling William Pryors Marston
College William Brinklow
Collins Thomas Baddesley Ensor
Collins George Baddesley Ensor
Collins Rowland Hurley
Collins Thomas Erdington
Collins Thomas Warwick
Collins William Warwick
Collins William Rugby
Collis George Birmingham
Colman Thomas Nuneaton
Colmore Thomas Aston
Compton Thomas Solihull
Congreve George Thomas Bedworth
Cook Henry Stratford
Cook John Aston Cantlow
Cook John Erdington
Cook Joseph Coleshill
Cooke Thomas Henley
Cooke Thomas Whitnash
Cooke Francis Wishaw
Cooke George Birmingham
Cooke George Stoneythorpe
Cooke Henry Rugby
Cooke James Bedworth
Cooke John Nether Whitmore
Cooke Joseph Eatington
Cooke Luke Belmont Village
Cooke Rev G L Cubbington
Cooke Thomas Birmingham
Cooke Thomas Barford
Cookes William Warwick
Cooknill Thomas Farborough
Cooper Edward Henley
Cooper Charles Sutton Coldfield
Cooper Henry Birmingham
Cooper James Birmingham
Cooper Samuel Polesworth
Cooper Samuel Harbury
Cooper Thomas Birmingham
Cooper William Atherstone
Cooper William Rugby
Cope Charles Birmingham
Cope Jonathan Birmingham
Cope Thomas Coventry
Coper John Stockton
Copson Issac Nuneaton
Copson William Atherstone
Corbett Joseph Aston
Corbett Joseph Austrey
Corbett Michael Admington
Corbett William Solihull
Corbett William Handsworth
Corfield Thomas Birmingham
Corn Edward Birmingham
Cornborough John Grandborough
Cory John Shotery
Cosford Thomas Newton
Cotterill John Lapworth
Cotterill Nathaniel Colsehill
Cotton Bayes Kenilworth
Cotton William Wilnecote
Cottrill John Harbury
Court Joseph Shrewley
Court Richard Leamington Priors
Court William Admington
Cowley Thomas Whichford
Cowley William Willoughby
Cowley William Hill Morton
Cox Samuel Stratford
Cox William Beusale
Cox Edward Birmingham
Cox George Skinner Birmingham
Cox Henry Withybrook
Cox Hill Walsall
Cox John Pailton
Cox Joseph Corley
Cox Rev Thomas Atherstone upon Stour
Cox Rev Thomas Baggington
Cox Thomas Wharton
Cox Thomas Ryton
Cox William Birmingham
Cox William Birmingham
Cox William Solihull
Craddock William Nuneaton
Cranmore William Berkswell
Creed Joseph Birmingham
Creswell Thomas Stratford
Crisp Digby Aston
Croft William Bedworth
Croft William Withybrook
Crofts John Church Lawford
Crofts John Daventry
Crofts Thomas Long Lawford
Crooke Robert Rugby
Croshaw James Nuneaton
Croshee James Birmingham
Cross Robert Hurley
Cross Thomas Birmingham
Cross William Greatharborough
Crossley John Hilcot
Crow John Studley
Crowley Richard Deritend
Croxall Edward Shustock
Croxall Edward, Jun Sutton Coldfield
Crutchloe John Bedworth
Crutchloe William Bedworth
Cryer Arthur Hill Morton
Cryer Francis Hill Morton
Cryer John Brinklow
Cryer William Hill Morton
Cudd Thomas Birmingham
Cudd William Lea Marston
Cumines Thomas Ashorne
Curnock Richard Alcester
Currell John Thurlaston
Currier William Alcester
Curtis Rev Charles Solihull
Curzon Henry Aldridge
Curzon John Sutton Colfield
Curzon Joseph Sutton Coldfield
Cuthbert George Bulkington
Cutler Job Birmingham
Cutler John Solihull
Dadd Thomas Radford Semeley
Dadley Benjamin Loxley
Dadley Edward Rugby
Daffarn Richard Aston Cantloe
Daffern John Birmingham
Dakin Joseph Birmingham
Dalton George Kings Newham
Daniel Alexander Nuneaton
Darayson John Toft
Daulman Samuel Amington
Davenport Rev J, Jun Snitterfield
Davenport Rev James Stratford
Davis William Alcester
Davis John Bloxham
Davis Rev Henry Bloxham
Davis Thomas Dosthill
Davis Thomas Brailes
Davis Thomas Pryors Marston
Davis W D Warwick
Dawes James Birmingham
Dawes Thomas Leamington Priors
Dawson Benjamin Brinklow
Day Benjamin Birmingham
Day Philip Tamworth
Day Richard Cherrington
Day Thomas Birmingham
Deacon John Rugby
Deakin Edward Kings Heath
Deakin John Aston
Dealey John Birmingham
Dee William Edbrington
Deeley Thomas Birmingham
Dencer Thomas Kenilworth
Derby Thomas Birmingham
Derrington William Kempsey
Derry Thomas Birmingham
Devitt William over Whitacre
Dewis Edward Bedworth
Dewis Joseph Bulkington
Dewis William Birmingham
Dicken John Minworth
Dickens William Cherrington
Dickensen William Twycross
Dickenson Benjamin Birmingham
Dickenson E W Dostil House
Dickson John Tysoe
Dilke William Maxtrack
Dingley Samuel Warwick
Dipple George Alcester
Dix Thomas Shotteswell
Dixon Charles Minworth
Dixon Issac Nether Whitacre
Dixon Samuel Nether Whitacre
Dixon William, Jun Lea Marston
Docker J C Warwick
Docker Thomas Birmingham
Docker John Aspley
Docker John Tanworth
Docker Thomas Birmingham
Docker Wiliam Allesley
Docker William Deritend
Dodd Thomas Willenhall
Dodwell Richard Fillongley
Dolman John Abingdon
Dolphin David Tanworth
Donner John Nuneaton
Dowdswell Samuel Bidford
Dowell James Bordesley
Dowler William Warwick
Dowler James Richard Birmingham
Dowler John Castle Brom
Dowler Thomas Warwick
Downing James Causton
Drakeford John Birmingham
Drakeford Thomas Stivichall
Draper Edmund Alcester
Draper Robert Kenilworth
Drayton Thomas Stowe
Droft Thomas Bedworth
Drury Joseph Kenilworth
Dugh Thomas Wilnecote
Duke Alexander Tiddington
Duke George Birmingham
Dunkley Thomas Birmingham
Dunn William Hatton
Dunn Edward Kenilworth
Dutton William Middleton
Dyer Thomas Alcester
Dyer Samuel Woolford
Dyson William Marton
Eagle Thomas Fillongley
Eagle Charles Bitrmingham
Eagle John Allesley
Eagles H R Aston
Eagles John Birmingham
Eagles Thomas Napton
Eames Josiah Birmingham
Earle Edward Coleshill
Earpe Edward Coleshill
Earpe Jame Sutton Coldfield
Earpe John Sutton Coldfield
Earpe John Coleshill
Earpe Richard Nether Whitacre
Easthorpe John Sutton Coldfield
Eaton Ralph Birmingham
Eaves Abraham Arley
Eaves Charles Fillongley
Ebdell Thomas Ansley
Eborall John Warwick
Eborall Edward Lapworth Hill
Eburn Francis Ryton Opon Dunsmore
Eden Thomas Walton
Eden Thomas Illmington
Eden Thomas Ilmington
Edge J W Shelly
Edge Thomas Birmingham
Edkins Anthony Aston Cantloe
Edkins John Bidford
Edkins Edward Aston Cantlow
Edkins John Binton Bridges
Edkins Thomas Shrewley
Edmonds Joseph Warwick
Edmonds Samuel Rugby
Edmonds William Rugby
Edmunds Amos Birmingham
Edward Rev Hugh Hings Norton
Edwards John Tanworth
Edwards Henry Erdington
Edwards John Birmingham
Edwards John Birmingham
Edwards Richard Yardley
Edwards Robert Ratley
Edwards Thomas Birmingham
Edwards Thomas Birmingham
Edwards William Tiddington
Edwards William Tanworth
Elkington Thomas Avon Dassett
Elkins George Shelfield
Ellard William Willoughby
Elligham John Churchover
Elliott George Leamington Priors
Elliott John Stratford
Elliott William Coventry
Ellis Rev John Wooton Wawen
Elvins John Great Alne
Emery Thomas Mansditch
Emmetts Richard Whichford
England Josiah Ratley
Enoch Thomas Ryton on Dunsmore
Ensor John, Sen Sutton Colfield
Ensor Thomas Amington
Entwisle Thomas Ipsley
Etherington F T Birmingham
Eucott John Farnborough
Evans Peter Hockley Pool
Evans Henry Birmingham
Evans Rev Edward Hill Morton
Evans Richard Birmingham
Evans Thomas Birmingham
Evans Thomas Birmingham
Evans Thomas Tamworth
Everard Thomas Ryton upon Dunsmore
Everitt James Atherstone
Everton William Birmingham
Evett Humphrey Handsworth
Eyles Thomas Hill Morton
Eyres Daniel Radford Semeley
Fairbrother Edmund Burton Dassett
Fairfax William Binton
Fall William Grandborough
Farfax T Harbury
Farmer Joseph Berkwell
Farmer Joseph Tamworth
Farmer Richard Minworth
Farmer William Pailton
Farndon Thomas Bedworth
Farnell John Sutton Coldfield
Farnell Thomas Sutton Coldfield
Farr William Kings Coughton
Farren John Hartshill
Faulke Timothy Woolford
Fawkes John Polesworth
Fell John Long Itchington
Fell William Deritend
Fellows Kendrick Sutton Coldfield
Fellows Thomas Sutton Coldfield
Felton William Aston
Felton John Solihull
Ferrreday William Bordesley
Fetherstone John Rowington
Field Benjamin Haselor
Field Edward Alcester
Field William Henley
Field Poole Tanworth
Field William Tanworth
Fieldhouse Charles Birmingham
Finch William Southam
Finch William Stockton
Fincher John Stratford
Fincher James Birmingham
Findon James Claverdon
Findon Job Bekswell
Findon Joseph Solihull
Findon Francis Shipston
Finlow Thomas Leamington Priors
Fisher Richard Alcester Lodge
Fisher John Temple Grafton
Fisher Job Preston Baggott
Fisher William Birmingham
Fitter Humphrey Tanworth
Fitter James Brinklow
Fitter John Deritend
Flavel Thomas Woolscott
Flavel Henry Bilton
Flavel John Bilton
Flavell Henry Birmingham
Flavell William Hill Morton
Flecknoe John Harbury
Flecknoe John, Jun Harbury
Flectcher John Baddesley Common
Flecther Thomas Birmingham Heath
Fletcher Joseph Sutton Coldfield
Fletcher Willam Illimington
Fletcher William Woolford
Flint Robert Wellesborne
Flint John Wilnecote
Flint John Ilmington
Flint John Green Wellesborne
Flowers Richard Bulikington
Floyd Thomas Knowle
Floyer H C Hints
Foley Charles Tanworth
Forrester Samuel Tanworth
Fosbroook Thomas Bidford
Foster John Bedworth
Foster Thomas Hampton Lucy
Fowler Daniel Birmingham
Fowler Richard Erdington
Fowler Richard, Jun Erdington
Fowler William Erdington
Fox Thomas Edgbaston
Foxall Samuel Birmingham
Francis James Chilvers Coton
Francis Richard Churchover
Franklin Richard Alcester
Franklin Thomas Kenilworth
Franklin William Willenhall
Freeman James Tamworth
Freeman Samuel Tamworth
Freeman Thomas Todenham
Frost John Deeley Birmingham
Fryer James Alcester
Fulford Thomas Rowington
Furnival John Stretton under Fosse
Gale Robert Hampton in Arden
Galloway Joseph Grandborough
Gamble John Earl Shilton
Gamble Thomas Tysoe
Gamble William Tysoe
Ganderton James Southam
Ganderton William Southam
Gardber Robert Southam
Gardener Mathew Tanworth
Gardener John Tanworth
Gardener Samuel Tanworth
Gardener Thomas Tysoe
Gardiner James Pryors Marston
Gardner John Wellesborne
Gardner Richard Steeple Aston
Garland Edward Rugby
Garlick George Honingham
Garner George Fillongley
Garner Job Bourton
Garner Thomas Austrey
Garratt John Coleshill
Garratt John Nuneaton
Garratt Obadiah Attleborough
Garratt Thomas Wilncote
Garratt William Nether Whitacre
Garrett Daniel Kington
Garrett Thomas Sutton
Garton William Lichfield
Gascoign William Rugby
Gazey Robert Coventry
Geary George Lindley
Gem R W Birmingham
Getherstone John Stratford
Gibbard John Bedworth
Gibbard William Stourton
Gibbons Thomas Sutton Coldfield
Gibbs Edward Stretton on Fosse
Gibbs George Aston Cantlow
Gibbs George Wolverton
Gibbs Joseph Whichford
Gibbs Joseph Hornton
Gibbs Richard Henley in Arden
Gibbs Richard Cubbington
Gibbs Thomas Dalingcott
Gibbs Thomas Stoke
Gibbs William Snitterfield
Gibbs William Stretton on Fosse
Gilbert William Nuneaton
Gilbert John Bulkington
Gilbert Thomas Oldborough
Gilbert Thomas Rowington
Gilbert Thomas Burton Hastings
Gilbert William Claybrook
Gildhert Rev Thomas Shuckburgh
Gilks Nehemiah Whichford
Gill John Stratford
Gill John Birmingham
Gill Thomas Warwick
Gillett John Tysoe
Gillett William Brailes
Gilliver Joseph Polesworth
Gilpin Thomas Fillongley
Glover Joseph Aston
Glover Joseph Newton in the Thisles
Glover Joseph Allesley
Glover Willam Knowle
Goddard Thomas Kenilworth
Godderidge James Amington
Goddington James Birmingham
Godfrey William Nuneaton
Godson William Brailes
Golding Rev Joseph Newbold Pacey
Goodacre John Ullesthorpe
Goodall John Birmingham
Goode John Grandborough
Goode Thomas Grandborough
Goode Bazil Solihull
Goode Thomas Barford
Goode Thomas Newton
Goode William Mollington
Goodman Thomas Bedworth
Goodman Samuel Hill Morton
Goodman William Grandborough
Goodman William Hill Morton
Goodwatton Joseph Coventry
Gopsall Joseph Curdworth
Gordon Colonel Birmingham
Gossage Wiliam Yardley
Gough Thomas Birmingham Heath
Grafton John Lapworth
Grant Thomas Coventry
Graves John Warmington
Graves Charles Southam
Greasley Jarvis Attleborough
Greaves Thomas Henley
Greaves Henry Kenilworth
Greaves James Greatwood
Greaves Wiliam Berkswell
Green Benjamin Stratford
Green Daniel Nuneaton
Green Henry Nuneaton
Green James Birmingham
Green John Snitterfield
Green John Erdington
Green Issac Lapworth
Green Rev Thomas Bradby
Green Richard Birmingham
Green William Combrook
Greenway George Attleborough
Greenway G C Warwick
Greenway W W Attleborough
Greenway William Butlers Marston
Gregory Francis Stivichall
Gregory Maskill Southam
Grer Thomas Dorton
Greswell Thomas Solihull
Greswold John Kenilworth
Grey George Nuneaton
Grey Joseph Erdington
Griffin Richard Clevdon
Griffin John Polesworth
Griffin Richard Banbury
Griffin Thomas Avon Dassett
Griffin William Southam
Griffith John Alveston
Griffiths Edward Beoley
Griffiths John Coventry
Griffiths Richard Birmingham
Griffiths Thomas Hill Morton
Grimes Samuel Nuneaton
Grimes a Churchover
Grimley Samuel Austrey
Grimmett Richard Stretton on Fosse
Grimmett William Stretton on Fosse
Grimson   Horton
Grooby James Wootton Wawen
Grove John Nuneaton
Grove William Coventry
Grundy John Austrey
Grundy William Pailton Hall
Guest Benjamin Edgbaston
Gumley William Kenilworth
Gunn Samuel Bickenhill
Guy Thomas Wootten Wawen
Hacket F B Moor Hall
Hackett John Bedworth
Hackett Thomas Chilvers Coton
Haddon Joseph Nuneaton
Haden William Birmingham
Hadley Richard Barford
Hadley Thomas Birmingham
Haekes William Newnham
Haines John Avon Dassett
Halford William Alveston
Halford John Newbold
Hall Edward Butlers Marston
Hall Esmy Edward Napton
Hall George Baddesley Ensor
Hall Mathew Napton
Hall Richard Easenhall
Hall Thomas Greatharborough
Hames Thomas Newton in the Thisles
Hammersley Thomas Bedworth
Hammond Edward Kenilworth
Hammond John Berkswell
Hammons James Bickenhill
Hancock Charles Birmingham
Hancock John Alcester
Hancock Stephen Aold Coomb
Hancock John Mickleton
Hancocks Edwards Stoneleigh
Hancocks George Willoughby
Hancocks Thomas Willoughby
Hancox John Tysoe
Hancox Rev George Wasperton
Hancox Thomas Tysoe
Handley Joseph Birmingham
Handley Robert Kenilworth
Handley Thomas Kenilworth
Handley William Kenilworth
Hands William Alcester
Hands John Marston Jabbett
Hands Joseph Allesley
Hands Joseph Bedworth
Hands Thomas Easenhall
Haney Robert Solihull
Hankson John Nuneaton
Hanson Mathis Birmingham
Harbourn John Stratford
Harbourn Thomas Solihull
Harbridge John Byfield
Harding William Alveston
Harding Rev William Salgrave
Hardy James Chilvers Coton
Hare Issac Tamworth
Harper Henry Alcester Heath
Harper Humprey Meriden
Harper Richard Napton
Harrall William Rugby
Harris Charles Alcester
Harris James Atherstone
Harris John Islington
Harris Robert Haselor
Harris George Brailes
Harris George Coventry
Harris George Rugby
Harris James Honingham
Harris John Stockton
Harris John Allesley
Harris John Birmingham
Harris Robert Oxhill
Harris Samuel Stockingford
Harris William Whichford
Harris William Southam
Harris William Eathorp
Harrison John Bidford
Harrison Joseph Erdington
Harrison Robert Coleshill
Harrison Samuel Birmingham
Harrison Thomas Birmingham
Harrison William Stratford
Harrold Thomas Coleshill
Harrold Thomas Rugby
Hart Edward Hill Morton
Hart Job Hill Morton
Hart John Birmingham
Hartop John Bedworth
Hartop Thomas Bedworth
Hartopp Sir E.C. Four Oaks
Hartshorn James Polesworth
Hartwell Thomas Blackwell
Harvey Henry Stratford
Harvey John Alcester
Harvey William Stratford
Harvey Thomas Bedworth
Harvey William Aston Cantlow
Harwick James Birmingham
Hassall Edward Rugby
Hastings John Leamington Priors
Hatten William Barcheston
Hattten John Brailes
Haughton William Handsworth
Hawkes John Great Alne
Hawkes Joseph Budbroke
Hawkes Edward Stratford
Hawkes H B Avon Dassett
Hawkes John Coventry
Hawkes Thomas Haselor
Hawkesford Thomas Sutton Coldfield
Hawkins Thomas Honingham
Hawley John Birmingham
Hawtin James Shotteswell
Haycock Samuel Birmingham
Hayes Thomas Brinklow
Haynes John Alcester
Haynes John Leamington Priors
Haynes John Pailton
Haynes Peter Kenilworth
Haynes Samuel Paiton
Haynes William Brailes
Hayward John Salford Priors
Haywood James Sutton Coldfield
Haywood Samuel Stratford
Haywood Thomas Newton in the Thisles
Haywood William Newton in the Thisles
Hazelwood Thomas Withybrook
Heape James Birmingham
Heape John Coleshill
Hearnshaw Francis Sutton Coldfield
Heath Thomas Honiley
Heath John Packwood
Heath John Harborough
Heathcote Richard Minworth
Heathcote Thomas Exhall
Heming Samuel Haselor
Heming William Henley
Hemings William Brailes
Hemming John Alcester
Hemming John Stratford
Hemming Joseph Great Alne
Hemmings William Stratford
Hence John Leamington Priors
Hendley Thomas Ardens Grafton
Henton William Atherstone
Herbert Abraham Coventry
Herbert Joseph Emscote
Herbert Thomas Tysoe
Heritage Charles Aston Cantlow
Heritage William Stratford
Herne John Wolston
Hervens Richard Shermington
Hesom James Willoughby
Hesom Joseph Willoughby
Hewens Thomas Farmer Tysoe
Hewens Thomas Miller Tysoe
Hewens Thomas Grocer Tysoe
Hewitt John Greatharborough
Hewitt George Wibtoft
Hewitt Henry Rugby
Hewitt Henry Clifton
Hewitt John Rugby
Hewitt Peter Rugby
Hewitt Richard Bulkington
Hewitt Thomas Hermitage
Hewitt Thomas Hill Morton
Hewns Nichols Castle Ashbby
Hewsens John Tysoe
Heydon Thomas Farnborough
Hiam James Alcester
Hiatt Thomas Birmingham
Hickling John Leamington Priors
Higgins E T Bridge Town
Higgins Joseph Birmingham
Higgins Richard Halford
Higginson Charles Berkswell
Higginson Francis Stratford
Higgs William Clifton
Highton Richard Nuneaton
Hiigins John Stratford on Avon
Hill John Ipsley
Hill Daniel Birmingham
Hill John Birmingham
Hill Joseph Birmingham
Hill Joseph Cotchback
Hill Thomas S Compton Scorpion
Hinckley Charles Wharton
Hinckley Thomas Lichfield
Hincks John Austrey
Hincks John Broadwell
Hincks Mathew Napton
Hincks Thomas Nethercote
Hincks Thomas Nuneaton
Hinks Richard Stockingford
Hinson John Tanworth
Hiorns Eilliam Brinklow
Hipwood Joseph Birmingham
Hiron Thomas Snitterfield
Hiron Wiliam Aalveston
Hirons William Cherrington
Hitchman John Stratford
Hoare John Radway
Hoare William Radway
Hobbins Job Shottery
Hobday Joseph Lapworth
Hobson   Birmingham
Hoddinott William Edgbaston
Hodges James Dorsington
Hodges Samuel Deritend
Hodgets Richard Solihull
Hodgson William Hales Owen
Hoitt John Henley
Hoitt Samuel Henley
Holbech   Farnborough
Holbeche Thomas Sutton Coldfield
Holbeche William Fillongley
Holland William Fillongley
Holland William Kenilworth
Hollick William Ansley
Hollick Richard Fillongley
Hollick Thomas Arley
Hollington John Birmingham
Hollis Richard Birmingham
Hollis William Birmingham
Holme George Birmingham
Holmes George Solihull
Holmes Edward Allesley
Holmes John Birmingham
Holmes Robert Studd Sutton Coldfield
Holmes Thomas Deritend
Holmes Thomas Tamworth
Holmes William Southam
Holtom Charles Cherrington
Holtom Edward Cherrington
Holtom Henry Stowerton
Holtom John Stourton
Holtom Nicholas Stourton
Holtom Stephen Cherrington
Holtom Thomas Cherrington
Holton Joseph Burmington
Holyoak Jacob Aston
Holyoake Rev Henry Bidford
Holyoake Francis Studley
Holyoake Thomas Tanworth
Homer Davis Chilvers Coton
Homer Edward Birmingham
Homer Rev P Bracebridge Rugby
Hood Charles Leamington Priors
Hood Thomas Nuneaton
Hood William Nuneaton
Hooper George Erdington
Hootton Richard Leamington Priors
Hope Henry Birmingham
Hope Micheal Bordesley
Hopkins Joshua Alcester
Hopkins Benjamin Pailton
Hopkins J Stocking Weaver Kenilworth
Hopkins John Solihull
Hopkins John Coundon
Hopkins John Kenilworth
Hopkins Joshua H Birmingham
Hopkins Rev William Tredington
Hopkins Thomas Wellesborne
Hopkins William Kenilworth
Hopper Benjamin Southam
Hopper William Long Itchington
Horne John Rugby
Horniblow William Shipston
Horseman John Ilmington
Horsley Hopkins Henley
Horton   Wellesborne
Horton Benjamin Henley
Horton Wiliam Stratford
Horton Joseph Smethwick
Horton Samuel Birmingham
Hough John Harbury
Hough Thomas Harborough
How James Warmington
Howe Kinder Chilvers Coton
Howe Edward Burton Hastings
Howe John Brinklow
Howes John Kenilworth
Howes Joseph Deritend
Howes Thomas Kenilworth
Howes Thomas, Jun Kenilworth
Howett William Bubbenhall
Howkins Thomas Newton
Howlett Thomas Bordesley
Howlette Thomas Stoneleigh
Howlette Thomas Rowington
Huband Wiliam Salford Priors
Huckvale B Whichford
Hudson Edward Wolston
Hudson John Leamington Hastings
Hudson Samuel Ryton upon Dunsmore
Hudson Thomas Pillerton Hersey
Hudson Thomas Kenilworth
Hudson William Wolston
Huggins Samuel Warmington
Hughes Benjamin Alcester
Hughes George Kenilworth
Hughes Joseph Birmingham
Hughes Joseph Sheldon
Hughes James Sutton Coldfield
Hughes Rev Hugh Nuneaton
Hughes Thomas Birmingham
Hughes William Birmingham
Hull Luke Polesworth
Hull Thomas Wharton
Hume Abraham Bilton Grange
Humphris George Rugby
Hunt William Alcester
Hunt Joseph Rugby
Hunt Richard Birmingham
Hurlston William Henley
Hurst Henry Marcleeve
Huskins John Wilncote
Husskisson John Nuneaton
Hutchins Thomas Grafton
Hutton Samuel Birmingham
Hyatt Joseph Bordesley Green
Hyatt Thomas Tanworth
Hyde Samuel Stone
Hyott Joseph Southam
Ibbetson Thomas Arley
Ibbotson   Arley
Iiliff Thomas Grandborough
Iliffe Jerimiah Birmingham
Illiff Thomas Marton
Illiff William Thurlaston
Ingall George Bordesley
Inge Rev Charles Rugley
Inge James Hockley Pool
Inge William P Thorpe
Ingram Henry Birmingham
Ingram Thomas Leamington Priors
Ingram Wiliam Kings Norton
Ireland John Kenilworth
Ireland William Deritend
Ireson Thomas Grandborough
Irons John Alcester
Ivens William Greatharborough
Ivens William Flecknoe
Ivins Edward Butlers Marston
Ivins John Moreton Morrell
Jackson John Alcester
Jackson John Wroxall
Jackson Thomas Alveston Pasture
Jackson John Shilton
Jackson John Sow
Jackson Samuel Weston Priors
Jackson Thomas Bedworth
Jackson William Welford
Jackson William Shilton
James Benjamin Stratford
James Samuel Middleton
Jaques William Stourton
Jaques William Exhall
Jaraway Joseph Clifton
Jarvis Samuel Birmingham
Jeffcoat Thomas Bedworth
Jeffery William Nuneaton
Jeffs Joseph Alcester
Jeffs William Strattford
Jenkins Digby Bromwich
Jenkins John Aston
Jenkins John Saltley
Jenkins Richard Water Orton Aston
Jennard Willam Newbold Pacy
Jennings Edmund Claverdon
Jenson William Rugby
Jephcott John Marston Jabbett
Jephcott Thomas Stockingford
Jerome Edward Birmingham
Jerome Samuel Birmingham
Jessett John Napton
Jessey John Stourton House
Jessey William Farnborough
Jesson John Aston Canlow
Jinks John Wilncote
Job Edward Ipsley
Jobson Edward Haseley
Jobson James Warmington
Johhson Thomas Burton Hastings
Johns Thomas Lapworth
Johnson John Bickenhill
Johnson Joseph Oversly
Johnson William Ipsley
Johnson Dr. John Birmingham
Johnson Edward Shilton
Johnson Francis Edgbaston
Johnson John Pryors Marston
Johnson John Bulikington
Johnson Joseph Dunchurch
Johnson Owen Birmingham
Johnson Richard Bulkington
Johnson Thomas Ilmington
Johnson Thomas Bedworth
Johnson Thomas Wolvey
Jones Rev J T Stratford
Jones Edward Tamworth
Jones George Handsworth
Jones George Wellesborne
Jones Henry Tamworth
Jones James Tanworth
Jones John Birmingham
Jones P B Birmingham
Jones Richard Leamington Priors
Jones Thomas Birmingham
Jones Thomas Tamworth
Jones Thomas W Henley
Jordan Basil Pailton
Jordan Thomas Snitterfield
Jordan William Marton
Joseph Richard Bordesley
Joyce George Twycross
Judd James Rugby
Judd John Burton Dassett
Judge Richard Tysoe
Jukes John Bordesley
Kay William Dordan
Keay William Handsworth
Keeling John Lea Marston
Keen Thomas Yampton
Keightley Thomas Shipsy on Stour
Kelly Thomas Bedworth
Kelly Thomas Butcher Bedworth
Kelsey Abraham Mancetter
Kelsey Jeremiah Ansley
Kelsey John Astley
Kelsey John Astley
Kelsey Joshua Nuneaton
Kelsey Thomas Kenilworth
Kelsey William Astley
Kelsey William Bulkington
Kemp John Claverdon
Kemp Richard Rowington
Kemp Thomas Stourton
Kempson Peter Birmingham
Kempson Peter, Jun Birmingham
Kempson Richard Binton
Kempson Samuel Sutton Coldfield
Kench Philip Toft
Kendall Rev John Warwick
Kendrick John Aston
Kendrick John Lea Marston
Kendrick Thomas Kingsbury
Kenning Michael Leamington Hastings
Kent George Eatington
Kesterton William Erdington
Kett John Eatington
Kettle John Birmingham
Keyete James Harbury
Kilby Samuel Kington
Kimberley Hugh Birmingham
Kimberley Thomas Birmingham
Kimmer Jonothan Bedworth
Kinbell Jonathan Knowle
King John Atterbury
King Joseph Rowington
King William Meriden
Kingerley Thomas Napton
Kinman John Tysoe
Kinnersley Thomas Stone
Kirby Benjamin Leamington Priors
Kitchen George Barford
Knibb Daniel Fenny Compton
Knibb William Ladbrook
Knibb William Napton
Knight William Ashorn
Knight Jerimiah Attleborough
Knight Joseph Sheldon
Knight Richard, Jun Minworth
Knight Thomas Bickenhill
Knight Thomas Milverton
Knight William Bedworth
Knight William Bedworth
Ladbroke William Rugby
Lake Samuel Birmingham
Lake John Monks Kirby
Lamb Thomas Nether Whitacre
Lambley Edward Sutton Coldfield
Lambley William Coventry
Lampett Anthony Norton
Lander Charles Birmingham
Lander H E Warwick
Lane Robert Ascote
Lane Henry Bedworth
Lane William Birmingham
Lanfley Thomas, Sen Sutton Coldfield
Langbarne Rev H Warwick
Langley Edward Coleshill
Langley Isaac Kingbury
Langston John Alcester
Lant George Coventry
Lant John Allesley
Lant Thomas Stoneleigh
Lant Weaman Allesley
Larence John Bilton
Largoe Thomas Harbury
Lawrence James Birmingham
Lawrence John Birmingham
Lawrence John Kenilworth
Lawrence John Towers Moseley
Layton William Oversley
Lea Joseph Bedworth
Lea Rev Thomas Southam
Lea Thomas Birmingham
Lea Thomas Great Barr
Lea Wiliam Birmingham
Lea William Nuneaton
Leake Henry Castle Brom
Ledbrooke Thomas Burton Dassett
Ledbrooke John Burton Dassett
Ledbrooke William Burton Dassett
Ledsam Daniel Harborne
Lee George Eyre Birmingham
Lee William Rugby
Leigh J H Stoneleigh
Leigh John Coventry
Lenton John Stoneliegh
Lenton Joseph Kenilworth
Less John Middleton
Letts Samuel Leamington Priors
Lewis William Henley
Lewis Jese Birmingham
Lewis John Honingham
Lewis Robert Allesley
Lichfield Samuel Handsworth
Liggins James Easenhall
Liggins William Atlleborough
Lighwood John Birmingham
Lilley William King Norton
Lillingston Spooner Elmdon
Lilly John Birmingham
Lilly Charles Coventry
Lilly Richard Birmingham
Lilly Thomas Harborne Mills
Lin Charles Allen Little Bromwich
Lindon John Clifton
Lines Richard Ashorne
Lingard E Sutton Coldfield
Lingard Thomas Minworth
Lingham Joseph Worcester
Linwood Mathew Birmingham
Lissaman Thomas Astley
Lliffe William Nuneaton
Lloyd George Stratford
Lloyd John G Stratford
Lloyd Richard Birmingham
Lloyd Samuel Bordesley
Loach William Solihull
Loggin Henry Clifford Chambers
Loggin Rev G Rugby
Lole George Exhall
Lole Thomas Bulkington
London Wiliam Henley
Long John Alcester
Long Thomas Stretton on Fosse
Longford Rev W H Stretton on Fosse
Lord Wiliam Shipston on Stour
Lord John Stratford
Lord Samuel Birmingham
Lort William Birmingham
Loveday John Wellescote
Loveritt Thomas Fillongley
Lovett John Hill Morton
Lovett Thomas Shilton
Lowdell George Southam
Lowe B J Eatington
Lowe John Birmingham
Lowe Richard Spark Brook
Lucas Christopher Sutton Coldfield
Lucas Henry Walsall
Lucas John Southam
Lucas John Baxterley
Lucas Thomas Birmingham
Lucas William Birmingham
Lucas William Huncote
Luckman Joseph Bickenhill
Lucy Rev John Charlecote
Lucy Thomas Stratford
Ludlow Joseph Birmingham
Ludlow William Birmingham
Luggard Edward Birmingham
Lynall William Solihull
Lyndon Joseph Birmingham
Lynes Thomas Sutton Coldfield
Lythall Morris Edward Harsthill
M`evoy J N Bishops Ichington
Maberley Sylvanus West Bromwich
Machin Charles Erdington
Machin Charles Erdington
Mackaness Edward Birmingham
Madan Rev William Polesworth
Madeley John Solihull
Madeley Charles Coleshill
Main John Stretton Baskervillle
Major Thomas Hill Morton
Malin Richard Alcester
Malin John Wllioughby
Malin Thomas Long Lawford
Malins Charles Ilmington
Malins Charles Ilmington
Malins Richard Eatington
Mallaby Samuel Grendon
Mallory John Kenilworth
Malone William Birmingham
Mander Henry Alcester
Mander William Haselor
Mander John Lapworth
Mander Robert Stratford
Mander Robert Stretton on Fosse
Mander Wiliam Henley
Manley Willliam Bidford
Mann Charles Compton Verney
Mann Edward Upper Norton
Mann Thomas Birmingham
Mann Thomas, Jun Harbury
Mann William Harbury
Mann William Harbury
Mann William, Jun Harbury
Manning William Halford
Manton William Stratford
Manton Charles Tanworth
Manton John Kenilworth
Marfell Thomas Daventry
Margetts John Warwick
Markham John Napton
Marler William Little Sutton
Marlow Joseph Walsall
Marshall Joseph Aston
Marshall Thomas Birmingham
Marshall Thomas Tamworth
Marshall William Eatington
Marston Issac Bordesley
Marston Robert Nuneaton
Martin Thomas Maxtock
Martin James Wooton Wawen
Martin Thomas Wilnecote
Martin William Bedworth
Martin William Little Harborough
Marvin William Frowlesworth
Mascall George Shelfield
Mascall John Alcester
Mason John Lighthorne
Mason Thomas Stratford
Mason Thomas Wilmcot
Mason Thomas Hardwick
Mason William Southam
Mason William Dunchurch
Masters John Rugby
Masters Thomas Long Lawford
Mathews Benjamin Fenny Compton
Mathews Richard Whichford
Mathews Thomas Bearley
Mathews William over Whitacre
Mattingley Wiliam Birmingham
May Richard Allesley
Maynard Thomas Stratford
Mayo John Sheldon
Mayo John Arley
Mayo Richard Water Orton
Mayo William Napton
Mayon Thomas Coleshill
Mayston Thomas Birmingham
Meadow William Napton
Meddows John Wyken
Meddows John Birmingham Heath
Merry Joseph Coventry
Messenger Benjamin Birmingham
Messenger John over Whitacre
Middelton William Claverdon
Middlelton Joseph Claverdon
Middleton Thomas Beauchamp Court
Middleton John Claverdon
Middleton Nichollas Tysoe
Middleton Thomas Preston Bagot
Middleton Clerk Tysoe
Middleton Thomas Tysoe
Middleton William Tysoe
Milbourn Joseph Coventry
Miles Joseph Caldercote
Miles Michael Leicester
Miller Thomas Bedworth
Millichip Thomas Bedworth
Millington Richard Studley
Millington Stephen Birmingham
Millis James Hasely
Mills John Alveston
Mills Benjamin Pailton
Mills Charles Barford
Mills John Cantlow
Mills Mathew Beoly
Mills Rev Francis Barford
Mills Richard Studley
Mills Thomas Stratford
Mills William Stretton
Mills William Willoughby
Mills William Willoughby
Millward Henry Redditch
Millward J W Studley
Millward William Pailton
Mils John Leamington Priors
Minors William Kington
Mitchell William Birmingham
Moesley John Wellesborne
Moggs Samuel Corley
Moggs Samuel Corley
Moore Edward Knowle
Moore John Austrey
Moore Joseph Inkberrow
Moore Edward Southam
Moore George Tamworth
Moore Henry Tamworth
Moore Jacob Birmingham
Moore John Mapleborough Green
Moore John, Jun Birmingham
Moore John, Sen Birmingham
Moore Paul Birmingham
Moore William Coleshill
More Rev J H C Rugby
Moreton John Birmingham
Moreton Job Hill Morton
Morewood Michael Hartshill
Morewood Thomas over Whitacre
Morgan Edward Coughton
Morgan Rev John Burton Dassett
Morley Richard Knowle
Morley Thomas Brailes
Morrall Edward Alcester
Morris   Radway
Morris Thomas Shrewley
Morris Solomon Long Itchington
Morris William Southam
Morrs James Nuneaton
Mortiboys John Lapworth
Moss John Fillongley
Mountford Andrew Bordesley
Mountford Holbeche Nuneaton
Mountford John Harbury
Mousley William Alveston
Mousley Benjamin Boney Hill
Mousley William Chelcote
Moxham Thomas Birmingham
Mumford Charles Warwick
Murcott J B Cubbington
Murcott Thomas Baggington
Murcott William Bubbenhall
Musson Thomas Nuneaton
Mynors B E E Kings Norton
Myrick John Nether Whitacre
Nash Joseph Nuneaton
Nason Joh Robert Lveston
Nason William Hatton
Nason William Yardley
Nathall Edward Orton on the Hill
Neald James Erdington
Neale John Bedworth
Neale Richard Bedworth
Neale William Marston Jabbett
Neason Thomas Wellesborne
Neming Henry Studley
Nevill Robert Tamworth
Newberry John Rowington
Newbery George Baxterley
Newbold Thomas Baggington
Newbold Thomas Coundon
Newbury John Claverdon
Newcomb Richard Leamington Priors
Newdigate Francis Arbury
Newell William Coleshill
Newey Richard Aston
Newey John Henley
Newland Richard Stratford
Newman Thomas Lilmington
Newson Rev C Harbury
Nichols John Erdington
Nicholson James Birmingham
Nickoll Rev J V R Cherrington
Nightengale Richard Corley
Nightingale John Kingsburry
Noble Christopher Henley
Norman Joseph Kingsbury
Norman Thomas Newbold upon Avon
Norman William Cosford
Norris Thomas Bubbenhall
Norris Joseph Sutton Coldfield
Norris William Long Itchington
Norton John Birmingham
Norton Thomas Radway
Nutt Charles Nuneaton
Nutt John Fillongley
Nutt Samuel Bulkington
Odey Thomas Hill Morton
Oldacre William Stratford
Oldham Charles Southam
Oldhams Thomas Great Packington
Olorenshaw William Leamington Priors
Onions Benjamin Birmingham
Ooke John Whitnash
Oram James B Birmingham
Ordish Joseph Glascote
Orme Thomas Boedesley
Orme Thomas Kingsbury
Orton Samuel Atherstone
Orton George Tamworth
Orton John Bubbenhall
Orton John Barnacle
Orton Joseph Bulkington
Orton William Barnacle
Orton William Rugby
Osborne John Broom Hill
Osborne John Broom Hill
Osborne Thomas Stratford
Osborne William Birmingham
Osler Thomas Birmingham
Over Abraham Hardwick
Over Richard Rugby
Overton Thomas Little Harborough
Owen David Northfield
Owen William Arley
Owen Robert Birmingham
Owen William Mancetter
Owen Willliam Birmingham
Pace Samuel Rugby
Packwood C P Warwick
Packwood John Henley
Packwood William Warwick
Page John Tanworth
Page John Radford Semeley
Page Thomas Kenilworth
Page William Napton
Paine Edward Stratford
Paine William Stratford
Palfrey Horatio Leamington Priors
Palfrey Jackson Edward Coventry
Palmer Rev Francis Alcester
Palmer Benjamin Harbury
Palmer E F Coleshill
Palmer Edward Bulkington
Palmer Francis Leamington Priors
Palmer John Birmingham
Palmer John Harbury
Palmer Rev Charles Ladbroke
Palmer Thomas Whichford
Palmer William Harbury
Pardoe Jame Studley
Pardoe Samuel Barton under Needwood
Parker Joseph Birmingham
Parker John Kenilworth
Parker Joseph Allesley
Parker Rev John Thomas Newbold
Parker Thomas Birmingham
Parker William Nether Whitacre
Parker William Oxhill
Parker William Stoke
Parkes Issac Birmingham
Parkes Thomas Handsworth
Parkes George Yardley
Parkes John Dreitend
Parkes John Birmingham
Parkes Joseph Erdington
Parkes Richard Birmingham
Parkes Zachariah Birmingham
Parkinson Wiliam Weeford
Parks Joh Birmingham
Parr Henry Birmingham
Parris John Thurlaston
Parsons Benjamin Birmingham
Parsons Charles Berkswell
Parsons James Walcott
Parsons Joseph Kingswood
Patchet Robert Clifton
Patchett Joseph Hill Morton
Patrick John Tamworth
Patterson George Kenilworth
Pattock John Birmingham
Paul Daniel Bulkington
Paul John Bulkington
Payne Charles Brinklow
Payne Richard Birmingham
Payne Thomas Nuneaton
Payne Thomas Nuneaton
Payton John Stratford
Peach Samuel Nuneaton
Pearce John Stratford
Pearman Mark Coventry
Pears Wiliam Coventry
Pearson Issac Fillongley
Pearson John Birmingham
Pearson John Pryors Hardwick
Peart Richard Birmingham
Peasnall Stephen Leamington Priors
Peat Joseph Birmingham
Peet John Sutton Coldfield
Peet Wiliam Sutton Coldfield
Pekins William S Burton on Trent
Pell Richard Stretton on Dunsmore
Pemberton Joseph Nuneaton
Perkes John Lea Marston
Perkins Charles Kenilworth
Perkins Duncan Sutton Coldfield
Perkins Edward Hill Morton
Perkins George Sambourne
Perkins James Leek Wootten
Perkins Joseph Leek Wootton
Perkins Thomas Birmingham
Perkins William Kenilworth
Perks William Grafton
Perks Thomas Fulbrooke
Perks Thomas Wootton
Perridge William Leamington Priors
Perrins Thomas Birmingham
Perrins Wiliam Bedworth
Perry John Polesworth
Perry Joseph William Warwick
Perryn William Todmarden
Peshall Rev S D Moreton Baggot
Petford George Alcester
Pettifer John Bishops Itchington
Pettifer James Hill Morton
Pettifer James Oversley
Pettifer Thomas Hill Morton
Petty George Nuneaton
Petty John Attleborough
Petty Joseph Stockingford
Philips John Birmingham
Philips Samuel Birmingham
Philips Charles Barford
Philips Edward Coventry
Philips John Birmingham
Pickering Henry Bedworth
Pickering Thomas Bentley
Pickering William Bedworth
Pickford John Nether Whitacre
Pickford Thomas Nether Whitacre
Piercy Wiliam Bedworth
Pinkerton George City of Lincoln
Pitman James Stourbridge
Pittam George Shrewley
Plamer Samuel Birmingham
Plant Richard Pattingham
Podmore John Birmingham
Pollard Wiliam Alcester
Pope John Kenilworth
Pope Thomas Kenilworth
Porter William Stratford
Pott Thomas Solihull
Potter William, Jun Compton Scorpion
Potter William Stretton on Fosse
Poulton John Oxhill
Pountney H Birmingham
Pountney Richard Birmingham
Powell James Birmingham
Powell John Solihull
Powell John Tanworth
Powell John Birmingham
Powell Joseph Solihull
Powell Richard, Sen Solihul
Powell Samuel Birmingham
Powell Thomas Birmingham
Powell Thomas Kenilworth
Powell William Sutton Coldfield
Power Edward Stretton upon Fosse
Powers Thomas Birmingham
Pratchet Richard Birmingham
Pratt Edward Henley
Pratt Richard Birmingham
Pratt Richard Newton
Pratt Samuel Southam
Pratt Thomas Southam
Pratt William Southam
Prestridge Walter Harbury
Price James Birmingham
Price Joseph Wilmcot
Price William Wilmcot
Price James Coventry
Price Job Wimcot
Price William Birmingham
Princep Wiliam Newton in the Thisles
Pritchard Benjamin Alcester
Pritchard James Cheltenham
Probert William Handsworth
Proctor Richard Bidford
Proctor William Corley
Prosser Thomas Coleshill
Pumhrey Thomas Alcester
Purton Thomas Alcester
Rabone Joseph Aston Cantlow
Radford John Lillington
Radford Joseph Claverdon
Radford Robert Leamington Priors
Rainbow William Leamington Hastings
Randall Samuel Eatington
Randle William Kenilworth
Rathbone Thomas Flecknoe
Rathbone William Coleshill
Rathbone William Tamworth
Rathbone William Newbold upon Avon
Ratherham Robert Baddesley Clinton
Ratherham William Tanworth
Rawbone Thomas Stockton
Rawlings Richard Kenilworth
Rawlins John Walsall
Ray James Sutton Coldfield
Read Thomas Birmingham
Read Robert Austrey
Reading Charles Warwick
Reading Edmund Fenny Compton
Reading Edward Fenny Compton
Reading Thomas Fenny Compton
Reading Thomas Harbury
Reaves William Erdington
Redfern William Atherstone
Reding Daniel Rowington
Reed William Birmingham
Reeve John Congleton
Reeves Job Birmingham
Reeves James Birmingham
Reeves Robert Kenilworth
Repfield Thomas Birmingham
Repington Charles Edward Amington
Reynolds Edward Coventry
Reynolds George Southam
Reynolds John Anstey
Reynolds John Newton
Reynolds Thomas Birmingham
Reynolds Thomas Napton
Reynolds Thomas Southam
Rhoades Joseph Sutton Coldfield
Rice John Kenilworth
Rice Thomas Kenilworth
Rich John Bearley
Richards William Aston Cantlow
Richards James Fillongley
Richards John Kenilworth
Richards John, Sen Kenilworth
Richards Joseph Birmingham
Richards Joseph Kings Norton
Richards Joseph Birmingham
Richards Thomas Austrey
Richardson James Rugby
Richardson a Walsall
Richardson Henry Stratford
Richardson Thomas Mickleton
Richardswilliam   Kenilworth
Ries John Wolvey
Riley Rev Samuel Loxley
Roadknight William Marton
Robbins Henry Bishops Tachbrook
Robbins Thomas Moseley
Roberts John Eathorp
Roberts Samuel Weston under Wetherley
Roberts William Stratford
Roberts William Wixford
Robins Francis Lillington
Robins William Rugby
Robins William Birmingham
Robinson George Stretton on Dunsmore
Robinson Richard Warmington
Robinson John Nuneaton
Robinson John Burton Dassett
Robinson Joseph Birmingham
Robinson William Nuneaton
Robotham Thomas Coleshill
Robottom William Austrey
Robottom James Nuneaton
Robottom Samuel Nuneaton
Roby John Shuttingham
Rochford Edmund Suton Coldfield
Rochford Thomas Sutton Coldfield
Roe John Ridgway
Rogers Thomas Bordesley
Rogers Wiliam Great Alne
Rogers William F Stoke Prior
Rogers A Hill Morton
Rogers Edward Rugby
Rogers Richard Grafton
Rogers Richard Bulkington
Rogers Thomas Bulkington
Rogers William Bulkington
Rollason James Birmingham
Rollins Joseph Wasperton
Rooke William Birmingham
Rose Richard Snitterfield
Rose Edward Birmingham
Rotherham William Nether Whitacre
Rouse John Whichford
Rouse Rowland Market Harborough
Rouse William Oxhill
Rowell Robert Rugby
Rowley John Austrey
Rowley William Willoughby
Rowlinson John Edgbaston
Ruffhead James Long Lawford
Rufford Rev, William Binton
Rushton William Birmingham
Russell John Rugby
Russell Benjamin Ashow
Russell Charles Kenilworth
Russell George Princethorpe
Russell John Leamington Priors
Russell John Bidford
Russell Joseph Marton
Russell Thomas Coventry
Russell William Southam
Rutlidge Richard Hellidon
Ryland John, Jun Birmingham
Ryley Edward Wellesborne
Ryley Issac Erdington
Ryley Joseph Tamworth
Ryley Robert Fazeley
Ryley Thomas Austrey
Ryley William Thurlaston
Ryley William Newton in the Thisles
Sabin Edward Harbury
Sabin Edwin Harbury
Sabin John Harbury
Sadler Edward Sutton Coldfield
Sadler Robert over Whitacre
Sale William Rugby
Sall Edward Clifton
Salmon   Stoneleigh
Salmon Thomas Shipston on Stour
Salt Abraham Birmingham
Sanders Mark Handsworth
Sanders Thomas Stockton
Sanders Thomas Daventry
Sandon John Wishaw
Sandon Joseph Water Orton
Sansom John Illmington
Sansom William Illmington
Sapin William Stourton
Sarsons John Tardeigg
Satchwell James Warwick
Saul Thomas Leamington Priors
Saunders James Stratford
Savage Thomas Alcester
Savage Thomas Birmingham
Savage William Brailes
Sayle Thomas Great Alne
Scarlett Benjamin Halford
Scarlett William Halford
Schofield Rev Jeremiah Barton on the Heath
Scott Charles Brinklow
Scott James Cradley Hales Owen
Scott James Birmingham
Scott Richard Aynhoe
Scott William Stourbridge
Scriber Christopher Birmingham
Sear John Lower Boddington
Sejeant John Radway
Selkirk William Birmingham
Serjeant William Wyken
Seymour   Allesley
Shakespear Thomas Fillongley
Sharratt John Birmingham
Sharshan Thomas Stratford
Shaw Josiah Attleborough
Shaw John Baxford Bedworth
Shaw Richard Yardley
Shaw Robert Stourton
Sheaf Richard Alcester
Shelburn Thomas Barford
Sheldon Thomas Burmington
Sheldon Edward Eatington
Sheldon Thomas Stratford
Shelwell Daniel Kington
Sheperd Thomas Longford Compton
Shepherd James Harbury
Shettle Charles Stretton on Dunsmore
Shilcock Samuel Newton in the Thisles
Shilcock William Allcoat Mill
Shirley E J Eatington
Shirley John Pryors Marston
Shirley Samuel Napton
Shirley Thomas Southam
Shore Joseph Birmingham
Shore Thomas Deritend
Short Edward Water Orton
Short Edward Solihull
Short Thomas Sutton Coldfield
Shorthouse Thomas Glascote
Shorthouse William Birmingham
Showell David Coventry
Showell Joseph Birmingham
Shuckburg John Bourton
Shuckburgh Sir F. Bart Shuckburgh
Shuttleworth Robert Coleshill
Shuttleworth Edward Coleshill
Silvester Samuel Arrow
Simcox John Daventry
Simms Edward Stourton
Simpson Patrick Fillongley
Singleton George Hill Morton
Singleton Thomas Hockley
Sinpkins William Minworth
Skellett William Wilnecote
Skipwith Sir Gray, Bart Alveston
Slaney Richard Birmingham
Slater John Salford Priors
Slater Edward Austrey
Slater Thomas Birmingham
Slatter Decimus Illmington
Slatter Thomas Salford Priors
Slingby John Bulkington
Slingsby   Bulkington
Smallbones Richard Leamington Priors
Smallwood   Nether Whitacre
Smallwood Charles Coleshill
Smallwood Edward Birmingham
Smallwood John Handsworth
Smart William Exhall
Smith B C Atherstone
Smith Benjamin Hampton Lucy
Smith Benjamin Birmingham
Smith Daniel Bidford
Smith John Beausale
Smith John Tutnall and Cobley
Smith Joseph Henley
Smith Joseph Brewood Forge
Smith Michael Aston
Smith Rev John Pillerton Hersey
Smith Solomon Handsworth
Smith Solomon Sutton Coldfield
Smith Thomas Alcester
Smith Thomas Tysoe
Smith Thomas Coventry
Smith Thomas Baxterley
Smith Thomas Birmingham
Smith Thomas Stratford
Smith Thomas Stratford
Smith Thomas Fillongley
Smith W W Smethwick
Smith William Exhall
Smith William Baxterley
Smith William Ullenhall
Smith Francis Southam
Smith George Whitchurch
Smith James Atherstone
Smith James Sutton Coldfield
Smith James Stretton on Fosse
Smith James Kenilworth
Smith John Baxterley
Smith John Berkswell
Smith John Bordesley
Smith John Birmingham
Smith John Meriden
Smith John Nuneaton
Smith John Pryors Hardwick
Smith John Warwick
Smith John Great Sheepy
Smith John Sutton Coldfield
Smith John Bedworth
Smith John Clifton
Smith John Leamington Priors
Smith John, Jun Cubbington
Smith Jonadab Beardsley Allesley
Smith Jonathan Woolford
Smith Joseph Coventry
Smith Joseph Grandborough
Smith Joseph Birmingham
Smith Joseph Birmingham
Smith Joseph Pailton
Smith Joseph Southam
Smith Michael Rugby
Smith Rev Grendon
Smith Richard Snitterfield
Smith Richard Hurley
Smith Richard Coleshill
Smith Richard Wittington
Smith Richard Pryors Hardwick
Smith Richard Hampton in Arden
Smith Samuel Yardley
Smith Samuel Bedworth
Smith Samuel Stratford
Smith Samuel Flecknoe
Smith Thomas Preston on Stour
Smith Thomas Birmingham
Smith Thomas Birmingham
Smith Thomas Nuneaton
Smith Thomas over Whitacre
Smith Thomas Sutton Coldfield
Smith Thomas Radstone
Smith Thomas Bedworth
Smith Thomas Pailton
Smith Thomas Coventry
Smith Timothy Birmingham
Smith William Stratford
Smith William Fillongley
Smith William Fillongley
Smith William Sutton Coldfield
Smith William Hilcot
Smith William Pryors Hardwick
Smith William Whitchurch
Smith William Pailton
Smith William Churchover
Smith William Austrey
Smith William Hampton in Arden
Smith William Lilly Southam
Sneat Yethel Nether Whitacre
Snow Giles Barcheston
Snow Rev T L Tidmington
Soden Edward Coventry
Soden John Stoneleigh
Solloway Major Rewell Farm
South John Stretton on Fosse
Southam William Stratford
Southam John Illmington
Sparkes John Kenilworth
Sparrow John Bedworth
Sparrow Joseph Rugby
Sparrow William Rugby
Sparrow William Allesley
Spencer George Coleshill
Spencer John Southam
Spencer Robert Harbury
Spencer Robert Woolfhampcote
Spencer Samuel Deritend
Spencer William Brailes
Sperry William Walsall
Spicer John Wellesborne
Spicer William Birmingham
Spiers Richard Clifford Chambers
Spiers Thomas Nuneaton
Spooner Thomas Alcester
Spraggett   Harbury
Spraggett John Bishops Itchington
Spraggett Joseph Bishops Itchington
Spraggett William Leamington Hastings
Spraggett William Harbury
Sprawson Charles Harbury
Sprawson Thomas Harbury
Sprigg Allen Coventry
Spurrier William Birmingham
Sraddock John Nuneaton
Stafford Edward Hill Morton
Stanbra William Fenny Compton
Stanbridge   Bubenhall
Standley Edward Tiddington
Standley Thomas Alcester
Stanford John Nuneaton
Stanie John Honingham
Stanks Samuel Avon Dassett
Stanley James Sheldon
Stanley Joseph Erdington
Stanley Robert Rugby
Stanley William Stratford
Stansbie James Birmingham Heath
Stansbie Thomas Winson Green
Stansbie William Birmingham
Stansby Charles Handsworth
Starkey B Bulkington
Startin George Exhall
Staunton John Grove Ashow
Steane Edward Eathorp
Steel John Warwick
Steel William Shuckburgh
Steel James Handsworth
Steele William Kenilworth
Stephens William Arrow
Stephens John Alcester
Stevens Richard Birmingham
Steward William Ipsley
Stichley John Stratford
Stichley Richard Eatington
Stiles William Hatton
Stockley Thomas Henley
Stockley William Brailes
Stokes William Smith Roughton Salop
Stokes Thomas Birmingham
Stone John Fillongley
Stone William Birmingham
Stowe John Coventry
Stretton Thomas Coleshill
Stretton Joseph Wolvey
Stretton Thomas Birmingham
Stringer Cattle G Birmingham
Sturge William Sutton
Such Joseph Birmingham
Suckling John Birmingham
Suffolk Thomas Nuneaton
Sufolk Samuel Nuneaton
Summer John Luddington
Summers George Tachbrook Mallory
Summory John Wilnecote
Sutton Charles Dunchurch
Sutton Henry Thurlaston
Sutton Joseph Radford Semeley
Sutton Thomas Dunchurch
Sutton Thomas Hill Morton
Sutton Thomas Leamington Priors
Sutton Willam Rugby
Sutton William Dunchurch
Swift Walter Deritend
Swingler Thomas Birmingham
Swinnerton Issac Weddington
Swinnerton Thomas Caledercote
Swinnerton William Chilver Coton
Sylvester Joseph Solihull
Symonds Francis Shirley
Takema Samuel Monks Kirby
Tandy Thomas Highgate
Tansbie John Birmingham
Tanton James Birmingham
Tarefield James Solihull
Tarfield James Solihull
Tarlton John Wootton Wawen
Tarlton John Ullenhall
Tarver Joseph Compton Wyniates
Tasker Thomas Stratford
Tasker John Stratford
Tasker William Stratford
Tate Joseph Atherstone
Taverner Joseph Coleshill
Taverner Joseph Harsthill
Taverner William Solihull
Taylor George Chilvers Coton
Taylor John Birmingham
Taylor Rev Joseph Stourbridge
Taylor William Grandborough
Taylor Charles Warwick
Taylor Dolliph Hodnill
Taylor Edward Warwick
Taylor James Moor Green Moseley
Taylor John Birmingham
Taylor John Kinwalsley
Taylor John Brailes
Taylor John Radford Semeley
Taylor John Birmingham
Taylor John Birmingham
Taylor John Nuneaton
Taylor John Coventry
Taylor John Birmingham
Taylor John John Birmingham
Taylor Michael Kingsbury
Taylor Richard Attleborough
Taylor Richard Solihull
Taylor Richard Barford
Taylor Richard Warmington
Taylor Samuel Birmingham
Taylor Thomas Stratford
Taylor Thomas Radway
Taylor W Hockley
Taylor W P Chilvers Coton
Taylor Wiliam Birmingham
Taylor William Nuneaton
Taylor William Nuneaton
Taylor William Rowington
Taylor William Long Compton
Taylor Willliam Leamington Priors
Terrll John Alcester
Terry William Sutton Coldfield
Tew Thomas Leamington Priors
Thomas   Bordesley
Thomas Richard Birmingham
Thomas William Birmingham
Thompson James Solihull
Thompson Joseph Baddesley Ensor
Thompson R B Solihull
Thompson William Stratford on Avon
Thompson William Deritend
Thompson Edward Warwick
Thompson James Hurley
Thompson John Sutton Coldfield
Thompson John Solihull
Thompson Thomas Ashby De La Zouch
Thompson Thomas Harbury
Thompson Thomas, Jun Brinklow
Thompson William Erdington
Thomson Edward Henley
Thopmson William Birmingham
Thornicroft Thomas Wolfhamcote
Thornitt Thomas Sutton
Thornley Charles Bickenhill
Thornton Joseph Birmingham
Thurman Edward Tamworth
Thurman John Whittington
Tibbets William Warwick
Tibbetts Thomas Warwick
Tibbits William Lapworth
Tibbitts John Bulkington
Tibbitts Joseph Birmingham
Tidmarsh Thomas Berkswell
Tidmas Thomas Warwick
Tilt Joseph Birmingham
Timmins Edward Stourton
Timmins George Kings Norton
Timms John Alcester
Timms Anthony Whichford
Timms Edward Cherrington
Timms Edward Whichford
Timms John Burton Dassett
Timms Nicholas Whichford
Timms Richard Barton
Timms Thomas Warwick
Timms William Southam
Timms William Cherrington
Tims John Warwick
Tingle Philip Nuneaton
Tolly John Birmingham
Tomes Henry Farnborough
Tomes Edward Southam
Tomes John Warwick
Tomes Richard Warwick
Tomes Richard Southam
Tomkies Edmund Coventry
Tomkins Edward Coventry
Tonkins Edmund Long Itchington
Tonks Joseph Sutton Coldfield
Tookey John Hockley Hill
Toon John Wolvey
Tooth Thomas Ipsley
Topp Edward Ansley
Topp Joseph Stockingford
Topp Thomas Corley
Torbett William Fillongley
Townes Ebenezer Birmingham
Townsend Gore Honington
Townsend Henry Aston
Townsend John Snitterfield
Townsend John Clifton
Townsend John, Jun Clifton
Townsend Rev Henry Illmington
Townsend Robert Warwick
Townsend Thomas Church Lawford
Townsend Thomas Rugby
Townsend William Welton
Tranter William Birmingham
Treadgold Edward Leamington Priors
Treadgold Samuel Warwick
Trepass William Warwick
Trickle Thomas Nuneaton
Troth John Henley
Troughton James Coventry
Troughton Rev James Coventry
Troughton Thomas Bell Coventry
Trueman   Birmingham
Truslove William Leamington Hastings
Truswell John Nuneaton
Tturner Joseph Birmingham
Tuckley Thomas Coleshill
Turbitt J H Halford
Turner Charles Birmingham
Turner Francis Allesley
Turner Henry Birmingham
Turner James Southam
Turner James Stockton
Turner John Birmingham
Turner John Southam
Turner Thomas Flecknoe
Turner William Allesley
Turner William Great Harborough
Turner William Southam
Turrell William Brinklow
Turton Joseph Birmingham
Tutin Richard Birmingham
Twamley Josiah Warwick
Tyndall Thomas Birmingham
Tyrell Richard Warwick
Udell Joseph Birmingham
Umbers William Weston under Wetherley
Unett John Wilkes Birmingham
Vann John Clifton
Vann William J Clifton
Varden William Nuneaton
Varney Richard Fenny Compton
Vaughan Thomas H Filongley
Vaughton   Wall
Vaughton Rev R Ryland Arley
Venour Rev Joh Bourton on Dunsmore
Vernon Thomas S Astley
Vernon John Nuneaton
Vernon Thomas Chilvers Coton
Vincent Thomas Claverdon
Vyner Robert Eathorp
Wadams John Grafton
Wadams William Grafton
Wade Charles G Warwick
Wade Rev A S Warwick
Wadley William Bidford
Wady Thomas Warmington
Wagstaff Richard Nuneaton
Wagstaff Thomas Nuneaton
Wagstaff William Nuneaton
Wagster Joseph Fillongley
Wain William Tamworth
Wakefield William Alcester
Wakefield George Sutton Coldfield
Wakefield George Minworth
Wakefield Rev William Curdworth
Wakefield Samuel Birmingham
Wakelin Benjamin Allesley
Wakelin George Bulkington
Wakelin Joseph Barnacle
Wakeman   Rowington
Waldron R B Feckenham
Walford John Beoley
Walford William Banbury
Walker John Kingsbury
Walker Charles Kingsbury
Walker James Wibtoft
Walker John Warwick
Walker Robert Kingsbury
Walker Robert Wooford
Walker Samuel Wolvey
Walker Thomas Newbold upon Avon
Walker William Tysoe
Wall Thomas Birmingham
Wall Thomas Newton
Wall Thomas Sow
Wallington James Charlotte
Wallington Thomas Henley
Wallis John Wilnecote
Wallis Thomas Rowington
Wallis Thomas Wilnecote
Wallis William Berkswell
Walter John Cubbington
Walton William Tysoe
Walton John Pillerton Hersey
Walton John Pillerton Hersey
Walton Richard Radford
Walton Samuel Stretton upon Fosse
Walton Stephen Studley
Walton Tomas Bubbenhall
Warboys John Birmingham
Ward John Aston Cantlow
Ward William Alveston
Ward James Stratford
Ward John Bilton
Ward John Kenilworth
Ward John Oxhill
Ward Joseph Csatle Brom
Ward Rev P S Henley
Ward Robert Kenilworth
Ward Thomas Wolston
Ward Thomas, Jun Barford
Warden Joseph Bulkington
Warden Joseph Pailton
Warden Richard Bulkington
Wareham Joseph Birmingham
Waring Edward Warwick
Waring John Chilvers Coton
Waring Thomas Birmingham
Warmington Richard Henley
Warner John Lonh Itchington
Warner John Stockton
Warner Richard Bulkington
Warner William Stockton
Warner Willliam Leamington Hastings
Warwick John Shuckburgh
Warwick Richard Birmingham
Warwick William Ninevah Soho
Watdon Walter Lower Shuckburgh
Waterfield Richard Daventry
Waters Thomas Nuneaton
Watkins Thomas Solihull
Watkins William Whichford
Watkins Williams Daventry
Watson William Alcester
Watson William Toft
Watson Charles Birmingham
Watson George Wolfhampcote
Watson George Napton
Watson John Warwick
Watson Joseph Fillongley
Watson Joseph Cubbington
Watson Joshua Brinklow
Watson Richard Lutterworth
Watson Stephen Shuckburgh
Watton James Deritend
Watts George Alcester
Watts John Alcester
Watts William, Labourer Tysoe
Watts Edward Kenilworth
Watts Edward Tysoe
Watts John Rugby
Watts John Tysoe
Watts Thomas Nuneaton
Watts Thomas, Jun Harbury
Watts William Tysoe
Watts William Baker Tysoe
Webb John Alcester
Webb Thomas Napton
Webb John Ashorne
Webb John Leamington Priors
Webb John Pailton
Webb Rev E Sherbourne
Webb Richard Rugby
Webb Robert Leamington Priors
Webb Thomas Wibtoft
Webb Thomas Brinklow
Webb Thomas Stratford on Avon
Webb Walter Stourton
Webb Wiliam Fillongley
Webb William Haselor
Webb William Stourton
Webb William Frankton
Webley Samuel Birmingham
Webster John Wilnecote
Weight Edward Birmingham
Weightman Jonathan Bramcote
Welch Thomas Birmingham
Welch Thomas Fenny Compton
Welchman Edward Kington
Wells Thomas Rowington
Wells Thomas Solihull
Wells William Sheldon
Welton Charles Berkswell
Wesson John Oxhill
Wesson Robert Halford
West Job Allesley
Westcombe Samuel Thomas Alcester
Western Thomas Warwick
Westley John Eathorp
Weston Thomas Alcester
Weston William Birmingham
Weston Edward over Whitacre
Weston James Stonleigh
Weston John over Whitacre
Weston Joseph over Whitacre
Weston Thomas Woodward
Weston Thomas W Stratford on Avon
Weston William Tamworth
Wharton W Birmingham
Whatley William Wootton Wawen
Whatley Wiliam Aspley
Wheatcroft John Warwick
Wheatley Samuel Baddesley Ensor
Wheatley James Atherstone
Wheatley Richard Roycross
Wheatmore Thomas Bulkington
Wheeler Charles Aston
Wheeler Edward Warwick
Wheeler George Lomg Compton
Wheeler Robert Birmingham
Wheeler William Birmingham
Wheeler William Birmingham
Wheeler William Henley
Wheeley Samuel Edgbaston
Wheley Timothy Arley
Whetstone Joseph Ryton upon Dunsmore
Wheway James Nuneaton
While Thomas Birmingham
Whirehead William Baxertley
Whitby Henry Atherstone
Whitcomb Obadiah Birmingham
White Henry Atherstone
White John Castle Brom
White John Henley
White Wiliam Birmingham
White William Alcester
White William Coventry
White John Shotteswell
White John Stoke Golding
White John Birmingham
White John Birmingham
White Thomas Shotteswell
White Thomas Allesley
White Thomas Brinklow
White William Fillongley
White William Wolfhampcote
Whitehead Edward Radford Semeley
Whitehead John Barford
Whitehead John Leamington Priors
Whitehead John Radford Semeley
Whitehead Robert Leamington Priors
Whitehouse Daniel Sutton Coldfield
Whitehouse Daniel Erdington
Whitehouse J Sheldon
Whiteman Joseph Leamington Priors
Whitfield Wiilliam Birmingham
Whitford Thomas Alcester
Whithead Samuel Hurley
Whithouse William Studley
Whitlesee Leonard Warmington
Whitmore Joseph Kenilworth
Whitmore William Bulkington
Whittle Edward Sutton Coldfield
Wiggin John Sutton Coldfield
Wiggin Nathan Barby
Wiggins William Hill Morton
Wilcox William Wolverton
Wilcox Thomas Claverdon
Wiliams John Warwick
Wilkenson John Harsthill
Wilkes George Birmingham
Wilkes John Solihull
Wilkins Butler Kington
Wilkins Robert Stratford
Wilkins Samuel Brinklow
Wilkins Thomas Sutton Coldfield
Wilkins William Marton
Wilkins William Minworth
Wilkinson George Wilnecote
Wilkinson John Brinklow
Wilks Job Exhall
Wilks John Bidford
Wilks Richard Eatington
Wilks Richard Stretton on Fosse
Wilks Sebatian Brailes
Wilks Thomas Brailes
Willday Joseph Atherstone
Willday Thomas Curdworth
Willes Rev Edward Leamington Priors
Willett Goodrick Henry London
Willetts Thomas Birmingham
Willey Willoughby Henley
William James Warwick
William John Adderbury
William John Birmingham
Williams Philemon Kington
Williams John Warwick
Williams John Leamington Priors
Williams Phillip Rugby
Williams Rev J H Wellesborne
Willinger William Birmingham
Willington Joseph Balsall
Willis William Birmingham
Willis William Stratford
Willison Thomas Hill Morton
Willks John Brailes
Willoughby Robert Cosbrooke
Wills George Upper Bodington
Wilmore George Birmingham
Wilmot John E E Berkswell
Wilmott Thomas Coundon
Wilne Joseph Stockingford
Wilson James Austrey
Wilson John Solihull
Wilson John Solihull
Wilson John Nuneaton
Wilson Richard Birmingham
Wilson Samuel Bulkington
Wilson Thomas Coventry
Wilson Thomas Withybrook
Wilson William Corbett Pryors Hardwick
Winbush William Warwick
Wincote Edward Kenilworth
Wincott John Whichford
Wincott Robert Winderton
Wincott William Whatcote
Winfield John Shirley
Winkley Luke Southam
Winkley William Southam
Winter Robert Salford Priors
Winter John Rugby
Winterton William Wolvey
Wise Mathew Leamington Priors
Wise Rev John Lillington
Wood Joseph Birmingham
Wood John Chilvers Coton
Wood Thomas Southam
Wood Timothy Sutton Coldfield
Wood William Swinford
Woodbine William Studley
Woodburn John Birmingham
Woodcock William Solihull
Woodcock John Chilvers Coton
Woodcock Joseph Wilncote
Woodfield Daiel Kington
Woodhill John Birmingham
Woodward George Flecknoe
Woolf William Hill Morton
Woolley James Birmingham
Woolridge Thomas Rugby
Woosward H Bulkington
Worrall Charles Bedworth
Worrall Joseph Birmingham
Worrall Thomas Birmingham
Worrall William Bedworth
Worsey John Bearley
Worth George Kings Newnham
Worthington William Lea Marston
Worthington Richard Baxterley
Worthington Thomas Mancetter
Worthington Thomas Monks Kirby
Wratislow W F Rugby
Wren Rev P Tanworth
Wright John Austrey
Wright William Attlleborough
Wright Charles Halford
Wright Edward Henley
Wright John Ipsley
Wright John Attleborough
Wright John Tysoe
Wright John Arley
Wright John Sutton Coldfield
Wright Riton Southam
Wright Thomas Birmingham
Wright Thomas Edgbaston
Wright Thomas over Whitacre
Wright William Sutton Coldfield
Wright William Austrey
Wyatt Richard Tachbrook
Wyatt Thomas Bedworth
Wyatt William Bedworth
Yardley William Burton Dassett
Yardley George Tanworth
Yardley Joseph Tanworth
Yates Stephen Bedworth
Yeadon Edmund Birmingham
Yeomans Rev John Whichford
Yerron Clemment Burton Dassett
Yerron John Rowington
Yerron William Burton Dassett
York John Coleshill
Young Richard Aston