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Little Packington

Manorial Records

Manor of Packington parva

18 Octbr



pains & Bylaws

made by the jury



Paines & Bye Laws made at the Court Baron of

the Right Honble Earl & Countess of Aylesford

the 18th. ofe October 1733 by us the Jury. Homage

for the manor of Little Packington

                                                                                                                      s           d

Imprimis that noe person let his Comons unles to the

            Lords tennant, or an inhabitant holding land in the                        0-         10-       0

            Comon feilds on paine of forfiting to the Lord of the mannor        0:          3:          4

Itm that noe person lodge any vagrant, begger on paine of                                    0-         3-         4

Itm that the feild reeves doe their duty monthly on paine of                      0-         3-         4

Itm that no person breake the feild hedges on paine of                             0-         3-         4

Itm that no one kill or distroy the lords game on paine of                          0-         10-       0

Itm that noe person take the eggs of ducks or partridge on paine of          0-         10-       0

Itm that noe person dig or gett turf, sand, or gravell on the wast on

                                                                                    paine of                        0-         10-       0

Itm that noe person water hemp or flax in the rivr or in any

            pond or poole running into the river on paine of                            0-         3-         4

Itm that no person let his swine goe unringd on paine of                           0-         1-         0

Itm that [every] person putting Cattle on the comone shall

            put his House marke on the same on paine of                              0-         10-       0

Itm that all persons pay their proportionable part

            of makeing and repaireing the feild gates on paine of

It tis farther agreied that all that have land in the comon feild

            shall make the feild gates [even] thereto proportionable on paine of0-       3-         4

If aney shall pul down a post or brake a gate he shall make it good

                                                                                    on paine of        0-         3-         4

Itm that Widdow Adcok lay open the lane and keep open the lane

            leading to hawkeswell green befoer next Chrismas day

            on paine of forfeting to the lord for every year its Closed             1-         10-       0

Itm that Widdow Adcoks and Mr John Adcock son, Thomas Smith & John Smith

            and Will: Burbage having no right of Comon forest change tenents [?]

            and every of them shall pay for every beast which

            the or any of them shall hereafter put on the comond or

            in the comond feilds of little packington twelve pence

            a weeke and twelve pence a month for every sheep and

            one shilling two pence for every week for an horse and

            porconable for bigger or lesser time and that John Smith

            pay after the same rate for any beasts or sheep over

            and above his Herd.

Itm that Ann[?] Adcok and John Smith who hold Lands and tenements belonging

to the corporation of coventry and John Adcok who hold Land and

tenements of the dein and chapter of Woster and the said

John Smith and Will: Burbidge who hold Lands
and tenment of Heney Mould and Henry Oreton[?] * have no

rite of comen in little packington manner, and that they

do not put any beast horse mare or ship upon the commen or in the cornfeild

there on pain or pains of paying every week

for avery cow 0-1s-0d, and for avery hose 0-1s-2d; and for

avery shiep 0-0s-3d

* & Richd Faulconbridge who holds lands of Gilbert Shaw


Item we find that John Banner died ceisd of Land within this

maner for wwhich 0-3s-6d becom due to the lord for a


This was paid by Mrs Shaw April 16, 1744


And that Talbot Dukes seized of land within this mannor alienated

the same to John Adcock for which is due to the Lord for an Alienation

the summ of 2s.


And that George Shackspear died seized of land within this mannor

since the last Court for which is due to the Lord for a Relief

the sum of 2d.

And that George Smith dyed so seized for which like Relief is due

the sum of 7s.2d.

And that Francis Burbidge[?] dyed so seized for which like Relief

is due the sum of 1d.
Itm It is further orderd that every person shall

suffitiantly repear and amend the mounds about the

common feild every year a fortnight after michaelmas and a

fortnight before Lady day and keep the same in such repaer

from time to time upon one dayes notice given them by the

feeld reeves or his order on pain for every one making default

rherein to forfit for every pearch 0=3s=4d and for every gapp


                                                            Tho Shakespeare

                                                            the mark of

            Edwd Tayler steward there        George Smith

                                                            John Twist

                                                            William Burbidge

                                                            the mark of

                                                            William Baxter

                                                            John Keatley

                                                            the Mark of John Smout

                                                            the mark of Willm Beck

                                                            the mark of Ralph Bissiker

                                                            George Butler

                                                            the Mark of Robt. Smith

                                                            the Mark of John Overton

Index of proper names

Widow Adcok, Widow

Adcok, Ann[?]

Adcok, Adcock, John

Aylesford, Heneage second earl of [1683-1757]

Aylesford, Mary countess of [d.1740]

Banner, John

Baxter, William

Beck, William

Bissiker, Ralph

Burbidge, Francis

Burbidge, Burbage, William

Butler, George

Dukes, Talbot

Faulconbridge, Richard

Keatley, John

Mould, Heney


Overton, John

Shackspear, George

Shakespeare, Thomas

Shaw, Gilbert

Shaw, Mrs

Smith, George

Smith, John

Smith, Robert

Smith, Thomas

Smout, John

Tayler, Edward

Twist, John


Coventry, corporation of

Worcester, dean and chapter of

Hawkeswell Green

Index of topics



Brand: see Mark


Common field

Common forest


Court Baron







Gate, field







House mark (brand): see Mark

Lady day



Lord of the manor



Mark, house (brand)

Mark (signature)


Mounds about the common field




Reeve, field






Swine, ringing of