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Earlier 'Family Trees' contain information taken from 'Shakespeareana Genealogica', with details from other sources, and also information submitted by other researchers.

These 'Family Trees' are shown in image form, and may take time to download................please be patient!

  Gedcom files are available for those families listed below, and often include much more information eg notes/ sources/ later generations than is shown on the site.

New Software (available FREE!! from the 'Download Section') has made the availability of the 'Family Trees' in this section possible as a 'Dynamic Family Tree' - where available these are listed below: for those not yet listed please contact the site author with a request and the relevant 'Family Tree' can be made available in a matter of seconds! (the software is that easy to use) - there are so many it is difficult to make these available all at once. For an example see the 'Dynamic Family Tree' of the 'Stepney Shakespeares' The software allows the inclusion of notes from the gedcom file used, and also 'filtering' to exclude living individuals - if you notice any discrepancies please let me know, as it is the policy of the site not to include living people for privacy reasons.

See Also: 'Early Shakespeares'

Re-organisation of this section of the site means that the 'Family Trees' are now listed alphabetically by:

English Counties


Campton, Bedford The descendants of William Shakespeare of Campton



Derbyshire The Shakespeares of Derbyshire
  The descendants of Joseph Shakespeare & Hannah Kinston



The descendants of Christopher Shakespear of North Shoebury, Essex


Gloucestershire The descendants of Thomas Shakespear of Hinton On The Green
  Thomas Shakespeare. Weaver, of Dursley his descendants in Newington-Bagpath, Tewkesbury and Ozleworth

The descendants of William Shakespeare, of Ashton Under Hill, Worcs., and Stanton, Glos.

  Miscellaneous Notes on The Shakespeares of Hawkesbury, Gloucestershire
  Edward Shakespeare, of Dursley, Gloucestershire
  William Shakespeare's connection with Dursley, Gloucestershire


Hertfordshire The descendants of John Shakespeare, of Great Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire


Lancashire Joseph Shakespeare, of Manchester
  Samuel Shakespeare & Elizabeth Lock, of Portsea, Hampshire, and Their Descendants in Liverpool


Leicestershire Notes on the the probable descent of the Leicestershire Shakespeares from the Wroxall family.
  John Shakespear, Orientalist
  Thomas Shakespeare, of Duddeston (and Birmingham), Warks., born in Ashby de la Zouch
  William Shakespeare of Breedon on the Hill
  Notes on the connections of the Shakespeares of Breedon on the Hill with the Boultby/ Boultbee family


London Adrian Shakespeare, of Westminster, St James
  Genealogy of the Stepney family

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  Menassah Shakespeare, of Holborn, London
  John Shakespeare, The 'King's Bitmaker'
  John Shakespeare, of St Martin's In The Fields
  The Shakespeares of St Botolph's
  Henry Shakespeare, of St Botolph's, Bishopsgate
Isleworth Leonard Shakespeare, of Isleworth


Northamptonshire The Shakespeares of Northamptonshire
  The Descendants of John Yates Shakespeare
  The Shakespeares of Badby
  The Shakespeares of Tingewick, Bucks., and formerly of Northampton


Staffordshire & Worcestershire

Black Country Genealogy of the Shakespeares of South Staffs and Dudley, Worcs.

Unresolved Lines of Descent & Some Descendants of Later Family Lines

Wednesbury Daniel Shakespeare, born 1842
Feckenham The descendants of Edward Shakespeare of Bean Hall Row
Polesworth The Polesworth Shakespeares - the descendants of Edward Shakespeare 1759- 1843, also Monumental Inscriptions
  The descendants of Joseph & Judith Shakespeare


Alcester Details from the will of Thomas Shakespeare (1539), who 'desired to be buried at St Nicholas, Alcester
Arley The descendants of Thomas Shakespeare, of Arley
Aston (see also: Birmingham) James Shakespeare & Amelia Lister, of Aston and London
Baddesley Clinton Adam, 'of Oldeditche'
Birmingham (see also: Aston) Mordecai Shakespeare, of Birmingham
  The descendants of John Shakespeare born 1736
  The descendants of Joseph Shakespeare, born 1809 in Birmingham, and died 1888 in Henley Beach, South Australia
  The descendants of John Shakespeare & Sarah Joy

The descendants of Joseph Shakespeare, of Birmingham, born 1806/7, London

  Thomas James Shakespeare, born 1834, Birmingham, and his descendants in Australia
  Edward Shakespeare 1804 -1865
Bishops Tachbrook Robert Shakespeare, Weaver
Coventry John Shakespeare and Jane Whitehead
  John Shakespeare, of Berkswell
  Harry Shakespeare, of Coventry
  See Also: William & Mary Shakespeare, of Kenilworth
Feckenham, Worcs., and Ipsley, Warks. The descendants of Humphrey Shakespeare, as listed in Burkes Peerage
Fillongley Current research on the Shakespeares of Fillongley
Hampton Lucy The Shakespeares of Hampton Lucy
  Lettyce Shakespeare and the Drake family of New England
  Anthony Shakespeare

Abraham Shakespeare, of Shrewley, Hatton, Warwickshire

Henley In Arden Stephen Shakespeare, including the descendants of him and his brother, John Barker Shakespeare, in the USA
Kenilworth William & Mary Shakespeare
Keresley The descendants of  Thomas Shakespear born 1717
  The descendants of Charles Shakespeare, of Bulkington and Coventry - a descendant of Thomas Shakespeare of Keresley born 1717
  The Shakespeares of Rotherham, Yorks., descendants of Charles Shakespeare, of Bulkington and Coventry
  George & Reuben Shakespeare, and their descendants in Wales
  George Shakespeare, c1811-1843, probably a son of Charles Shakespeare, of Bulkington and Coventry
Knowle The descendants of John Shakespeare of Knowle
Lapworth John Shakespeare, Yeoman, of Lapworth See Also: Christopher Shakespeare, of Packwood
  Thomas Shakespeare, Fuller, of Lapworth
  Humphrey Shakespeare, of Lapworth
Little Packington George Shakespeare, Gentleman, of Little Packington
Packwood Christopher Shakespeare
Rowington The Rowington Shakespeares - the Descendants of Thomas Shakespeare, 'of Mowsley End', and his son Richard Shakespeare, 'of Rowington.'

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  John Shakespeare, 'de la Hill'
  Christopher Shakespeare, of Rowington (Packwood)
  Lawrence Shakespeare, of Rowington
Stratford on Avon The 'accepted' Genealogy of the Poets' Family.
  The 'Extended Family' of the Poet, William Shakespeare.
  Genealogy of John Shakespeare, the 'Shoemaker' see also: Analysis of the Records Relating to John Shakespeare, 'Shoemaker,' of Stratford
  Details of Anthony Shakespeare are also listed under Hampton Lucy, see also Budbrooke
  Adrian Shakespeare, 'Gentleman, of Stratford.'

A look at the claim by members of the Strong and Ensor families that they were descended from a 'brother of everybody's Shakespeare.'

Warwick Thomas Shakespeare, Gentleman, elected Bailiff of Warwick in 1613
  Thomas Shakespeare of Warwick
  The Descendants of James Shakespeare, b 1802
Wootton Wawen The Descendants of John & Martha Shakespeare
Wroxall The Shakespeares of Wroxall
  John Shakespeare
  Randulph Shakespeare, of Wroxall
  Nicholas Shakespeare see also Anthony Shakespeare, of Budbrook


Wiltshire Notes on the Shakespeares of Wiltshire



  Notes on The Shakespeares of Yorkshire
  The Descendants of William Shakespeare, of Sandal Magna
  The Descendants of John Shakespeare, of Helmsley




Afro-Caribbean Notes on the occurrence of Shakespeares of Afro-Caribbean Descent.



All Shakespeares in Australia derive from families originally from England. Some of these were Convicts sentenced to transportation, and others migrated voluntarily - mostly at a later date: see an Index to Australian Immigration. Details of all of these are to be found elsewhere on the site, but to clarify which families are involved these are detailed below.
Convicts Elizabeth Shakespeare, including some further history
  Robert Shakespeare, of Warwickshire
  Ferdinando Shakespeare, a descendant of the 'Black Country Shakespeares'
  Benjamin Shakespeare, and his brother, John Shakespeare, descendants of the 'Black Country Shakespeares'. Some of Benjamin's descendants later moved to the USA
Voluntary Migrations Henry Shakespeare, a descendant of the 'Black Country Shakespeares'
  The descendants of Joseph Shakespeare, born 1809 in Birmingham, and died 1888 in Henley Beach, South Australia



Similarly to other 'overseas' families the Shakespeares are all migrants from England. In a number of cases descendants have later migrated to the USA
  Noah Shakespeare, a descendant of the 'Black Country Shakespeares'



The majority of Shakespeares in the USA derive from English settlers. However, in addition there are families of African-American descent - probably derived from English ancestors, Native-American Shakespeares have been found, having 'adopted' English names, and a few individuals of Afro-Caribbean descent entered the USA, mostly in the 20th century via Ellis Island. In a number of cases the English origins of these families has already been determined and are listed among the families from which they derive, but to clarify which families are involved these are detailed below.
United States of America

John Lindsay Shakespeare, 1817 - 1847, of Ohio, and Michigan

  John Shakespeare and Jane Whitehead, of Coventry
  David Shakespeare and the Utah Shakespeares, descendants of the 'Black Country Shakespeares'
  Stephen Shakespeare, born in Henley In Arden - including the descendants of him and his brother, John Barker Shakespeare, in the USA
African-American Brief notes on 'African-American' Shakespeares

The Shakespeares of Mississippi