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'Shakespeareana Genealogica' - George Russell French 1869.

Abridged notes can be seen here.


'Shakespeare in the Public Records' - David Thomas

'Shakespeare in the Stratford Records' - Robert Bearman

Between them, the Public Records Office and the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust hold most of the records for Shakespeare's life and the idea behind these books was to describe the documents properly and put them in their context.

'In Search of Shakespeare' - Michael Wood

A summary of the television series can be seen here

'Shakespeare's Family' - Charlotte Carmichael Stopes, London 1901


'Let Candles Be Brought In' - Sir Geoffrey Hithersay Shakespeare's Autobiography


'John Shakespear (1619 - 1689), of Shadwell, and his Descendants'. Northumberland Press, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Dec., 1931