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Order of Battle

The Anglo-Allied Army of 1815

Commanded by Lt-General Lord Henry Paget, Earl of Uxbridge
ADCs: Captain Horace Seymour (60th Rifles)
Captain Wedderbun-Webster (9th Lt Dragoons)
     1st Household Brigade: Major-General Lord Edward Somerset (1,416)
          1st Rgmt of Life Guards (228) (Lt-Colonel Samuel Ferrion)
          2nd Rgmt of Life Guards (231) (Lt-Colonel Hon Edward P Lygon)
          The Rgmt of Royal Horse Guards (The Blues) (237) (Lt-Colonel Sir Robert C Hill)
          1st Rgmt of Dragoon Guards (530) (Lt-Colonel William Fuller)
     2nd Union B
Reserve Cavalry (Strength 11,800 men, 30 guns)
rigade: Major-General Hon Sir William Ponsonby (d.18th) (1,369)
     ADC: Major De Lacy Evans
          1st Rgmt of Dragoons (3) (394) (Lt-Colonel Arthur B Clifton)
          2nd Rgmt of Dragoons (Royal Scots Greys) (3) (391) (Lt-Colonel James I Hamilton)
          6th Rgmt of Dragoons (3) (396) (Lt-Colonel Joseph Muter)
     3rd (Light) Brigade: Major-General Sir William B Dörnberg (1,485)
          23rd Rgmt of Light Dragoons (Lt-Colonel the Earl of Portarlington)
          1st Rgmt of Light Dragoons KGL (Lt-Colonel J Bülow)
          2nd Rgmt of Light Dragoons KGL (Lt-Colonel C de Jonquieres)
     4th (Light) Brigade: Major-General Sir John Ormsby Vandeleur (1,337)
          11th Rgmt of Light Dragoons (Lt-Colonel James Wallace Sleigh)
          12th Rgmt of Light Dragoons (Lt-Colonel Hon Frederick C Ponsonby)
          16th Rgmt of Light Dragoons (Lt-Colonel James Hay)
     5th (Light) Brigade: Major-General Sir Colquhoun Grant (1,495)
          7th Rgmt of Hussars (Lt-Colonel Sir Edward Kerrison)
          15th Rgmt of Hussars (Lt-Colonel Leighton C Dalrymple)
          2nd Rgmt of Hussars KGL (Lt-Colonel Lingingen)
     6th (Light) Brigade: Major-General Sir Hussey Vivian (1,615)
     ADC: Captain Arthur Shakespear (10th Hussars)
          10th Rgmt of Hussars (Lt-Colonel George Quentin)
          18th Rgmt of Hussars (Lt-Colonel Hon Henry Murray)
          1st Rgmt of Hussars KGL (Lt-Colonel A Wissell)
     7th (Light) Brigade: Colonel Sir F V Arentschildt (1,331)
          13th Rgmt of Light Dragoons (Lt-Colonel Patrick Doherty)
          3rd Rgmt of Hussars KGL (Lt-Colonel F L Meyer)
     Reserve Horse Artillery: Lt-Colonel A MacDonald
          Webber-Smith's Horse Battery RHA: 5 x 6pdr, 1 x 5.5" howitzer (107)
                     (Lt-Colonel James W-Smith)
          Gardiner's Horse Battery RHA: 5 x 6pdr, 1 x 5.5" howitzer (180)
                     (Lt-Colonel Sir Robert Gardiner)
          Mercer's Horse Battery RHA: 5 x 9pdr, 1 x 5.5" howitzer (180)
                     (Captain Alexander Cavalié Mercer)
          Bull's Horse Battery RHA: 6 x 5.5" howitzer (180)
                     (Major Bull)*      *Credited with firing the first Allied shot at Waterloo.
          Ramsay's Horse Battery RHA: 5 x 9pdr, 1 x 5.5" howitzer (180)
                     (Major W N Ramsay, d.18th)
          2nd Rocket Troop RHA: 5 x 6pdr, 1 section Congreve Rockets (181)
                     (Captain Edward C Whinyates)

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