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The Boer War

1899 - 1902

Miscellaneous References to Military Personnel Serving in the War

Imperial Yeomanry
Shakespeare, H.    31938, Trooper    6th Coy., 4th Bn. I.Y.


Army Death Index (1901-05) (NB No entries seem to indicate deaths occuring in South Africa)
The index covers both soldiers, soldiers wives and children.
The format is Surname, Christian name, Location of Registration of Death, Year of Death and Page of Entry.
Shakespeare, William Thomas, 0, Malta, 1904, 59


Extracted details of name, number and unit of the Cavalry who were awarded the Queens South Africa Medal (for the Boer War of 1899-1902).
3503    Sergeant    Shakespeare    W    18th Hussars
4665    Private    Shakespeare    W    19th Hussars



Boer War Shipping Lists.

These lists were extracted from the LONDON TIMES SHIPPING LIST for the period July 1899 to  December 1902 as well as the CAPE TIMES WEEKLY EDITION SHIPPING LIST for the period January 1899 to December 1902.

Boer War Shipping List 1899:
p5a&b    The following is a list of the officers and troops who leave Southampton for SA to-morrow in the Braemar Castle:
Staff.-    Col. the Hon. G.H. Gough, C.B.(in command), Col. C.P. Ridley, C.M.G., Brevet Lt.-Col.
 H.P. Shekleton, Maj. H.H. Smythe, Brevet Maj. Prince Christian Victor of Schleswig-Holstein, Lt. H.W.M. Harington.
Royal Army Medical Corps. - Lt.-Col. A.H. Anthonisz (in medical charge), Lt.-Col. H. Grier, Lt.-Col. R.D. Hodson, Maj. R.W. Barnes, Maj. R.W.E.H. Nicholson, Maj. F.D. Elderton.
Army Nursing Service. - Supt., Miss Garriock; nursing sisters, Miss Rose Innes, Miss Neale, Miss Anderson, Miss Nixon, Miss Murphy, Miss Snowdon, and Miss Guthrie.
War Office Civil Staff. - Mr. W.R. Macdonald, 1/Loyal North Lancashire Regt.; 2nd Lt. R.C. Wiltshire.
Army Pay Dept. - Capt. H. Huntsman
Royal Engineers. - Capt. G.E. Phillips, Lt. A.F. Sargeant, Lt. W.C. Macfie, Lt. C.C.H. Hogg.
Army Ordnance Dept. - Maj. O.C. Sherwood, Capt. C.C. Wrigley, Capt. T.J. Warnes, Capt. R.J. Hamblin, Lt. W. Hutchings, Lt. T.A. Sidney.
Army Service Corps. - Lt. Col. F.T. Clayton, Maj. D.Webb, Capt. A.E. Longdon, Capt. E.E.D. Thornton, Capt. H. Davies, Capt. R. Ford, Capt. J.A.T. Tredgold, Capt. F.C.S. Norrington, Capt. C.D. Christopher, Capt. S.L. Reynolds, Capt. H. Cleeve, Capt. E.F. Taylor, Capt. J. Puckle, Lt. H.S. Buckle, Lt. E.G. Evans, Lt. H.S. Wright, 2nd Lt. T.J.N. Mears, 2nd Lt. W. Taylor, 2nd Lt. C.H. Fanshawe, 2nd Lt. W.A.R. Shakespear, 2nd Lt. P.G.P. Lea, 2nd Lt. N.G. Anderson, 2nd Lt. R.P.S. Elderton, Lt. & Qtrmstr. J.P. Walsh, Maj. G.R.C. Paul, Capt. C.E McVittie, Lt. W.K. Bernard, Lt. A.S.M. Porter, Lt.-Col. J.A.W. Falls, Lt. C.F. Moore, Lt.-Col. S.H. Winter, Capt. R.O. Burne, Capt. F.P.S. Taylor, Lt. L.S. Roberts, Lt. H.G. Beaumont, Maj. P.J.T. Lewis, Capt. A.P. Welman, Capt. W.J.S. McCormick, Lt. H.O. Knox, Lt. & Qmstr. W. Cosgrove, Capt. J.C. G. Longmore, Capt. G. Conway-Gordon, Lt. R.M. Limond, Maj. G.M.V. Hunt, Capt. W.H. Foster, Lt. B.S. Moore, Capt. W.H.M. Armstrong, Maj. A.L. Caldwell, Lt. H.W. Clinch, Lt. J.M. Young, Lt. & Qmstr. D.J. Edwards, Maj. E.F.J. Blakeney, Lt. M. Moore, Lt. H.J. Russell, Lt. J.G. Lecky, Capt. R.G. Berry, Brevet Maj. H.N. Sargent, Capt. A. Amery, Capt. L.A. Atcherley, Lt. J.W.H. Maturin, Capt. G.W.B. Boyce, Lt. & Qmstr. J. Davis, Capt. H.N. Colguhoun, Capt. E.W.A. Courtney, Capt. A.G. Master, Lt. & Qmstr. H. Murphy, Capt. J.C.L. Black, Capt. & Qmstr. J.H. Edmondson, Lt. E.C.L. Fitzwilliams, Lt. & Qmstr. F.K. Tull, Capt. & Qmstr. R. Richardson, Lt. & Qmstr. H. Armstrong, Lt. & Qmstr. T. Wallace, Lt.-Col. F.F. Johnson, Lt.-Col. W.R. Winter, Capt. K. Macdonald, Lt. D. Parsons, Lt. C.T. Lloyd, Maj. E.A. Bramhall, Capt. St. J. W. A. Parker, Maj. R.H.L. Warner, Maj. G.O. Welch, Maj. C.E. Wyncoll, Maj. C. Rawnsley, Lt. - Col. R.B. McComb.
1/Royal Munster Fusiliers  - 2nd Lt. C.R. Moore.
Royal Engineers  -  Capt. J.H. Twiss, Lt. M.G.E. Manifold, Lt. H.L. Pritchard (D.S.O.), The Hon. Lt. & Qmstr. A.N. Tucker.
War Office Civil Staff. - A.N. Tucker
2/Royal Dublin Fusiliers.  - 2nd Lt. F. B. Lane.
5th Dragoon Guards.  - 2nd Lt. M.R. Head
2/Gordon Highlanders.  - Lt. S.C. Maitland
Royal Engineers.  - Lt.-Col H.E. Ranson.
1/Devonshire Regt.  - Lt. H.B.W. Gardiner, 2nd Lt. E.S.C. Willis.
Royal Berkshire Regt.  -  Maj. G.D.R. Williams.
    Also about 90 warrent officers and 1300 non-commissioned officers and men, comprising: No. 1 General Hospital Corps, 3 companies of Army Ordnance Corps, and 20 companies of the Army Service Corps.
    The Admiralty yesterday took up the Peninsular and Oriental Company’s steamers Oriental and Formosa for transport of troops to the Cape. The Nubia will leave shortly with troops for the Cape. The P.& O. Co. have 8 of their steamers (40,000 tons, in Government service.

Boer War Shipping List 1902:

London Times 08/09/02 (Monday)
p6a    The Sunda left for England 01 Sept. with the following on passage home:
    3/N. Staffordshire  – Col. J.H. Monckton, Lt.-Col. G.C. Hall, Majs. G.S. Tunnicliffe, C.H. James, G.L.P. Seckham, W.L.P. Mark-Wardlaw, H. Marwood, Capts. H.E. Falls, W. Shakespeare, Lts. A.N. Ogilvie, H.J. Bath, B. White, H.G. Harrison, 2/Lts. J.T.D. Kirkpatrick, A.S. Bonsfield, H.C. Faussett, A.C. Hudson, W. Shaw-Sandiland and the following attached officers, Capt. A.T. Smythe, 2/Lts. M.M. Ralph, C.E. Griffith, R.L.S. Roberts, E.B. Place, C.E.P. Long, E.B. Wyld and 507 men
    3/A & S High.  – Majs. A.F. Mackenzie, A.H. Middleton, Capt. G.D. Baillie-Hamilton, Lts. R.M. Ker, J.R. Couper, K. Barge, J.A. Mackenzie, G. Cunninghame, J.A. Ure, A. Cuningham, B. White, and 352 men
    N. Lancs.  – Capt. R.E. Barkeley
    RAMC  – Lt.-Col. H.J. Peard, Maj. D. Stiell
    Nursing Sisters H. Hogarth, A. Knaggs
    Rev. Finn
    Due Southampton Sept. 23.

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