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Trade Directories

Title Area Year
Lascelles Coventry Directory Coventry 1850
Pigot & Co.'s1830 Directory Wotton-Under-Edge, Alderley & Kingswood 1830
Pigot's Directory of Wiltshire Wiltshire 1830
Pigot's Commercial Directory of Derbyshire Derbyshire 1835
Pigot's Directory of Nottinghamshire Nottinghamshire 1835
Pigot,s Commercial Directory Midlands Birmingham


1750 - 1850
Kent's Directory of London London 1794
Pigot's National Commercial Directory Birmingham







History & Topography of Warwickshire Various 1830
Whites Directory of Staffordshire Burton On Trent


Pigot's National Commercial Directory Birmingham


Kings Bromley

Robson's Birmingham & Sheffield Directory [All Birmingham]

Edwin Shakespeare

Samuel Shakespeare

Sophia & Joseph Shakespeare

T Shakespeare

Joseph, Samuel, Sophia Shakespeare

Leicestershire Various 1846
Hunt & Co's Directory of Bristol & South Wales Camarthen 1850
History Gazetteer & Directory of Warwickshire Edmund & Charles Shakespeare, Butchers, Henley

G Shakespeare, Hairdresser, Henley

George Shakespeare, Great Packington, (1719 Bequest)

Henry & Solomon Grosvenor Shakespeare, Arley

Henry Shakespeare, Fillongley (1803 Bequest)

John Shakespeare, Tailor, Bearley

Joseph & William Shakespeare, Preston Baggot

Joseph Shakespeare, Shoemaker, Newton Regis

Samuel Shakespeare, Railway Station Master, Milverton

Birmingham (various)

Corley & Fillongley

Thomas Shakespeare (Griff Farm) & John Shakespeare (Landowner)

William Shakespeare, Far Gosford Street, Coventry

William Shakespeare, Carrier, Warwick

Scammells City of Bristol & South Wales Directly Camarthen (George Shakespeare ofLlanstephan) 1852
Slaters Directory of Warwickshire Birmingham (various)

Lydia - Straw Bonnet Maker

Samuel - Glass Maker

William - Clothes Dealer

Slater's General & Class Directory of Birmingham & It's Vicinities Birmingham (various[5])

Lydia - Straw Bonnet Maker

William - Clothes Dealer

Musson & Craven's Directory of the County of Buckingham Samuel Shakespeares, Station Master, LNWR 1853
M Billing's Directory of Worcester Benjamin - Beer Retailer, Dudley

William - Police Constable, Kidderminster

Post Office Directory of Leics & Rutland John Shakespeare Bowles

John Shakespeare - Shoemaker, Ashby De La Zouch

Netherseal (various)

T Shakespeare - Smith

Post Office Directory of Gloucs with Bristol & Bath Thomas - Draper

Thomas - Grocer

Thomas - Public Officer

Post Office Directory of Kent Captain G B Shakespeare, Woolwich

Cyril Shakespear Beachcroft - Solicitor

Mrs Shakespeare, Hastings

Mrs Shakespeare, Guildford

Trewman's Exeter Journal R C Shakespear, Knight 1856
Melville & Co Directory & Gazetteer of Sussex Mrs L Shakesepear, Hastings 1858
Gloucs & Somerset Directory Rev Thomas Shakespeare, Stroud

Thomas - Grocer, and Thomas - Draper

Gazetteer & Directory of Leicestershire & Rutland Charles, Langley Priory

Thomas - Farmer, and William - Boot Maker

Percy Butcher & Co's Swansea & Neath Directory The Shakespear Sewing Machine 1874
Commercial Directory & Red Book of Leicester Charles, Langley Priory 1875
Francis White's Commercial & Trades Directory of Birmingham Benjamin - Carrier

Mrs F J Shakespear, Tiddington

Post Office Directory of Hampshire William Shakespeare Allardyce 1875
Butcher & Co's Directory of Swansea, Neath, Llanelli, Bridgend etc The Shakespear Sewing Machine 1875-6
Post Office Directory of Leicester & Rutland Charles - Landowner

Charles - Lord of the Manor

Charles - Principal Landowner

James and John, Netherseal

James and John - Shoemakers

Thomas - Farmer, Spring Cottage

Thomas - Farmer, Ashby de la Zouch

Post Office Directory of Worcester Anna Maria - Beer Retailer, Oldbury

Benjamin and John, Dudley

William, Yardley, William G, Acocks Green, William, Oldbury

John, Brierley Hill, and George, Yardley

John, James, Benjamin and John, Dudley

William Grosvenor Shakespear, Yardley

William, Moseley

Post Office Directory of Surrey Lt Gen John Talbot Shakespear

William Shakespear, Stockwell Road

Spencer's Illustrated Leicester Almanack Charles, Langley Priory 1880
Kelly's Directory of Leicester & Rutland Charles - Landowner

Charles - Lord of the Manor

Charles - Principal Landowner

Inscriptions in St Mary & St Hardulph Church

James - Bootmaker

William Carey Shakespear - Farmer

William Carey Shakespear - Farmer, and James Shakespear - Bootmaker

Kelly's Directory of Kent Col John Shakespear Lowe

John Henry Shakespear - Solicitor

William Shakespear, Beckenham

Kelly's Directory of Essex Col John Davenport Shakespear 1882
Wright's Directory of Leicester Charles, Langley Priory 1887-8
Kelly's Directory of Durham J Shakespear - Quartermaster 1890
Kelly's Directory of Kent, Surrey & Sussex, pt ii Mrs Shakespear, Hastings 1891
Kelly's Directory of Warwickshire Mary - Shopkeeper, Newton Regis

Thomas, Kenilworth

Kelly's Directory of Hampshire & the Isle of Wight Mrs Shakespear, Worsley Lodge

Mrs Shakespear, Yarborough Road

Wright's Directory of Leicester & Rutland C B Shakespear - Warden, St Michaels Church

Samuel H & Arthur James Shakespear - Cycle Repairers

G H Shakespear

Hincks & Shakespear - Auctioneers


Kelly's Directory of Leicester John - Auctioneer, and Samuel Henry - Cycle Maker

John - Auctioneer

Samuel Henry - Cycle Maker

John, Evington Road

Eastern Counties of England Hinks, Shakespear & Lawrence - Auctioneers

Hinks, Shakespear & Lawrence - Estate Agents

Kelly's Directory of Staffordshire H P J Shakespear - Gardener

James Shakespear, Pensnett - Grocer

Elizabeth Shakespear, West Bromwich - Shopkeeper

Kelly's Directory of Leicester & Rutland Charles Bowles Shakespear - Lord of the Manor

Charles Bowles Shakespear - Principal Landowner

George Hubert Shakespear

William Shakespear - Beer Retailer, Ashby Woulds

J Shakespear - Warden, St Lukes Church

John Shakespear, Sandown Road

John Shakespear, Clarendon Park Road

John Shakespear - FAI

Inscriptions in the Church of St Mary & St Hardulph

William Shakespear - Beer Retailer, Church Gresley


Kelly's Directory of Wiltshire Miss Shakespear, Dilton

Miss Shakespear, Westbury

Kelly's Directory of Staffordshire Adam Shakespear

Horace Percy John Shakespear - Gardener

Benjamin Shakespear - Tailor, Burton On Trent

Kelly's Directory of Warwickshire E Shakespear - Shopkeeper, Coventry, and A C Shakespeare

Elizabeth, Ada, and Arthur Charles Shakespear, Coventry

William Shakespear, Sutton Coldfield

William Shakespear, Birmingham, and Erle V Shakespeare, Sutton Coldfield

Kelly's Directory of Worcestershire Eli Shakespear - Shopkeeper, Redditch

Eli Shakespear, Redditch, and Miss E Shakespeare, Woodside, Dudley

Kelly's Directory of Leicester Insciptions at Breedon On The Hill Church, and Charles Bowles Shakespear

John Shakespear FAI, and George Herbert Shakespeare

William Shakespear - Beer Retailer, Ashby Woulds

William Shakespear - Beer Retailer, Church Gresley

Kelly's Directory of Middlesex Lt Col John Shakespear

Rev Charles Henry Shakespeare

W Shakespeare, Bradley Gardens


Post Office Directory, London - Street Directory Henry Hope Shakespear - Solicitor, John Street

Henry Hope Shakespear, Brunswick Gardens

Mrs A Shakespear, Albert Hall Mansions

Post Office Directory, London - Trades & Professional Shakespear Shipping Co Ltd, Bishopsgate 1914
Post Office Directory, London - Commercial & Professional Various 1914
Post Office Directory - London, Law & Court Various 1914
Kelly's Directory of Leicestershire & Rutland Charles Bowles Shakespear JP, Lord of the Manor

Charles Bowles Shakespear JP, Landed Proprietor

Charles Bowles Shakespear, Principal Landowner

Charles Bowles Shakespear

Hannah Shakespear - Grocer, Atherstone

Hannah Shakespear - Grocer

John Shakespear, Sandown Road

John Shakespear, Advertisement

J Shakespear - Auctioneer

John Shakespear - Fire Loss Assessor

John Shakespear FAI, Granby Place

Rev Samuel Henry Shakespear


William Shakespear - Beer Retailer, Ashby Woulds

William Shakespear - Beer Retailer, Albert Village, Church Gresley, Burton On Trent

William Shakespear - Chemist & Druggist, Hinckley

William Shakespear, Hollycroft






Swadlincote, Derbyshire: Glover's Directory 1827-29

Shakespeare & Wilkinson, Coalmasters 1827-29

Swadlincote, Derbyshire: Bagshaw's Directory 1846

Shakespeare Thomas, watch and clock maker 1849


Medical Directories
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