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Index to Transcripts of Trials at

The Old Bailey

Transcripts provided by Mike Shakespeare, of Birmingham

These eighteenth century trials provide a fascinating glimpse into the social lives of our relatives over two hundred years ago. Additionally, they may provide clues to the origins of a number of Shakespeare lines in the USA and, at a later date, Australia, as a number of Shakespeares were sentenced to transportation.

A number of cases refer to members of the 'Stepney' family eg Arthur, who appears several times as a victim, and John, the Sherriff. It has not yet been determined who the other Shakespeares are.

Name Year Involvement
Arthur Shakespeare 1781 Victim
Arthur Shakespeare 1781 Victim (2)
Arthur Shakespeare 1781 Witness
Edith Shakespeare 1735 Victim
Elizabeth Shakespeare 1788 Punishment
Elizabeth Shakespeare 1788 Punishment (2)
Elizabeth Shakespeare 1788 Theft
Elizabeth Shakespeare 1788 Theft (2)
Francis Shakespeare 1775 Witness
George Shakespeare 1753 Victim
George Shakespeare 1767 Victim
John Shakespeare 1764 Character Witness
John Shakespeare 1766 Victim
John Shakespeare 1769 Sheriff
John Shakespeare 1776 Coachman
Sarah Shakespeare als Bird 1730 Theft
Thomas Shakespeare 1750 Punishment
Thomas Shakespeare 1750 Theft
William Shakespeare 1758 Receiver
William Shakespeare 1760 Employer
William Shakespeare 1762 Theft
William Shakespeare 1766 Punishment
William Shakespeare 1766 Theft
William Shakespeare 1784 Victim