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William Shakespeare - A Study of The Facts & Problems

E K Chambers

Two sections of this book are of great interest, and very useful to, Shakespeare genealogists. Chambers cites work by a number of other writers - including J W Rylands 'Records 0f Wroxall' and 'Records of Rowington', and Charlotte Stopes' 'Shakespeare's Family' - and, importantly gives his sources.

The two important sections are:

Appendix A : Records - includes a 'Family Tree' connecting the Wroxall and Rowington families. For convenience this is broken down into sections:


  [Page 52 onwards (including Section VII - Shakespeare's Interests In The Globe And Blackfriars) are not included here.]


Appendix E - a large number of references to the surname, not only in Warwickshire, but all over the British Isles. Includes information on the very earliest Shakespeares in Warwickshire
August 2004