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London City Apprenticeships Abstracts (1442-1850)
Shakespeare, Edward, son of Ralph, Isleworth, London/Middlesex, waterman, to Samuel Maidman, 6 Sep 1687, Cutlers' Company
Shakespear John, son of Humphrey, Lapworth, Warwickshire, yeoman, to John Broster, 25 Mar 1691, Basketmakers' Company
Shakespeer Benjamin, son of Benjamin, Tamworth, Warwickshire, labourer, to Joseph Helden, 3 Mar 1696/7, Painters' Company
Edwards David, son of William, London, tidewaiter, to Edward Shakespeare, 20 Feb 1700/1, Turners' Company
Sutton John, son of John, Wargrave, Berkshire, husbandman, to Benjamin Shakespear, 7 Nov 1705, Painters' Company
Rockett William, son of William, Shadwell, Middlesex, cordwainer, to Jonathan Shakespeare Robert Miles agreed to clothe appr. during term, 25 Feb 1706/7, Broderers' Company
Curtis William, son of Francis, Shadwell, Middlesex, ballastman, to Jonathan Shakespeare, 24 Mar 1708/9, Broderers' Company
Beckett John, son of Samuel, citizen and merchant tailor, to Jonathan Shakespeare, 6 Jun 1711, Broderers' Company
Biby James, son of Ferdinand, Halsall, Lancashire, gent., to Jonathan Shakespeare, 20 Mar 1710/1, Broderers' Company
Anderson Francis, son of Francis, Stepney, Middlesex, labourer, to Jonathan Shakespeare, 5 Mar 1711/2, Broderers' Company
Grimshaw William, son of John, Ratcliffe, Middlesex, labourer, to Jonathan Shakespeare, 7 May 1712, Broderers' Company
Radford Benjamin, son of John, Tamworth, Warwickshire, husbandman, to Benjamin Shakespear, 2 Jul 1712, Painters' Company
Bastock John, son of Richard, Chesterton, Warwickshire, to Walter Shakespeare, 3 May 1723, Woolmen's Company
Arthur Nicholas, son of Richard, Whitechapel, Middlesex, oarmaker, to John Shakespear, 13 Jun 1727, Loriner's Company
Shakespear John, son of John, Hadleigh, Essex, husbandman, to Robert Wilkinson, 1 May 1760, Poulters' Company
Shakespear John, son of Henry Mun, Shoreditch, Middlesex, brasier, to Ann widow of Jonathan Adams, 18 Nov 1757 turned over to Jonathan Leventhorpe, 28 Feb 1763, Horners' Company
Mattison John, son of John, Leadenhall St., London, trunkmaker, to John Humphryes, 3 Dec 1764 turned over to John Shakespear, 14 Jul 1766, Horners' Company
Shakespear Francis, son of Henry Mun, Shoreditch, Middlesex, broker, to John Shakespear, 12 May 1766, Horners' Company
Askew George, son of William, Shadwell, Middlesex, to Francis Shakespear, 14 Jan 1777, Horners' Company
Shakespear Thomas, son of Joseph, All Hallows the Great, London, (deceased), to Mary widow of Charles Lemon, 2 Aug 1786, Loriner's Company
Shackspeare Jonathan, son of John, Shadwell, Middlesex, ropemaker, to Robert Cowley, 17 May 1686, Broderers' Company

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(Source: English Origins)