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Ancestor Family Surnames
Standard Title Lowercase Names Indicates Little to No Information Known at This Time!
ALBAUGH ANGEL - ENGEL Austin Birch - Burch Bräetscher BRECHT
Breininger Burkholder Carter Carver-Garber CARY-CAREY Cheldon
FOREMAN Flockerth Fuhrman Groff Hamilton HECKMAN
LANDIS Longenfeldt Matte Mountz Meyer Naas
Schneer Schollenberger SCHNEIDER-SNYDER Springer Shook SWANK
Weidman Winder Wooley ZEIGLER Zimmerman ZUMBRUN

My Follis Family web site is organized as my online reference highlighting known families using online resources as I find them and most limiting is finding time to learn how best to do so!

A 9th generation FOLLIS descendant living in Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana, my FOLLIS ancestors have been in the United States of America since before 1731 first found in New Jersey. My earliest ancestors arrived in 1630's New England and my last family the Schneider's in 1880. Living among Quakers and Scots-Irish our Follis' assumed heritage, it is partially supported by my 2009 yDNA tests matching a Follis currently living in Dublin, Ireland whose family tradition is also Scots-Irish. Descendant's of George Fallis of Stafford County, Virginia, a son of my 1731 Thomas Follis and brother to my Jacob Fallis, were Quaker's in Colonial Virginia and remained Quaker's well into the 1960's living in Washington state.

THIS SITE IS SLOWLY BEING UPDATED SO PLEASE EXCUSE CHANGING LAYOUTS, BROKEN LINKS, OR OTHER POSSIBLE PROBLEMS. Join my Follis Families Facebook group for notification of new pages, updates, and more. There is an explosion of new information online, so it is a never ending challenge to locate and maintain constantly moving sites and pages. Borrowed from Dick Eastman: "Having problems reading this site in Internet Explorer 8? That's because IE8 has a compatibility problem. To fix it, click on IE8's Compatibility Mode icon or else read Eastman's article or upgrade to Internet Explorer version 9 beta 1 or switch to a real web browser, such as: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Opera."

I became curious about my FOLLIS family history in 1993 a few years after my father died. The Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana, is the largest public Genealogy Center in the United States with a new web site. Librarian John Beatty narrates a YouTube video on their massive collection which covers half the second floor of the 2007 remodeled library. I photocopy anything and everything I find on my families, then digitize most of it. I have visited most courthouses, libraries and hundreds of cemeteries in the counties where my ancestors and their siblings lived here in Indiana and Ohio. I am always looking for additions and corrections to my information, although only a small portion appears on this web site.

Inspiration: The Dash Movie Genealogy Poems: We Are The Chosen Discoveries of Last 100 Years by Other Researchers
To Bathe or Not to Bathe: Coming Clean in Colonial America - Colonial Williamsburg magazine The Debunk House - debunk historic food myths and more! Common Myths From History Exploded
Pocono Manor Ice Harvest in 1919 how the old timers made ice!

Genealogy research is never complete, important details might be missing, and often contains errors, so let me know if your research contradicts mine. My Indiana and Ohio family research comes from conversations with relatives, scrapbooks, library research, online records, visits to courthouses, final resting places on family farms and cemeteries. Families in other states rely mostly on the research of others. Links to other web sites often change then won't work, so if you find broken links, have additional information on any families, corrections, photos, or anything to add to the history of our families, please leave a Comment in my Guest book, join my Follis Families on Facebook page for updates and new discoveries, or send an Email. The Wayback Machine archives most old web pages so copy and paste the broken URL address to find the missing 404 pages that disappeared. Read Dick Eastman's newsletter on using Unverified Data from the internet. This web site is designed to work with JavaScript and the latest browsers. If you experience display problems you may need to update your browser.