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Both Confederate and Union Troops sang the song "When Johnny Comes Marching Home".

We've all heard the stories about brothers fighting brothers, fathers, uncles and cousins in the Civil War. Unfortunately, a lot of public records were also destroyed. One researcher says 2/3'rds of the pre-war Stafford County, Virginia land records were lost in the Civil War.I have found several possibilities in this list of FALLIS - FOLLIS names of Civil War Veterans found on microfilm rolls at the Allen County Public Library. Their distribution shows the FALLIS-FOLLIS families were not found in every state, rather clustered where the known families migrated as well as a few surprising states. Found in eighteen of the 33 states and 8 territories including Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Texas. The states of Kentucky, Tennessee and Missouri supported both sides of the war as shown below. Invalid refers to their medical condition.

Two cousins Lewis Fallis and Jackson Helton were Indian scouts on opposite sides in the Civil War and would set across the porch and glare at each other when their families visited.

I have another page for non-FOLLIS Ancestors and Relatives in the Civil War. no longer online?

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The Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana is looking for any military records and photos to share on their Genealogy Center Our Military Heritage web site. If you have material to share as well as provide a backup copy so you don't lose irreplaceable historical materials contact Curt Witcher the manager of the Genealogy Center.

From EWise

Union Soldiers

Names in green are FOLLIS/FALLIS soldiers found in my files.

From EWise

FALLIS Union Soldiers roll 147

  • Amos L., Co 4 139 Indiana Infantry, widow Sarah E. by FALLIS Watt L. next friend August 16, 1920 Indiana, this is Watt L. FALLIS' parents the Quaker from Washington state who wrote a Fallis family tree in 1960 available on LDS microfilm. A distant FALLIS cousin through John FALLIS and Mary ANTRAM of the George and Mary FALLIS line of Stafford County, Virginia.
  • Charles E., Co 3 enlisted Missouri Militia, 34 Missouri Infantry, December 13, 1924 invalid, Arizona
  • David A., mother Catherine FALLIS, A 3rd Indiana Cavalry, October 18,1886 mother app 345929 cert # 237135 filed Indiana, mother Catherine MIX father George of FALLIS Cemetery Switzerland County, Indiana, great-grandson of Susannah MARTIN and Isaac FALLIS of Missouri whose other descendants were fighting for the Confederacy! This regiment was at the surrender of General Lee at Appomattox!
  • Edwin H. widow Annie H., F 137 Ohio Infantry, November 7, 1898 Colorado, Clinton County, Ohio descendant of George and Mary FALLIS of Virginia
  • Enoch M., B 16 U.S. Infantry
  • George W., minor George W. I 117 and I 140 Indiana Infantry, April 20, 1889 Indiana, probably the brother of David A. FALLIS
  • Henry F., I 1 Ohio Infantry, January 2, 1929 invalid Ohio
  • Henry M, widow Annie M, D 10 Indiana Cavalry, April 7, 1888 invalid Kansas, November 2, 1888 widow Indiana, another brother of David A. FALLIS
  • Isaac L., widow Mattie A., D 88 Ohio Infantry, October 6, 1922
  • Jacob, widow Hannah, Corporal H 53 Indiana Infantry, September 24, 1915 Indiana invalid, probably of Shelby County, widow Hannah COLLINS unconnected cousin from Ohio
  • Jacob, widow Matilda, E 140 New York Infantry, May 8, 1900 widow New York
  • Jacob R., widow Ida M., E 154 Indiana E 29 Infantry, 1893 Texas, June 29, 1923 widow California
  • James S., widow Mary S., H 69 and 52 Ohio Infantry February 24, 1899 widow Indiana probable cousin and brother of Daniel James FALLIS
  • John, widow Susan H., Lieutenant A 61 Illinois Cavalry
  • John M., 9 Kentucky Cavalry, October 14, 1899 invalid New York
  • John M., C 34 Iowa Infantry
  • John R., widow Annie T., E 2 Kentucky Infantry, August 31, 1929 widow Kentucky
  • John W., widow Fannie C., H 73 Indiana Infantry, December 15, 1923, widow Utah
  • Leroy S., Mary P., A 8 Indiana Cavalry, A 39 Indiana Infantry, November 16, 1908 widow California, son of Mary McREYNOLDS and Jacob FALLIS of Peru, Miami County, Indiana. Possible descendant of Jacob FALLIS and Elizabeth YOUNG of Greene County, Ohio.
  • Robert, F4 Kentucky Cavalry
  • Samuel C., widow Sarah B., E and G 18 Kentucky Infantry, January 4, 1909 widow Kentucky
  • William, widow Martha J., H 46 Indiana Infantry, February 16, 1907, widow Arkansas
  • William, widow Elmira, G 6 Missouri SM Cavalry, May 31, 1912 widow Kansas
  • William H. H. widow Melissa, F 16 Indiana Infantry, October 1, 1927, widow Nebraska, the son of Isaac FALLIS Jr. of Greene County, Ohio, brother to my Jacob FOLLIS line.

Other Sources

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FOLLIS Union Soldiers roll 157

  • Alexander, widow Rebecca, K 116 Illinois Infantry, son of Jeremiah, possible descendant of Elizabeth YOUNG and Jacob FALLIS of Greene County, Ohio
  • Arthur M., D 160 Indiana Infantry, March 24, 1905, invalid Indiana
  • Charles, Laura E, G 34 Michigan Infantry, Captain U.S. Infantry, Second Lieutenant 33 Michigan Infantry BD, Captain I 125, U.S. Infantry, (WIH?), March 12, 1928 widow Michigan
  • Cornelius, widow Margaret, 1 Connecticut H.A., May 7, 1887 widow Connecticut
  • Edward, mother Elizabeth, Unassd 69 New York Infantry, January 10, 1898 mother California
  • Francis A., B Bradford's Battalion Tennessee Cavalry, June 17, 1912 Tennessee
  • Henry, minor Maggie (helpless) A 102 Illinois Infantry, June 27, 1896 Arkansas minor
  • Isaac E. Company F 153 Indiana Infantry, January 19, 1888 invalid Indiana, son of Catherine EIKENBERRY and Thomas Jefferson FOLLIS, was an invalid due to measles caught during the war and did get his pension of $12 to $90 a month
  • Isaac Kingery FOLLIS Company E 63 Ohio Infantry, May 12, 1880, invalid, brother of my Thomas Jefferson FOLLIS, (uncle of Thomas' son Isaac E. above), both sons of Hannah KINGERY of Wabash County, Indiana and Jacob FOLLIS of Greene County, Ohio. See Isaac's descendant Joe SIMS web site with Isaac and son Tommy's photographs and 1862 letters from the Civil War. The June 9, 1862 letter mentions leaving half a sheet of paper as paper was in short supply in olden days and is why paper documents are sometimes difficult to find. I was curious about the May 25, 1862 letter stationary with "The Soldier's Dream". It is by Thomas Campbell 1777-1844. has it as #452 English Poetry from the Harvard Classics 1909-14.
  • John, widow Jane, C I Connecticut H A, December 18, 1908 widow Massachusetts
  • Justin, widow Constance, G 84 U.S.C. Infantry
  • Levi V., K 116 Illinois Infantry, September 7, 1881, invalid Illinois, brother of Alexander
  • Patrick W., L 14 U.S. Infantry, February 14, 1877 invalid
  • Samuel H., D 32 Illinois Infantry, August 25, 1890 invalid Illinois, probable brother to Alexander and Levi. V.
  • Thomas J., 173 Ohio Infantry, November 23, 1872 invalid, cousin of Isaac E. son of Isaac K.
  • William, B 104 Pennsylvania Infantry, January 14, 1897 invalid Pennsylvania
  • William J., 243 Harrison St. Brooklyn, New York

Elihu Fallis (likely listed in records as Tallis) my 3rd cousin 4 times removed, son of Hannah Dillon and Jonathan Fallis, from Cincinatti, Hamilton County, Ohio. I received an email March 24, 2011 about Civil War and other photos of Elihu, his son Edward (Edwin Hume) and daughter Bella (Isabelle F. Smith). Elihu is bured in Spring Grove Cemetery, in Section 35 Lot 141, with son Edwin and daughter Belle F Smith, Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio. Elihu married Eliza Jane Hume daughter of Robert Hume of Madison County, Ohio.

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From EWise

Confederate Soldiers

Names in green are FOLLIS/FALLIS soldiers found in my files.

From EWise

FALLIS Confederate Soldiers roll 149

  • Alexander L., Co A 11, Battalion Georgia Artillery (Sumter Artillery) Private
  • D, Co C 9 (Young's) Texas Infantry (Maxey's Regiment 8 Texas Regiment), Private also Daniel Faless
  • E.G., Co A 1 Missouri Cavalry, Private
  • Edward, Co E 1 Maryland Infantry, Private
  • Edward, Co E 2 Battalion Maryland Infantry, Private
  • Enoch C., Co B 3 Missouri Infantry, Private - this is William Stuart FALLIS' uncle a distant cousin
  • Flourney C., Co A 4 Kentucky Cavalry, Private - of Fallis, Henry County, Kentucky family a distant cousin
  • George C., Co CD 14 Kentucky Cavalry, Private
  • George C., Murphy's Morgan's Men Kentucky, Private, see also 14 Kentucky Cavalry
  • Jesse B., Co A 4 Kentucky Cavalry, Sergeant
  • J. N., Co H 30 Texas Cavalry, Private, see also FALLIS, J.W.
  • J. S., Co A 47 Alabama Infantry, Private, originally filed John S. FALIN
  • J. W., Co H Texas Cavalry, Private
  • Licurgis, Co I 14 (McCarver's) Arkansas Infantry, Private
  • Lycurgus, Co D 38 Arkansas Infantry, Private
  • Marlin P., Co B 3 Missouri Infantry, Private, originally filed FALLIS, M. P.
  • M. P., Co B 3 Missouri Infantry, Private, see also 2 Regiment Missouri, Sergeant
  • Richard, Co B Missouri Infantry, Private, see also 2 Regiment Missouri, Sergeant
  • Richard D., Co C(?) 10 Missouri Cavalry, Second Lieutenant, First Lieutenant
  • Richard D., Co B 3 Missouri Infantry, Private, see also 2 Regiment Missouri, Sergeant descendant of Isaac FALLIS and Susanna MARTIN
  • Rofena, Co K, 7 Florida Infantry, Private
  • William L,, Co A-B 11 Battalion Georgia Artillery (Sumter Artillery), Private
  • Wm M., Co D 30 Arkansas Infantry, see also William FALLIS
  • W. R., Captain Woodson's Co Missouri Cavalry, original filed FALLICE, W. R. - this is the father of William Stuart FALLIS who wrote the Partial Record of the Fallis Family in America a distant cousin.
  • William R., Co A 1 Maryland Cavalry, Private, Sergeant
  • William R., Co D 30 Arkansas Infantry, Private, Corporal
  • FALLICE, W. R., Captain Woodson's Co Missouri Cavalry, Sergeant

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FOLLIS Confederate Soldiers roll 158

  • George, Co F 15, Docey's, Arkansas Infantry, Private
  • Hugh, Co I 20, Alabama Infantry, Private (Hollis Huc M originally filed)
  • J.M., Co G 32, Mississippi, Infantry, Private - see also John M. 26 Miss Infantry
  • M.H., Co H 14, Texas Infantry, Private
  • M.H., Co F 20, Texas Infantry, Private
  • R. M., Co E 11, (Holman's), Tennessee Cavalry, Private
  • R. M., Co C, Holman's Battalion Partisan Rangers Tennessee, Private
  • Robert M., Co E 11 (Holman's) Tennessee Calvary, Private, original filed as R. M.
  • Stephen, Co D 22, Mississippi Infantry, Private
  • William, Co F 28, Texas Cavalry Randal's Regiment 1 Texas Lancers, blacksmith, Private
  • William J., Co C 1 (McCulloch's) Texas Cavalry (1 Texas Mounted Rifles) original filed as Wm J Follies
  • William J., Co 8 8(Taylor's) Battalion Texas Cavalry (Taylor's Battalion Mounted Rifles) Texas Calvary, Private
  • FOLLIES, William J., Co C 1 (McCulloch's) Texas Cavalry (1 Texas Mounted Rifleman)subsequently formed part of 8(Taylor's) Battalion Texas Cavalry, Private

Additional Information

  1. Headstones Provided for Union Civil War Veterans, ca. 1879-ca. 1903 at the Military Records of The National Archives discusses the 22 roles of microfilm of 166,000 cards of headstone contracts for deceased Union veterans of the U.S. Civil War. Includes a few War of 1812 veterans and at least one Revolutionary War veteran.
  2. The Record - March 1998 a related publication to above headstone records at The National Archives.
  3. United States Records of Headstones of Deceased Union Veterans, 1879-1903 at


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