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In a 1997 Fort Wayne, Indiana newspaper obituary, Fallis N. Aldridge born in Trimble County, Kentucky passed away. His son also named Fallis Aldridge did not know of any connection with any FALLIS family. Probably a connection with the town of Fallis, Henry County, Kentucky. George Fallis Aldridge of Henry County, Kentucky died in 1950 according to his family history in the book Henry County Families and is most likely related to these Fallis Aldridge's. Additional May 8, 2002 posting and May 9, 2002 posting. Their family can be seen in this photo

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Here are family members with "Fallis" as a given name provided by Johanna FALLIS:

  • Fallis Davis, born ca 1899, son of James W. and Mattie Davis. James W. Davis is son of James Davis and Julia A. Fallis who is the daughter of Stuart White Fallis and Emerine Stratton.
  • Fallis McGill, born 28 Sep 1895, son of J.C. McGill and Lutie Tom Fallis who is daughter of Richard David Fallis and Sarah Moody.
  • Fallis Arch Beall, born 30 Dec 1932, Lincoln Co. OK, son of Brutus Beall and Edra Fallis, who is daughter of Orvie Newton Fallis and Rosa Nickerson.
  • There are several FALLIS first name and last name persons buried in Bedford, Kentucky.
  • Fallis Eldridge mentioned in his brother's obituary: "ELDRIDGE, Reuben, 63, Indiana died 23 Feb 1933, buried IOOF Bedford, married 1891 to MISS MARY ROBERTSON, who survives with 7 children, Mrs. Bertha Drury, Mrs. Eva Vest, Bryan, Ernest, Elvin, A. D., and Lloyd Eldridge, 3 brothers living, Ike, Dick and Fallis Eldridge."
  • Fallis "Fall" MAHONEY, "94, Lexington, KY died 12 Dec 1948, buried there by wife. Born and reared in Trimble Co. on the farm now owned by Sam McKinney. He later moved to Bedford, taught in county schools a number of years, later he served as School Superintendent. His wife the former HALLIE PEAK, a sister of Howard and the late Judge R. F. Peak, died several years ago."
  • Fallis Jane Radcliffe, b. ca 1900, granddaughter of Charles C. Radcliffe and Edna Bullard., great-granddaughter of John Bullard and Sarah Simmons Fallis who is daughter of Dr. George Fallis and Edna Simmons.
  • Fallis Vernon Bucky of Jefferson County, Kentucky, a republican representative in the Kentucky House of Representatives, still living in 1967.
  • All of the above are connected to FALLIS families in Oklahoma and Texas.
  • Fallis B Watkins Sr.of Dupo, Illinois, son of  Francis B "Frank" Watkins and Nancy Isabell Fallis. Isabell Fallis is from the Isaac FALLIS and Susanna MARTIN line of St. Charles, Missouri. (Thanks to cousin Sandra Willoughby)
  • Fallis B Watkins Jr. son of Fallis Sr. of Dupo, Illinois. (Thanks to cousin Sandra Willoughby)

Unknown is Fallis E. Ward who wrote a manuscript "The status of salaries of Indiana high-school principals for the year 1932-33".


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