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Did you know the first black professional football player Charles Follis was born in Virginia? My Follis families lived in Colonial Virginia. Have you tested your yDNA? Join our Follis DNA Project if you have tested, or get a discount price joining through a project before you test your Follis yDNA.

In 1995 I called all of the less than a dozen FOLLIS names in the Indianapolis, Indiana phone book. I did not find how we are related to any of them at that time. I believe some of their families may have come from Kentucky and some had been in Indiana for a while so may connect to my line from Ohio. One family was obviously African-American. In one conversation someone had talked to Lewis FOLLIS in the 1970's and recalled Lewis said he was a slave descendant of FOLLIS' of Louisiana. I suspect they meant Isaac FALLIS and Susannah MARTIN's line in St. Charles County, Missouri which was a part of the Louisiana Purchase April 30, 1803. This is my first instance of a descendant of this FALLIS line using FOLLIS rather than FALLIS. Isaac, who died before April 3, 1806, had at least a 1,000 acres of land so probably used slaves in running his large farm. I've read his burial site was washed away by Mississippi River flooding. Missouri was a border state during the Civil War mostly supporting the South and Slavery. Two FALLIS names have been found on the Union side from Missouri.

In the Highland County, Ohio Register of Blacks 1827-1859 page 69: "Highland County, Ohio. Hissborough August 23, 1859. Martha FOWLIS now the widow MITCHELL and sister-in-law of Biddy FOWLIS the mother of Mary HUGHES wife of John HUGHES who applies for free papers says that Biddy FOWLIS who was the wife of her brother, Winston FOWLIS were both at the time and prior to their marriage in the possession of their freedom and that Mary FOWLIS, daughter of Winston and Biddy FOWLIS, now wife of John HUGHES was born a free child of free parents in Halifax, County, Virginia. (Signed) Martha (her mark) MITCHELL. Wit: Jn. (mark) HUGHES, J.W. TUCKER. Recorded (not given). (111)" I have seen Halifax County, Virginia mentioned in different FALLIS-FOLLIS family records, but do not know which FALLIS-FOLLIS family was there. Biddy Freemond married Winston Fowles March 25, 1822 in Halifax County, Virginia.

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Where do these FOLLIS' fit into the FALLIS-FOLLIS Family Tree?

Census Records

  • 1880 Wooster, Wayne County, Ohio Benjamin Fallis born Virginia - Black, spouse Jane, child Curtis
  • 1920 Chester, Pennsylvania John Fallis - born Virginia - Black, spouse Estell, children: Cathrine, Iomma, Hanford
  • 1920 Isle of Wright, Virginia Mark Fallis - born North Carolina - Black, spouse Isabell
  • 1920 Norfolk, Virginia William Fallis born North Carolina - Mulatto, spouse Carrie, children: Bessie, Alice, William


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