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Report of the Nominating Committee  

Officers for 2005:
President -                               Tommy Palmer
Vice President -                       Michael Cammack
Secretary-Treasurer-                Troy Crump
Executive Committeemen-       Robert Giesecke
                                               James Cammack
  Jack Taylor

Our chapter donated to the S.F. Austin statue project which is almost complete. Just a few finishing touches. The dedication ceremony is planned for Nov. 3rd. See the project.

Some up coming events that our chapter have been asked to participate in. 
Old Town Brazoria March 4th. 2006.

Current Chapter Newsletter. (Here)

Membership Directory for 2005. If you would like a copy,  please e-mail Dr. Pugh.

Here is a little story that was going around on the net awhile back. I thought it was very interesting and as well as being true. Says a lot about our heritage. Story..

At the meeting on Feb. 17th, we had a visitor, Tom Green, who had a very nice, simple name tag. I liked the idea and have designed them for our chapter. For those interested, I will make you one for a donation of $1 to help defray my cost for materials. Here's an sample:   Badge..

From now until Labor Day 2005, the San Jacinto Museum will be hosting: "Texas Originals Tells the Texas Story From Indians to Alamo to Cowboys to Oil". Several special events are scheduled through the end of the year that will be of interest to history buffs.  

The pledge of allegiance to the Texas state flag:
   "Honor the Texas flag; I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas, one and indivisible."

Remember to fly your Texas flag on these honor/memorial days:
March 2 Texas Independence Day
April 21 San Jacinto Day
Sept. 17 Texian Navy Day
Sept. 29 French Legation Day
Oct. 2 Gonzales Day
Nov. 3 Stephen F. Austin Birthday
Dec. 20 First Flag of Texas Independence Day

A word on proper flag etiquette.

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