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Self Family Newsletter Cemetery Project

Self Family Newsletter


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Spring Cemetery, Hugo, Choctaw Co., OK

WmCSelf.jpg (88622 bytes)
William Carroll Self 
(23 June, 1843 - 8 Jan, 1913)    Contributed by Jami Hamilton, this is her 2nd great grandfather.

Sarah Jane Spring Self, daughter of Levi Spring and Sophia Boatman. Wife of Albert "Doss" Self. Great grandmother of Jami Hamilton. Photo contributed by Ron Henson.


Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Hugo, Choctaw Co., OK
All photos are generously contributed by Ron Henson.
Please visit his site for more Choctaw County Oklahoma Grave Photos contributed by The Headstone Hunters

Otty O. Selph and Frances M. Selph. I believe this is Osward "Otty" Selph son of Francis M. Selph and Candace Eola Council. He married Frances May Nail (daughter of John W. Nail and Lizzie Brown) I am interested in their children's names:  

Ammie Selph

Bert Selph

Oakes - Selph plot. 

William Lee Self, son of Albert "Doss" Self and Sarah Jane Spring Self. William Lee married Audrey Boyd?.

Gerald Lee Self, son of Gerald Lee Self and Audrey Boyd?

William Ollie Self and his wife Moseada Otona Clark.
William Ollie was the son of Thomas Sloan Self and Annie Maude Usray.

Thomas "Dean" Self and his wife Donna. Thomas is the son of William Ollie Self.

William Ross Self and wife Barbara. William is the son of above, William Ollie Self.

Stanley Clark Self and Nettie Lou "Midge" Payte. Stanley is the son of William Ollie Self.

Thomas Ross Self and his wife Nadine Clark. Thomas is the son of Thomas Sloan Self and Annie Maude Usray.

William Pinkney "Willie" Self and his wife Esther. He is the son of Thomas Sloan Self and Annie Maude Usray.

James Usray Self, son of William Ollie Self and Moseada Otona Clark. Born May 4, 1920, died Aug. 27, 1974.


More Photos from Mount Olivet Cemetery, Hugo, Choctaw Co., OK. Photos contributed by JoLynn Self

JamesUsraySelf.jpg (74456 bytes)
James Usray Self

MaryAnnSelfHintonMontgomery.jpg (47364 bytes)
Mary Ann Self Hinton Montgomery, born Sept. 12, 1925, died Mar. 8, 1997. Daughter of William Ollie and Moseada Clark Self.

MattieJSelf.jpg (33698 bytes)
Mattie J. Self, born Oct. 3, 1887, died Aug. 2, 1970. 

Nettie&StanleySelf.jpg (51493 bytes)
Nettie Lou "Midge" Payte Self, born Oct. 21, 1933, died Mar 16, 1998, wife of Stanley Clark Self Sr.

TommieMSelf&JamesRussellSelf.jpg (63752 bytes)
Tommie M. Self and James Russell Self. Not sure who these are.

William&BarbaraSelf.jpg (64093 bytes)
William Ross Self, born May 30, 1929, died Mar. 6, 1983.
 Barbara B. Self, born Oct. 8, 1939, died July 7, 1983.

William&EstherSelf.jpg (70435 bytes)
William Pinkney Self, born July 9, 1891, died Mar. 4, 1987.

William&MoseadaSelf.jpg (43768 bytes)
William Ollie Self, born Dec. 25, 1895, died Sept. 20, 1972.
Moseada O. Clark Self, born Feb. 1, 1900, died Jan. 30, 1987.

Restland Cemetery, Boswell, Choctaw Co., OK
Photos submitted by Leroy and June Hurd

JohnHenrySelf.jpg (50628 bytes)
John Henry Self (1869-1909) Son of George Washington Self and Josephine C. Williams Self 
Restland Cemetery, Boswell, Choctaw County, Oklahoma.

GeoWashSelf.jpg (94073 bytes)
George Washington Self (4 Aug 1838-19 Mar 1923) and wife Josephine C. Williams Self.
George Washington Self was the son of Abraham Pinckney Self.

AnnaJaySelf.jpg (115252 bytes)
Anna Jay Self born July 29, 1935, died July 15, 1951. Anna is buried in Restland Cemetery in the area that George Washington Self, Josephine his wife and John Henry Self. If anyone knows the relationship between Anna Jay Self and those she's buried near, please email Leroy & June Hurd.



JamesAlfredSelf.jpg (104737 bytes)
James Alfred Self.
 He was born 27-Aug-1871,Many,Sabine,La. 
Died 3-May-1946,Bristow,Creek, Ok
Buried at Sunrise Cemetery in Kellyville, Ok
James Alfred was the son of Eli Alfred Self and Martha Ann Lester.
Eli being the son of John Self and Catherine Berryhill.
Photo contributed by Micheal Roam 


Rattan Cemetery, Rattan, Pushmataha Co., OK
Photos contributed by JoLynn Self

Charlie&ErieSelf.jpg (72962 bytes)
Charley Elmer Self, born July 14, 1879, died Sept. 27, 1959
Erie Etta Byrd Self, born May 29, 1888, died Feb. 17, 1964.

JohnCary&DoraSelf.jpg (45914 bytes)
John Cary Self, born Sept. 16, 1921, died Oct. 26, 1985.
Son of Charles Elmer & Erie Self. 

SamD&FloySelf.jpg (55927 bytes)
Sam D. Self, born Nov. 11, 1903, died Aug.22, 1974.
Floy E. Coffelt Self, born Aug. 9, 1909, died Dec. 19, 1969.

SESelf.jpg (46665 bytes)
Sam E. Self, born Aug. 11, 1925, died Sept. 11, 1975. 
Son of Charles Elmer & Erie Self.

BeulahSelfThurman.2.jpg (67796 bytes)
Beulah Mae Self Thurman, born Feb 12, 1928, died Feb. 25, 1974.
Daughter of Charles Elmer and Erie Self

Melvin&BeulahThurman.jpg (55352 bytes)
Melvin R. Thurman, born Nov. 18, 1920, died Sept. 19, 1986, husband of Beulah Mae Self.

WilliamCarlSelf.jpg (50873 bytes)
William Carl "Bitt" Self, born Dec.1, 1912, died Dec. 7, 1990.
Son of Charles Elmer and Erie Self.


The following photos were submitted by Rita Harwell Helwig.
Cemetery: Twin Mounds Pioneer Cemetery, north of Mounds, Creek Co., OK

JohnBSelf.jpg (94727 bytes)
John B. Self born July 11, 1826, died Feb 14, 1905. John was the son of Baxter Self and Susanna Berryhill Self.

ElizWelchSelf.jpg (93142 bytes)
Elizabeth (Mary) Welch Self born Nov. 4, 1833, died Jan 25, 1910. She was the daughter of James Welch and wife of John B. Self.

JohnElizSelf.jpg (65395 bytes)
Photo of John B. Self & Elizabeth Welch Self.

WmBaxtSelf.jpg (89570 bytes)
William Baxter "Buck" Self born Dec. 9, 1822, died Jan 9, 1904. Son of Baxter Self and Susanna Berryhill. He is buried in the J. B. Reynolds Cemetery, Mounds, Creek Co., OK

MidTSelf.jpg (46397 bytes)
Middleton T. Self born 1872, died 1935. Mid was the son of William Baxter "Buck" Self and Mary E. Boswell Self. He is buried in the J. B. Reynolds Cemetery, Mounds, Creek Co., OK.

BuckSelf.jpg (86743 bytes)
Buck Self (William Baxter Self) born Nov. 10, 1891, died April 2, 1943. Son of Benjamin Hawkins Self. Buried J. B. Reynolds Cemetery. 

Sam&FloSelf.jpg (71070 bytes)
Samuel Clark Self born 1874, died May 24, 1995. Florence V. Yates Self born Mar 24, 1882, died Jan 1, 1954. Samuel Clark is the son of John Clark Self and America Sophronia Berryhill Self. He is buried in the J. B. Reynolds Cemetery.

IsaacJeffersonSelf.jpg (85083 bytes)
Isaac Jefferson Self, born Aug 26, 1890, died April 28, 1919.
He is buried in the J. B. Reynolds Cemetery, Mounds, Creek Co., OK. Cousin Rita would like to know who Isaac Jefferson Self was the son of.


The following photos were submitted by Roni Jones.
Cemetery location: Erick Cemetery, Erick, Beckham Co., OK

SFSelf.jpg (126164 bytes)
S. F. Self born May 14, 1835, died Nov. 27, 1922. 
Who is this? Email if you know.

CatherineSelf.jpg (130697 bytes)
Catherine E. Self, wife of S. F. Self. Born Dec. 6, 1842, died Feb. 26, 1919.

MFSelf.jpg (134286 bytes)
M. F. Self born Dec. 6, 1857, died Nov. 6, 1913. 

Here is a list of other Selfs buried in the Erick Cemetery.
Self, Alta 1893 1935
Self, Betty Kay 1941 1941 Metal marker 
Self, Catherine E. December 6 1842 February 26 1919 Wife of S.F. Self 
Self, Jay 1884 1930 
Self, M. F. December 6 1857 November 6 1913 
Self, Millard C. 1912 1984 TEC 5 US Army WW II 
Self, S.F. May 14 1835 November 27 1922 
Self, Sallie J. December 6 1882 July 2 1922 Wife of Sam Self 
Self, Sam F. January 23 1879 October 8 1941 
Brawley, Lena D (Self) January 14 1884 March 5 1976 


Hydro Masonic Cemetery in Hydro, Oklahoma
Photo contributed by

JesseSelfOK.jpg (15033 bytes)
Jesse Self, Oct 9, 1853-Jan 25, 1916, Gone But Not Forgotten. Jesse is the fifth son of William Self and Margaret E. Davis of KY

CarolineRoofSelfOK.jpg (30804 bytes)
Caroline Roof Self, 1860 - 1938. Wife of Jesse Self


 DorSelfUrbanOK.jpg (83791 bytes)
Dora Candace Potter married Silas Self.  She was widowed in 1924, remarried (an Albert Urban) in 1928 and died in 1930.  Mr. Urban laid her to rest next to Silas in the Pond Creek, Oklahoma cemetery.  He placed this cross marker on her grave which reads:  "Dora Self Urban, 1885-1930, Her ashes rest here but she is with God."  Silas is to the right of Dora's grave, but a stone was never laid there for him.  I have plans this year of doing that on behalf of his descendants. Photo contributed by

SilasMSelf.jpg (60033 bytes)
Silas M. Self, born Jan. 6, 1881, died Jan. 23, 1924
This new tombstone marks my great-grandfather's resting place in the Pond Creek OK cemetery, where he was buried in 1924.  Silas Milburn Self, son of Jesse and Caroline Roof Self. Photo contributed by


 EthelSelfAndersonOK.jpg (33702 bytes)
William Anderson, born May 15, 1906, died Nov. 28, 1974. Wife Ethel Leola Self Anderson, born Oct. 15, 1908, died Nov. 5, 1973. Ethel was the third child of Silas and Dora Candace Self. Buried Rosemound Cemetery in Medford OK. William changed his name during the Depression from Cecil George Mayse to William Anderson. Photo contributed by

LeolaDoloresAndersonOK.jpg (49452 bytes)
The daughters of William and Ethel Anderson:  Osburn, Cecil Leola, Oct 27, 1928-July 21, 1985, married Kenneth W. June 8, 1947.  Huffman, Dolores Ann, May 23, 1932-Feb 25, 1964, married Dale Dwight, July 12, 1952. Buried in the Rosemound Cemetery in Medford OK. Photo contributed by


Denison Cemetery, Idabel, Oklahoma
Photo contributed by Pam Johnson

DanielPearlSelfOK.jpg (4197 bytes)
Daniel Self and wife Pearl Self and of his brother
Doyle Edward Self and wife Lottie Orean Self.


Mound Valley Cemetery, Thomas OK

FrankTSelf.jpg (100546 bytes)
Frank T. Self 1909-1988, 3rd child and only son of John T. and Maude Skaggs Self. Photo contributed by David M. Self

JohnMaudSkaggsSelf.jpg (127768 bytes)
John Thomas and Maude (Skaggs) Self.  John was the eldest child of Jesse and Caroline Roof Self. Photo contributed by David M. Self

MartinBerthaSelf.jpg (76199 bytes)
Martin Richard "Dick" and Bertha Inez (Murray) Self.  Dick was the third child of Jesse and Caroline Roof Self.  Photo contributed by Candace Sheep