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September 11, 2001
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The events of September 11, 2001 will be remembered forever.  Although there were no personal losses suffered in our family, all of our Nation and most of the world share the loss of the loved ones taken on this day.  I have to stop crying and do "something".

I thank my Irish ancestors Bell, Brady, Clark, Conway, Delaney, Driscoll, Dunlary, Fair, Hines, Linane, McCarthy, McNulty, Morrisroe, Mullen, Murphy, O'Shea, Prendergast, Salmon, Tynor and Walsh, (although I have not "found" them all yet) for coming to the United States.  I know they suffered through prejudice.  One of the greatest aspects of being a citizen of the United States is free speech.  I can say, but you don't have to listen. 

I say this - Don't respond out of fear!  No revenge!  Stand United!  Not all people of Middle Eastern descent are in agreement of a few, just as not all Irishmen are drunk and lazy and all Northerners are not rude! Let this be an opportunity to not be afraid of the differences between us, but to learn about someone who is "different" than you. Whether it's another language, the color of someone's skin, their culture or religion. Take the time to ask questions, be curious...The fear will be replaced with awe. God bless the differences!  C.A. Beasley

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