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  • [S352] CA Death Index (Anc). URL:
  • [S988] FL Death Index, 1877-1998. URL:
  • [S1071] New York (Colony) and New York (State). Secretary's Office.. Names of persons for whom marriage licenses were issued by the secretary of the province of New York, previous to 1784. Albany, NY: Weed, Parsons and company, 1860. (Online at:
  • [S1752] Family file of Lake, Amybeth. Amybeth Lake. Ancestry/Rootsweb Database: ":2899856")
    File Date: 15 Jun 2004, Accessed: 27 Sep 2004 e-mail address.
  • [S1839] Orlando Sentinel, Orlando, FL (See individual footnotes for subjects and dates).
  • [S1841] Minnesota Department of Health, Comp.. Minnesota Birth Index, 1935-2002 [database online]., 2004.
  • [S1842] Duluth News-Tribune, Duluth, MN (See individual footnotes for subjects and dates).
  • [S1929] CA Births (Ancestry).
  • [S1944] Ancestry: U.S. Public Records Index.
  • [S1981] 1930 Federal Census, National Archives, T-626, Roll 196, ED 38-56, Sheet 30a, (30 Apr 1930)
          Ancestry Images Online: CAT626_196-0413
          Dwelling, 387, Family, 399, Head: McLean, Earl C.
  • [S1991] Kestenbaum, Lawrence. The Political Graveyard.
  • [S2010] Unknown author. Keesville Old Cemetery, Au Sable, Clinton County, new York.…
  • [S2013] CA Divorce (Ancestry).
  • [S2014] CA Marriage Index (Ancestry).
  • [S2021] Detroit Free Press, Detroit, MI (See individual footnotes for subjects and dates).
  • [S2026] 1930 Federal Census, National Archives, T-626, Roll 997, ED 39-24, Sheet 15B, (12 Apr 1930)
          Ancestry Images Online: MIT626_997-0672
          Dwelling, 258, Family, 302, Head: Torrence Phelps
  • [S2070] Bay Area Genealogical Society, Comp.. Brown County Gravesite Search.
  • [S2163] 1920 Federal Census, National Archives, T-625, Roll 106, ED 148, Sheet 13B&14A, (13 Jan 1920)
    Ancestry Images Online: CAT625_106-0152 & CAT625_106-0153
    Dwelling, 342, Family, 358, Head: Bess E. Cotterill.
  • [S2180] 1870 Federal Census, National Archives, M-593, Roll 1120, Page 589, (8 Jul 1870)
    Ancestry Images Online: NYM593_1120-0415 Heritage Quest: Page: 140, MDM593_584h140
    Dwelling, 426, Family, 440, Head: Austin Read
         Scroggins, J. W., 40,m,w,$0, $400, Farmer, MD
         -----, E. B. 33,f,w, Keeping House, MD
         -----, J. W., 14,m,w, MD
         -----, M. F.,12, f, w, MD
         -----, S. J., 11,f, w, MD
         -----, Kate, 9,f,w, MD
         -----, L., 8,f,w, MD
         Dixon, S. G., 14,m,w, MD
         -----, Wm. A., 8,m,w, MD…
  • [S2181] Family file of Bruce A. Sherwood, Sr.. Decendents of Daniel Sherwood of Yates Co., NY. Ancestry/Rootsweb Database: "keukakid")
    File Date: 5 may 2007, Accessed: 20 dec 2007 e-mail address.
  • [S2187] 1901 Canada Census, ,
    Ancestry Images Online: z004-z000185183
    Dwelling, 34H, Family, 34, Head: Wm Thornburn
  • [S2197], Minnesota Death Index, 1908-2002 .,, Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2001. div class=u1Original data: [FILENAME]
    Original data: State of Minnesota. Minnesota Death Index, 1908-1002 [sic]. Minneapolis, MN, USA: Minnesota Department of Health.

    This database is an index of deaths recorded by the State of Minnesota, USA, from 1908 to 2002. The index includes: name of the deceased, city and county of death, date of death, birth date, birthplace, mother's maiden name, and state file number. /div.
  • [S2284] U.S. Veterans Gravesites, ca.1775-2006. URL:
  • [S2457] 1930 Federal Census, National Archives, T-626, Roll 2562, ED 5-29, Sheet 4B, (3 Apr 1930)
          Ancestry Images Online: WIT626_2562-0571
          Dwelling, 64, Family, 72, Head: Fisk, Marion
    95. Scroggins, Charles M., Head, m,w,52,m,21, TX, AL, GA, Barber, Barber Shop
    96. -----, Annie C., Wife-H, f,w,45,m,24, TX, Sweden, TX, None
    97. -----, Charles M., Jr., Son, m,w,17,s, TX, TX, YX, None
  • [S2463] Idaho Department of Health and Welfare., Comp.. Idaho Death Index, 1911-1951 [database online].,
  • [S2486] Marshalltown Times-Republican, Marshallton, IA (See individual footnotes for subjects and dates).
  • [S2692] Fisk, Craig (unknown author e-mail), "E-mail message from Craig Fisk to John Scroggins, 29 Jun 2008." See individual footnotes for details.