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Julius Joel Fisk1

M, #36387, (28 Sep 1865 - )
Julius Joel Fisk|b. 28 Sep 1865|p36387.htm|Julius S. Fisk|b. 15 Jun 1826\nd. 9 Jan 1890|p1268.htm|Fannie C. Fisk|b. 21 Mar 1835\nd. 15 Sep 1875|p1269.htm|Samuel Fisk (Esq)|b. 16 Aug 1776\nd. 25 Jan 1858|p36416.htm|Mary 'Polly' Scott|b. 2 Jul 1785\nd. 23 Jan 1864|p36417.htm|Joel S. Fisk|b. 24 Oct 1810\nd. 27 May 1877|p36414.htm|Charlotte A. Green|b. 17 Dec 1809\nd. 5 Apr 1877|p36415.htm|

  • Birth:  28 Sep 1865, Chazy, Clinton Co, NY.3,4,5

  • Primary link: McLean-Fisk.
  • Census: 1870 Probable Son in the household of Julius Fisk, Ward 1, Fort Howard, Brown Co, WI,
    Julius: Retail Grocer; Personal property: 8000; Fanny Fisk, Henry Fisk, Annette Fisk & Katie Fisk.
  • Census: 1880 Son in the household of Julius S. Fisk, District 13, Fort Howard, Brown Co, WI.6
  • Residence:  ca. 1895.7

  • Same as:   Probably not same, ages don't match as Julius Fisk.8
  • Name Variation: Joel Fisk.
  • AFN: Ancestral File Number: 2013-1ZQ.9


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         1880: c1866, age 14, NY, Fa: VT, Mo: VT (Julius J. Fisk)
         Ancestral File and IGI say he was born in Isle La Motte, VT.
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    Subject: RE: this & that
    Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002
    Attachment: ParchmentNotes.Doc
    "Julius Joel Fisk, child of Julius S. Fisk & Fannie C. Fisk
    ·     Born in Chazy, NY, September 28, 1865.
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    Julius S. FISK Self M W W 49 VT
         Occ: Grocery Fa: CT Mo: VT
    Annette FISK Dau F S , W 21 VT
         Occ: Keeping House Fa: VT Mo: VT
    Kate FISK Dau F S W , 18 VT
         Occ: At Home Fa: VT Mo: VT
    Julius J. FISK Son M S W , 14, NY
         Occ: In Grocery, Fa: VT , Mo: VT.
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  8. [S60] E-mail:
    To "N.E.W. Research Services" <e-mail address>
    From "John M. Scroggins" <e-mail address>
    Subject Julius Joel Fisk, 1865-?
    Date: 16 Aug 2007, 8:45 am

    I'm trying to figure out what happened to Julius Joel (or Joel Julius) Fisk, my great grandmother's brother. I am also interested in copies of any documents concerning his parents or siblings that you may run across, but my focus is on J. J., who appears to have dropped off the face of the earth sometime after 1880 and before 1896.

    The family

    Father Julius S. Fisk, born 15 Jun 1826, Isle La Motte, VT; died 9 Jan 1890, Fort Howard, WI. First cousin of Joel S. Fisk. Julius sometimes spelled it Fiske.

    Mother Fannie C. (Cornelia?) Fisk, born 21 Mar 1835, Guilford, OH; died 15 Sep 1875, Isle La Motte, VT. Daughter of Joel S. Fisk; her father named a steamship for her.

    Married on Isle La Motte, VT, 3 Feb 1856. Joel S. Fisk already had interests in the Green Bay area when Fannie was born. Two of her brothers were born in OH in 1833 and 1837, siblings born in 1838 and later were apparently born in Brown County, WI. Julius, Fannie, and family were on Isle La Motte, VT, at the time of the 1860 census, and in Fort Howard, WI, for the 1870 and 1880 censuses. I have a bible with much of this information (sent separately on August 16).


    Henry Green Fisk, born 16 Jan 1857, Green Bay, WI; died 11 Jan 1914, Superior, WI; married Melvina Beardsley, 21 Aug 1878, Vulcasn, MI; apparently divorced before 1900. I have information on Henry and his family from his sister Annette's notes, from census records, and from correspondence with his descendants.

    Annette Libby Fisk, born 20 Nov 1858, Isle La Motte, VT; died 19 Aug 1940, Los Angeles, CA; Married John Howard McLean, 26 Jun 1883 at the home of her brother Henry, Quinnesec, MI. My great grandmother; left notebooks and clippings with some of the information I have (3 pages attached). My second cousin Duncan McLean has similar notes of hers, but I've never seen them.

    Kate Fisk, born 5 Jun 1861, Isle La Motte, VT; died 3 Oct 1908, Chisholm, MN (according to Annette's notes, but not in the online Minnesota death indexes); married William H. Harvey, 17 Apr 1894 at the home of her sister Annette, Iron Mountain, MI.

    Julius Joel (or Joel Julius) Fisk, born 28 Sep 1865, Chazy, NY (directly across the river from Isle La Motte, VT).

         In the family bible (sent separately on August 16)

              Birth record names him "Julius Joel Fisk"
              Marriage is not listed, even though marriages for his siblings are included
              Death is not listed

         In Annette's notes (dx-000088-bb1-17-m.jpg, dx-000088-bb2-02-m.jpg, dx-000088-bb2-03-m.jpg)

              He is shown as both "Julius Joel Fisk" and "Joel J. Fisk"
              Marriage is not listed, even though marriages and spouses names for his siblings are included in the notes)
              Death is not listed, even though deaths for Henry and Kate are included

         In the 1870 census (WIM593_1703-0564-x.jpg, sent separately on August 16) he is "Joel" age 4, born in New York.

         In the 1880 census (WIT9_1418-0414-x.jpg, sent separately on August 16) he is "Julius J." age 14, "In Grocery" born in New York (his father's occupation was lsited as "Grocery")

         In the probate papers you sent, he seems to be referred to as "Joel J."

         In the 1896 Fiske genealogy by Pierce he is "Julius Joel, b. Sept. 28, 1865; m.; res. unknown." (p. 442) I suspect that Annette was the source of that statement. It must have been submitted to Pierce sometime after 28 Oct 1892 and before July 1896. (Fiske and Fisk Family . . ., by Frederick Clifton Pierce, pub. by the author [1896]; online several places and I have Annette's paper copy).

    I have searched the 1900-1930 censuses (and other records except the most recent additions) at Ancestry for Julius and Joel Fisk with no luck, except for the Julius in the next paragraph, but have not exhaustively searched all possible "J" Fisks or misspellings of names.

    Most likely NOT the same person (but I can send you more information) is the Julius Fisk who lived in Minneapolis from before July 1893 until after 1930. He was probably Julius E(lmer?). There are enough coincidental similarities that I have looked for more about him and have not completely ruled him out. The Minneapolis Julius was also a grocer, born in New York, but about 1862 or 1863, not 1865. He seems to have moved a lot, but in 1930 he was living between and 4-1/2 blocks from the 1914-1920 residence of Annette's daughter, Ethel, and 3 blocks from the 1907-1919 residence of John McLean's sister, Mary Ann. This Julius does not seem to be in the MN death index, but his son, Julius Elmer, born 1895, is listed as having died in Hennepin County in 1987.

    My guess is that The guy I'm seeking was most likely actually named Julius Joel, but often called Joel by the family. That doesn't tell us what he might have called himself once he was out on his own.

    A couple other observations

    Brother Henry went into mining in the Iron Mountain area before 1880. Annette met John McLean, who was a mining official, when she was visiting Henry in Michigan and they were married at Henry's home. Sister Kate married William Harvey, also into mining, at Annette's home. Thus, three of the four siblings were associated with mining in the UP in the 1880's and 1890s and seem to have had close ties. Julius Joel, on the other hand, apparently was not into mining, probably was not in the UP, and that may help explain why there is less information about him.

    Also, Henry apparently was a rotter who abandoned his family in the late 1880s and couldn't keep a job, while Annette and Kate had successful stable marriages to upwardly mobile successful men. Could Julius Joel have been more like his brother than his sisters?

    Anyway, I think that's all I currently know about Julius Joel Fisk.
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