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Helen Wylie1

F, #35325, (2 May 1906 - Sep 1986)
Helen Wylie|b. 2 May 1906\nd. Sep 1986|p35325.htm|William R. Wylie|b. bet. 1 Apr 1861 & 1 Apr 1862\nd. 2 Apr 1917|p2823.htm|Mary Ann McLean|b. 22 Mar 1858\nd. 17 Sep 1919|p2807.htm|||||||Dennis E. McLean|b. bet. 1 Jan 1833 & 7 Jun 1833\nd. 7 Jun 1872|p2800.htm|Mary Garvey|b. bet. 1 Jan 1834 & 30 Jul 1834\nd. 30 Jul 1914|p2801.htm|

  • Birth:  2 May 1906, Hennepin Co, MN.4,3,2
  • Birth:  2 May 1906.5
  • Marriage:  18 Jul 1921, Joseph Lagers, Menominee Co, MI,
  • Marriage:  ca. 1926?, Vern Poquette.8
  • Marriage:  bef. 1958, George P. Zimmerman.9
  • Death (Last Res) Sep 1986, Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co, WI.5
  • Death:  23 Sep 1986, Milwaukee Co, WI.10

  • Primary link: McLean-Fisk.
  • Census:  1910 Daughter in the household of William R. Wylie, 3240 Irving Avenue South, Minneapolis, Hennepin Co, MN,
    Comment: Details are questionable and may have been provided by someone else; Mary Ann Wylie (McLean).
  • SSN:  bef. 1951, "Helen Wylie," SSN.5

  • Name Variation: Helen Ruth Wylie.2
  • Married Name: Helen Zimmerman.5
  • Married Name: Helen Ruth Poquette.8

Children with Joseph Lagers :


  1. 35325.
  2. [S2055] Corrine Sandberg, "See CD for details," e-mail message to John M. Scroggins (K604), Various, More on the Wylie's, 2 Mar 2009
    Helen has a birth certificate Cert ID# DC-23422. Wylie, Helen Ruth, date of birth, 02 May 1906, Mother Maiden Name McLean, and County of Birth, Hennepin (Minnesota). The Cert# is out of order and the "DC" must mean an adjusted birth record. I don't believe she used the "Ruth".
  3. [S91] 1910 Federal Census, National Archives T624, Roll 704, ED 153, Sheet 4B
    Ancestry Images Online: MNT624_704-0306.sid
  4. [S5] Birth and name information from census and other records:
         1910 Census: age 4 (b. bet. 15 Apr 1905 and 15 Apr 1906), MN, Fa: MN, Mo: WI (Helen Wylie)
         Mother is listed as having 1 child, 1 living.
  5. [S44] Social Security Death Index (,
    Name:      Helen Zimmerman
    SSN:      389-07-5090
    Last Residence:      53233 Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States of America
    Born:      2 May 1906
    Died:      Sep 1986
    State (Year) SSN issued:      Wisconsin (Before 1951).
  6. [S2055] Corrine Sandberg, "See CD for details," e-mail message to John M. Scroggins (K604), Various, More on the Wylie's, 2 Mar 2009
    By 15-16 years old she supposedly was married to JOE (no last name) and later had her daughter, Lucille ________, Nuthals (adoptive name) Born June 2, 1922.
  7. [S95] Duncan. McLean, "E-mail, D. McLean to J. Scroggins," e-mail message to John M. Scroggins (K604), Various,
    From: "Duncan McLean" <e-mail address>
    To: "'John M. Scroggins'" <e-mail address>
    Subject: RE: More on the Wylie's
    Date: Thu, 5 Mar 2009 12:28:04 -0600

    Found this on the pilot project. Helen Wylie + Joseph Lagers marriage in Menominee, MI.
    July 18, 1921
    Joseph Lagers, 21; w; Res. Green Bay, WI; Birth Green Bay, WI; Truck driver; John Lagers; Catherine -; No prev. marr.; July 18
    Helen Wylie; 18; w; res. Green Bay, WI; Birth Minneapolis, MN; Hospital Wk; William Wylie; Mary McLean; No prev. marr.
  8. [S2055] Corrine Sandberg, "See CD for details," e-mail message to John M. Scroggins (K604), Various, More on the Wylie's, 2 Mar 2009
    NEXT Helen is in Lake City, MN with Wylie relatives (my husband's Aunt Madie Kohn) at least in 1927. She met Vern Poquette who was working for the Kohn's (no census records for this one or two years in Lake City. )

    On the Milwaukee Census of April 1930, she and Vern POQUETT, age 26 and HELEN POQUETT, age 22, living at 645 Cass Street, Milwaukee, WI, This is 1930 US Census, Dist 1-250, Page 25 of 46, part of 3rd WARD, Block 212. It says Vern was married at age 20 and Helen at age 18. If that is correct, they married in 1926. It asks the age of FIRST marriage, but I presume that Helen chose to not mention first marriage with JOE. Vern was a Gas Station Attendant and Helen was working as a "Striper" at a Auto Body Shop. Also they were Lodgers (Renters) Oh yes, Vern died Nov 16, 1932. He was born in Waterville, Pepin County, WI Aug 17, 1899. He is buried in Arkansaw, WI (not proven yet).
  9. [S2055] Corrine Sandberg, "See CD for details," e-mail message to John M. Scroggins (K604), Various, from Corrine about Wylie family, 8 Feb 2009
    Who was the Frank and Anna SCOTT family, they were on the reverse side of Will Wylie's gravestone? The two families bought them in 1917, probably after Will Wylie died as their CERT #'s were concurrent. The Scott's lived at 2630 Irving Ave S.

    Also Fred G Weiss and Flossie Weiss had some claim to Lot 1 and 2. Helen Wylie Zimmerman designated in 1958 that the Weiss' was to be buried in those lots. I see from my notes that in 1958, Helen Wylie Zimmerman's husband was George P Zimmerman. They lived in Milwaukee, Wi although the Cemetery record that I was quoting did not confirm the address of Helen and George.

    To end this, I find in my notes that Helen (supposedly adopted) was born in Minnesota (from 1910 census )but her father was born in Wisconsin, mother born in Minn. As I analysis the 1910, I believe Mary McLean gave the impression that Helen was her child, see the line that she answered that she had one child and one child living. I believe the Census Taker could have reversed Helen's father and mother's birthplace.

    One more BOMB, Helen has been died for some years so I can tell you that she had a daughter with her first husband (Helen was young) and the daughter was raised by the first husband's parents in Wisconsin. Helen would go to visit and some explanation was given in regard to the visits. Much later, the daughter was told that Helen was her mother. That is all just oral history from my husband's relatives, but they were always in contact with Helen until she died. I know that Helen is not your blood relative, but we touched on this earlier in our correspondence. Enough for tonight.
  10. [S2455] MN Dept. of Health, WI Death Index, 1959-1997 (,
    Name:      Helen Zimmerman
    Death Date:      23 Sep 1986
    Location:      Milwaukee (May be abbreviated)
    Certificate:      205206.