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This is the family record of the Scriven and McDonald families, as they have been gathered together by the cousins and Gilbert James Scriven.

From page 2 and 3 Charles Matthias Scriven, born in Penn. Nov. 18, 1843, married Elizabeth McDonald, born in Ontario, Canada, born March 6, 1848.
Their children were:
  1. Gilbert James, born in Stearns Co., Minn., June 30, 1867, married Nellie Charlotte Kroeck, born in Springfield, Ill., April 17, 1878.
  2. Avert Montgomery, born in Jones Co., Iowa, Nov. 12, 1869, married Lucy McGarvin, born in Los Angeles Co., Calif., Avert M. died Jan. 26, 1936.
  3. Ralph McDonald, born in Jones Co., Iowa, Jan 28, 1873, married Sarah Kirkwood, born in Texas.
  4. Charles Leslie, born in Clayton Co., Iowa, Jan. 29, 1876, married Rosa Hohlbauch, born in Los Angeles Co., Calif. Charles Leslie married a second time to Edith [Ida] Medora Kroeck. born in Springfield, Ill., Nov. 26, 1879.

Their children's record can be found on page 3, and all were born in Los Angeles Co., Calif., except [living], and he was born in Orange Co., Calif., and [living] was born in Merced Co., Calif.

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William, Count of Nassau, also known as William the Rich, lived at Dillenbourg, married the Countess of Stalberg. To them were born twelve children, William the Silent, Prince of Orange, born 1533, died 1584, Adolph, Louis, John, Henry, and seven daughters.
William, Prince of Orange, married Anna of Egmont, daughter of the Count de Buren, their children were Phillip William and Mary or Merie, married Count Holenlohe.

William's second wife was Anna of Saxony, daughter of Maurica of Saxony, their children were Maurica, born 1567, Anna married Count William Louis, Amelia married the pretender to the throne of Portugal.

William's third wife was Charlotte de Bourdon, daughter of the Duc de Montpinsier. Their children were Louisa Juliana, married Frederick the Fourth, Elector of Palatine, their granddaughter founded the house of Hanover and Queen Victoria was seventh in line from William, Prince of Orange. The rest of William's children by his third wife were Elizabeth, Catherine Belgica, Flanderine, Charlotte Brobandica, and Emilia the Second.

William's fourth wife was Louisa de Coligny, to them were born Frederick Henry, born 1584. He was also known as William the Second Prince of Orange, father of William the Third, Stadtholder of the Netherlands and King of England.

William's fifth wife was of the Webber family, to them were born Sarah and Wolfert, they were christened Sarah Webber and Wolfert Webber 4 th King of Holland, married Catherine Jonas or known as Annetzie Koch Webber. To them were born Wolfert Webber the Second, born 1602, Marytje Webber, born 1603, Anneke Webber, born 1605, died 1663.

Anneke Webber, daughter of Wolfert Webber, 4
th King of Holland, whose father was William, Prince of Orange, was born in the King's Mansion in Holland in 1605. She was married to Roelof Jans in Holland in 1624. They emigrated to America in 1633. He died in Beverwyck, N.Y. in 1637, and she married the Reverend Everardus Bogardus in New York, January 29 th , 1638. She died at her home in Albany, N.Y. in 1663 at the age of 58 years.

Anneke Webber was the grand-daughter of the King of Holland, Prince of Orange, or William IV. Her father's name was Wolfert Webber and her mother's name was Annetzie Koch Webber.

[NOTE: It has been proven that Anneke Jans was never surnamed Webber, and had no relation to or connection with the royal family of the Netherlands. She was born in Flekkeroy, a village on the island of the same name in Vest Agder, Norway. Her first husband, Roelof Janszen van Maesterland, a seaman, was born in Marstrand, a village in an island of the same name, now in Goteborg Och Bohus, Sweden. They were married in Amsterdam. Anneke's mother was named Trijntje Roelofs Jonas van Maesterland, and was the official midwife for the West India Company in New Amsterdam. Anneke's father's name was Johan (surname unknown). -- DS]


Their children:
Sarah Jans, born December 3, 1630, married Dr. Hans Kierstead
Catherine, born September 7, 1633, married Johannes Van Braugh
Fytzie, born November 9, 1634, married Peter Hartgers
Roelof, born December 5, 1635, no issue


[Their children:
  1. Lijntje (Catherine) Roelofs, born in Amsterdam, baptized there 21 July 1624. She died before her parents arrived in America in May of 1630.
  2. Sara Roelofs, born in late 1626 or 1627 in Amsterdam, baptized there 5 April 1627. Married first Dr. Hans Kierstede with intention dated 29 June 1642. Married second Cornelis van Borsum with intention dated 1 Sept. 1669 in New York. Married third Elbert Elbertsen Stoothoff, with intention dated 21 July 1683 in New York.
  3. Trijntje Roelofs, born in Amsterdam, baptized there 24 June 1629. Married first Willem de Kay, with intention dated 24 Feb 1647 in New amsterdam. Married second Lucas Rodenbrug after 16 Sept 1652. Married third Johannes Pieterszen Verbrugge / van Brugh / ver Brugge.
  4. Sijtje or Fijtje Roelofs, born about 1631 in Rensellaer, married Pieter Hartgers.
  5. Jan Roelofszen, born about 1633 in Renellaer. Unmarried at the time of his mother's death. May have later married Annatje Peters.
  6. Annatje Roelofs, born about 1636 in New Amsterdam. Died in childhood. --DS]

[page 2]

Anneke Webber Roeloffson [Anneke Jans] married a second time to Dominie Everardus Bogardus; to them were born:
William, born Nov. 1638 [Willem, born about 1639, baptized before the first recorded baptism on 25 Sept. 1639]
Cornelius [Cornelis, baptized 9 Sept. 1640]
Johannes (Jonas) [baptized 4 Jan. 1643]
Pieter [baptized 2 Apr. 1645]


Sarah Jans Roeloffsen [Sara Roelofs] married Dr. Hans Kierstead [Kierstede] 1646 [1642].

Their daughter Rachel Kierstead [Kierstede] born 1665, married William Teller 1689 [16 Oct 1686]. Their son Jacobus Teller born 1699, married Catherine Wessel 1720 [this is not supported by historical records --DS]. Their daughter Mary Teller born 1734, married 1752, to Lawrence Wiggins. Their son Charles Wiggins born 1755, married Ann Schomerhorn 1711. Their son Lawrence Wiggins born 1772, married Ellen Webb 1800.

Their children:
James, born Feb. 22, 1802.
Martha, born Sept 26, 1805, married Matthias Scriven.
Elizabeth, born Nov. 22, 1808.
Sarah Jane, born Sept. 1809.
David, born Jan. 23, 1812.
Catherine, born May 27, 1815.
Clarinda, born Sept. 26, 1817, married Oliver Gilbert Scriven. Died Jan.1, 1886 in Jones Co., Iowa.
Ellen, born April 4, 1819.
Charles F., born March 26, 1882.
Mary Mariah, born Oct. 12, 1825.

Clarinda Wiggins married Oliver Gilbert Scriven June 29, 1834.
Oliver Gilbert Scriven born June 16, 1817, died Feb 14, 1898 in Fayette Co. Iowa.
Their children were:
  1. Mary Ellen, born Dec. 1838, married David Reed, died 1911.
  2. Joseph Lawrence, born Oct. 23, 1838, died July 28, 1861.
  3. Jane Ann, born May 27, 1841, died Dec. 21, 1856.
  4. Charles Matthias, born Nov. 18, 1843, died Sept 2, 1918.
  5. Thomas Hartwell, born March 22, 1845, died March 20, 1846.
  6. [Iseral Perry]
  7. Matilda Elizabeth, born Sept. 29, 1851, married Joseph Brown.
  8. John Wesley, born March 13, 1854, married Ella Canfield Scriven.
  9. William H., born Oct. 23, 1857, married Ella Canfield.

Charles Matthias Scriven, born Nov. 18, 1843, married Elizabeth McDonald May 11, 1866. Elizabeth McDonald, born March 6, 1848, died May 19, 1909.
Their children were:

[page 3]

  1. Gilbert James, born Jun 30, 1867, married Nellie Charlotte Kroeck Sept. 21, 1904.
  2. Avert Montgomery, born Nov. 12, 1869, married Lucy McGarvin Mar. 10, 1904 (died Jan. 26, 1936).
  3. Ralph McDonald, born Jan. 28, 1873, married Sarah Kirkwood Oct. 24, 1899, died Oct. 24, 1924.
  4. Charles Leslie, born Jan. 29, 1876, married Rosa Hohlbauch July 2, 1899. Rosa died Feb. 5, 1900. Charles L. married a second time to Edith [Ida] Medora Kroeck Jan. 18, 1922.

  1. Gilbert James Scriven and Nellie Charlotte Kroeck [Scriven], born April 17, 1878, had three children, to wit:
        1. Leonard Gilbert, born Oct. 15, 1906.
        2. Esther Charlotte, born April 15, 1908.
        3. Ruth Elizabeth, born Dec. 12, 1910, died Dec. 13, 1910.


  2. Avert Montgomery Scriven and Lucy [McGarvin Scriven] had four children, to wit:
        1. Mae Elizabeth [Buster Keaton's second wife -- DS] and
        2. Rae Avert, twins, born Sept. 14, 1905.
        3. Marie Francis, born Oct. 22, 1908, died Feb. 9, 1935.
        4. [living], born May 23, 1920.
  3. Ralph McDonald Scriven and Sarah Kirkwood Scriven, had one son, Ralph James, born Aug. 14, 1900, died Sept. 30, 1900.
  4. Charles Leslie Scriven married Rosa Hohlbauch July 2, 1899, Rose died Feb. 5, 1900. Charles L. married a second time to Edith [Ida] Medora Kroeck Jan. 18, 1922.

    1. Leonard Gilbert, son of Gilbert James Scriven and Nellie Charlotte Scriven, married Maude Esther Terry on June 3, 1931, and have one child, to wit:

      [living], born March 6, 1932.

    2. Esther Charlotte Scriven, daughter of Gilbert James Scriven and Nellie Charlotte Scriven, married Elmer Isaac Fowler October 1, 1932. To them was born:

      [living], born December 14, 1936.

[page 4]

The Family of Elizabeth McDonald

James McDonald went from Glasgow, Scotland to Ontario, Canada, with his family and one brother, Moncreaf, about the year 1806. He had several children; one, named James (b. 1804), married Christina McNotton, born in Edinburgh, and came to Canada and lived there until 1858, then moved to Iowa, U.S.A.

Their children were:

  1. Emelia, married M.M. Moulton. To them were born Franc, Emelia, Etta, George, Montgomery, and Jesse.
  2. Donald, married Mary ______, had Agnes, Douglas, Christina, Catherine, Richard, and two died.
  3. Catherine, married Damon Rowley, had no children.
  4. James Churchill, married Carrie Foote and had Harold and Belle.
  5. Christina, married John Reed and had George, Ervin, and Alice.
  6. George, married, had no children.
  7. Elizabeth, born March 6, 1848, married Charles Matthias Scriven. born to them:
    1. Gilbert James, born June 30, 1867, married Nellie Charlotte Kroeck Sept. 21, 1904, she was born April 17, 1878.
    2. Avert Montgomery, born Nov. 12, 1869, married Lucy McGarvin Mar. 10, 1904.
    3. Ralph McDonald, born Jan 28, 1873, married Sarah Kirkwood Oct. 24, 1899, died Oct. 24, 1924.
    4. Charles Leslie, born Jan. 29, 1876, married Rose Hohlbauch July 2, 1899, Rosa died Feb 5, 1900. Married Edith [Ida] Medora Kroeck, Jan 18, 1922.
  8. Isabell, married Frank Park, had no children.
  9. Naomi, married a Mr. Morgan, had 1 girl; married a Mr. Cole, had 1 boy.
  10. Alexander B. married May Harris, had Frank, Earl, and Hazzel.
  11. Jessie, married William Kidd, one child died, and Edna, who married Dr. Compton.

Transcribed by David Scriven, April 2000.
[Editorial comments and additions in square brackets by David Scriven, April 2000.]