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My Family History begins with my four grandparents:

Ernest Samuel SCRATON
(ancestors in Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Gloucestershire etc)

Alice Elizabeth JOHNSON
(ancestors in Lincolnshire and Wiltshire etc)

John Frederick SHEPHERD - father surnamed TOLLIT
(ancestors in Kent, Surrey, Middlesex, Oxfordshire etc)

Victoria May SOLMAN
(ancestors in Kent, Berkshire, Middlesex etc)

Click on one of these names to find details of their ancestors, or click here to see an alphabetical list of the surnames I am researching.

NB. On the family details pages on this website, as well as including all the census entries that I've found relating to my ancestors, I have until now included a selection of census entries for other family members. However, as more census indexes and images become available online and on CD, not only is this information often readily available elsewhere, but the number of entries that I could include is increasing rapidly. Consequently, to prevent these pages becoming unmanageably large, I shall in future be including only those census entries which contain one or more of my ancestors, and shall gradually remove those which do not. This will not apply to the Extended Research and Specialist Interests pages mentioned below.


Extended Research and Specialist Interests:

(Descendants of Isaac Henry BEAK [1877-1956])

(The extended family in Lacock WIL from about 1620 - 1780)

(Family of William DUTTON of Bampton OXF [1789-1858])

(Family of Joseph DUTTON & Elizabeth LARDNER of Witney OXF)

(From Lower Halstow & Milton next Sittingbourne KEN c1650 - 1800)

(In West Kington & Castle Combe WIL from about 1715 - 1850)

(One name study - pre c1800)

(The extended family in Yalding KEN, and their descendants, from about 1550 - present)

(The extended family of George TOLLET of Dublin, Westminster and Betley Hall STS)

(Descendants of William TOLLIT of Uxbridge MDX [1774-1851])

(Descendants of Gabriel Vernatti of Italy and the Netherlands from about 1560 - 1700)

(The extended family in Nettleton WIL from about 1550 - 1850)


NB. Apart from my giving my own name, this website does not contain names or details of any people living now.

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