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Phips and Phipps Y Chromosome DNA Study

23 March 2005

A Phips and Phipps Y Chromosome DNA study has been established to determine the genetic connections, if any, between the English Phipps families and those of the United States and other former or current colonies of the United Kingdom.


In order to make these connections, we are looking for males with the Phipps surname, and all its variant spellings, to take a Y chromosome DNA test to see if their Y DNA signature matches other Phipps surnamed males.

You can test at either Family Tree DNA or at DNA Heritage. If testing at FTDNA use this page to join, and indicate that you are part of the Phipps DNA study to get a price discount. You can test on 12, 25, or 37 markers at FTDNA or on 25 or 43 markers at DNA Heritage. While 12 markers will give you some preliminary results, I recommend 25 markers as a minimum to allow us to differentiate families which may have identical 12 marker results. Mismatches at 37 or 43 markers are less from 25 marker matches than are mismatches at higher numbers of markers from 12 marker matches.

Phips and Phipps in England

The main Phips or Phipps family we are studying in England is that of the Earl of Mulgrave and the Marquess of Normanby.

Some Phips and Phipps families in British North America before 1700