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Peter Morley alias Perkins

Perkins of Ufton

This page gives the Descendants of Peter Morley (sometimes Pierre de Morlaix) alias Perkins from the Visitation of Berkshire 1665-66, in Harleian Society Visitation Series volume 56, pages 118-119, 258-259.

Page 118, Perkyns of Ufton [MS. Ashmole 853, p.301]

Shows a Coat of Arms, 1. Perkins, 2. Mychell?, 3. More, 4. Atmore, Impaling Eyston.

Page 119, By Chitting and Philipott for Camden

Supstes 4 R.2.
[1] Petrus Morley alias Perkins de Co: Salopiae Servus [sic] Dni Hugonis de Spenser Dni de Shipton in Com: Oxon = Alice Taylor uxor eius. [and had]

[2] Henricus Perkins filius Petri = [blank] and had

[3] Johes Perking [sic] ar. filius Henrici vizit j. H. 4 (Senescallus Tho: Comitis Gloucestr: 21 R. 2.) = [blank] and had

[4] Willus Perkins Ar: filius Johannis (Supstes 7 H. 5. at 5 H. 6) = [blank] and had

[5] Tho: Perkins ar: fil. Willi ob: ante 18 E. 4. (38 H. 6. 1460) = [blank] and had

[6] Johes Perkens filius Thomae. = [blank] and had

[7] Thomas Perkins fil: Johis = Uxor eius filia & haeres . . . . More, and had

and had

[9] Franciscus Perkins de Ufton in Com: Berke ar: {{d. 19Sept. 1661, aet 79 (Neve's Mon. 85: Musgrave's Obituary, p. 20)}} = Anna filia . . . . Plowden and had

and had


I George Underwood of Ufton did set downe this name Francis Perkins, & I testifye this latter Pedigree to be true

Materials in {} from vol 56, p.259: "Certified by Francis Hildesley on the behalfe of Francis Perkins now in minority." Order of the daughters is uncertain.

Items in {{}} from Musgrave's Obituary, vol 48, Harleian Society Visitation Series.

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