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Parkyns of Marston Jabbett, Warwickshire

K.3, pp.100, 101, and 36. H. 3. [1251-52], Harleian Society Visitation Series, The Visitation of Warwickshire, (1682), Vol 62, pp.82-83 and Harleian Society Visitation Series, The Visitation of Warwickshire, (1619), Vol 12, p.281

1. Johannes Parkyns [,] Seisitus de Manerio de Merston Jabet in co: Warr 1 Edw 6.[1547-8] Condidit Testament: 26 Julij ao. 1557 4o. et 5o. Ph: et M; obit 7th Aug: 4th et 5th Ph: & Mariae. = Emota ????? relicta Johis Parkins 12 Eliz: [1569-70]. (and had:)

2. Willmus Parkyns de Merston Jabet fil: et heres aetat: 35 ann. et Amplius 4 et 5 Ph.M. [1557-8] obijt Ultimo Julij 24 Eliz: [1582]. = ????? (and had:)

7. Thomas Parkyns filius et haeres aet: 24 ann: et amplius 24 Eliz. [1581-82] & obijt 24 Junij 9th Car:1. [1633]. = Anna soror Willmi Roberts de Sutton CHeney in Com: Leic: (and had:)

8. Willis Parkins filius et haeres aetatis 42 ann: et ampl: 9. Car: I [1633-4] Obijt a. 1663 circa mens Augusti. = Joanna filia Humphridi Staunton de Longbridge in com: Warr: gen: (and had:)

10. Ricus Perkins filius 2 = Maria filia Joh'is Wright de Noneaton in Comitat. War. (and had:)

14. Willms Parkyns filius et haeres 16th Car: 1 [1640-41] Seisitus de Manerio de Merston Jabet aet: 66 ann: 1682, ac unus Justiciariorum Dni Regia ad Pacem conservandum in com: Warr: = Elizabetha fil: et cohaeres Rob: Reynes de Stanford in com: Nott: armigeri nupta 16 Car: 1. [1640-41]. (and had:)

26. Willms Parkyns Equesaur: ac unus de Sex clericis Cancellariae aet: 32 ann: 1682 (He was the last person executed under the medieval Law of Treason. Hanged, drawn and quartered, 1692 for attempting to kill King William III.) = Susanna filia et cohaeres Thomae Blackwell de Bushey in com: Hertford. (and had:)

Steven C. Perkins
15 August 2002