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The Annual Clarion Co. PA Schrum/Shrum Reunion is always held on the last Sunday in July. The reunion begins at 12:30 p.m. in the Clarion County Park, Clarion, PA. with a pitch-in dinner. The park is located off I-80 at Exit 8. There is a KOA campground at Exit 7 and various motel accommodations at Exit 9. For more information contact Georgie Graham, R.D. #1, Box 213C,Shippenville, PA 16254. Phone number is (814) 782-3410.

The Annual Schrum-Shrum Reunion in Lincolnton NC is always held on the first Sunday in August at St. Matthew's United Church of Christ, Highway 321, 6 miles north of Lincolnton, NC. This reunion starts at one p.m. with a pitch- in dinner. After dinner, there will be a Business Meeting, Memorial Service, Recognition and Picture taking. Childrens activities will be available during the business meeting. Everyone is invited to come for Food, Family, Fellowship, Fun, and Door Prizes. Bring old family pictures, & other items of interest and your favorite recipes for a Schrum/Shrum Family Cookbook. For additional information, contact Wayne E. Schrum, 1582 Sandy Park Road, Lincolnton, NC, phone 704-735-6777 or Barbara Shrum Blanton, 2760 Maiden Highway, Lincolnton, NC, phone 704-735-8551.

The Annual Shrum Reunion in Woodstock, VA is always held on the second Saturday in August at the City Park in Woodstock, VA. This reunion starts with a pitch-in dinner at five p.m. For more information, contact Barry and Robin Shrum, P.O. Box 427, Edinburg, VA 22824 or e-mail

The Annual OREGON Shrum Reunion is always held on the Second Saturday in August. The reunion starts at 10:00 a. m. Bring a covered dish. The reunion is held at the Millpond Park, 20 miles east of Roseburg, off State Road 138. Camping is available for those who wish (first come, first served). For more information please contact: Kenneth Shrum 209 Glide Loop Road, Glide Oregon 97443. Phone: 541-496-3342.

The Annual Family Reunion of the descendants of the pioneer, Nicholas Shrum and his brothers, Jacob and Henry, who came to Bollinger County MO from North Carolina, is always held on the second Sunday in September at Crossroads United Methodist Church in Northern Bollinger County MO, located northwest of Cape Girardeau, MO. Take I-55 from Cape Girardeau north to County Highway KK then west approximately 17 miles to County Road 200 to picnic grounds across the road from the church; or from Perryville, take Highway 51 south about 10 miles to Highway KK then about 2 miles to County Road 200 to picnic grounds. A Basket Dinner will be served at 1:00 p.m.. For more info contact Judy or Wayne Shrum at 573-866-2087 or write them at HCR 62, Box 103, Sedgewickville, MO 63781

The Bi-Annual Westmoreland PA Shrum Reunion will be held October 12, 2002. More info later.

If anyone has information on other Schrum-Shrum Reunions, please contact Jim Schrum at so we can post them on this page.

Who's Going To Tell The Kids?

Down through the ages scholars gazed in wonder at the great pyramids of Egypt. They toiled in vain to discover how the ancients built these great monuments. We still don't know how it was done, and do you know why? Because...Someone forgot to tell the kids! It's that simple. All the great questions of history would be answered if only someone had thought to tell the next generation.
Every time an elder dies without passing on his or her unique store of wisdom and experience, a lifetime of wealth is lost to the rest of us. They say you can't take it with you, but in fact, we succeed in taking our most valuable possession to the grave...Our experience.
The younger generations have come to believe that any worthwhile knowledge can be reduced to textbook terms or a computer program and are just "old", used up, out of date, out of touch, out of style and just hanging around waiting to die. In reality the young are left to pretty much re-invent the wheel for themselves each generation. We leave them a rough sketch and let them figure out the details on their own. A family, as well as learning the refinements of a craft, trade, art or profession. They need on the job training with the guiding hand of a seasoned veteran, a master of the art, the voice of experience.
America's elders have bought into the idea that they have nothing to offer the younger generation. We have been convinced that the goal of life is to retire, take vacations, have cook-outs, join a square dance club, stay "young" and have "fun". We should retire, but not to play and not to sit. To retire and return to the irresponsible pursuits of childhood robs us of our status, dignity, purpose, value and self esteem. Retire if you like, take a year off and travel, you've earned it, but when you come home, don't sit down, there's work to be done. Remember what Maggie Kuhn said, "We are the elders of the tribe. The elders are charged with the survival and well-being of the tribe."
Western civilization, since the time of the renaissance and especially since the industrial revolution began, has played out the myth of "Faust who sold his soul to the devil for eternal youth, sex, comfort, power and technology. In Goethe's version of the myth, Faust murders an elderly couple for the sole purpost of leveling their cottage so he can have a clear view of his new domain. Our society worships the false God of "youth" as did Faust and it sweeps aside its elders to make room as a reward for mandatory retirement. It's all propaganda. Insurance statistics show the average life span of retirees is two years. The cause of death? Lack of purpose in life! Those who beat the statistical odds can expect to be neglected by their children and "warehoused" in a retirement village or a nursing home. These are nothing more than concentration camps and prisons to keep the elders out of the mainstream of life...A holding pen for those about to die.
Retirement is our greatest opportunity for personal growth and greater contributions to our community and nation, but only so long as we don't accept the "eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we may die" philosophy.
The idea of a 12 year old out wandering the streets without knowing how to read or write is an outrage to us. The kid ought to be in school learning. The idea of a 72 year old out wandering the streets ought to be equally appalling. An elder should also be in school...teaching!
We can reclaim our historic prestige and respect as elders of the tribe, but not by demanding it. We cannot demand respect, we have to earn it.

Tom Dolph, Author