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The Schoverling - Mortensen History

To my Children and Grandchildren:

Our family has a rich and varried History. We descended from the old kings of Norway and those who fought beside William the Norman. They were the farmers of Germany, England and Ireland. They were of Scottish Nobility and the merchants of the Middle Class. They were among the brave souls who crossed the Atlantic on the Mayflower, built Plymouth, settled the Massachusetts Bay Colony and pioneered the coast of Canada. They fought for the freedom of our Great Country, suffered for it with Washington at Valley Forge, and defended it through the generations. They lived ordinary lives as shopkeepers, laborers, fishermen, and farmers. Most are not even a footnote in the annals of History, but none the less, each family line is a thread woven into the elaborate tapestry that is History and an intrgral part of who you are; these pages are for you.  They are meant to connect you with all who have come before you and to inspire the greatness that is within each of you..

Schoverling Tree

Family Stories 


If you should find, in climbing my tree, that you are a"Kissin' Cousin" please e-mail me       

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