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One of the Fliers Dropped on Japan

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Japanese leaflet dropped on Japan, 38kb
Japanese leaflet back, 19kb

In one of Lou's letters to home while stationed in Saipan, he included a copy of this flier, representative of many leaflets dropped over Japan by B-29's warning civilians of impending attacks. He was an engine mechanic on some of those bombers.

Translation of the front of the flier:

Declaration to the Japanese People:

Do you wish to save the lives of your parents, brothers and friends? If you wish to save them, read this pamphlet carefully. Within a few days, the military compounds in four or five of the cities marked on the back of this pamphlet will be bombed by the American Air Force. Within these cities there are military facilities and factories which produce armaments - the things the military is using to prolong this war. The American Air Force will destroy all of them. Bombs have no eyes. As you might know humanitarian Americans do not wish to hurt innocent people. So please evacuate from the cities marked on the back of this pamphlet. You are not the enemy of America. Only the ones who are in the military and got you into the war are the enemy. The peace America desires is to save you from being under the pressure of the Japanese military. We would like to release you from this pressure. Then you can rebuild a wonderful new Japan. How would you like to have a new leader who will discard war and establish peace? There may be cities other than those listed on this pamphlet that will be bombed. However, at least four of these cities will be bombed for sure. We are warning you, so please evacuate these cities.

Translated by Maki Evans, fellow member of Grace Bible Church, Ann Arbor, Michigan, around 1994.

Maki didn't translate the city names on the back of the flier.

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