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Calling all Sambro Schnares!!
(Including ALL Family & Friends)

George Schnare (1839 - 1906) & Desire Ann Nickerson (1841 - 1927)
Sambro, Nova Scotia, Canada

George Schnare was the founding member of the "Sambro Schnare Clan". George was born in Mahone Bay, NS and married Desire Ann Nickerson of Pennant, NS. George and Ann raised their family in Sambro, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Article from the Chebucto News April/May 2001

Schnare Family Reunion Newsletter (Issue 1 is introduction - Issue 2 is the reunion registration)

More Information on the Ancestry of George Schnare

More Information on the Ancestry of Desire/Desiah Ann Nickerson

Children of George Schnare and Desire Ann Nickerson

Several descendants of George & Ann have been tracing the family tree and recently had a chance to meet (Leslie Harnish of Sambro, NS; Elaine Wiwczor of Williamswood, NS; Nancy Bowie of Dartmouth, NS; Thelma Blackburn of North Bay, Ontario; and Eleanor Lydick of Berwick, Maine). We all thought it would be great to someday have a family reunion. There are at least 300 living descendants of George & Ann Schnare living in Sambro, other parts of Canada, the New England states, Texas, the United Kingdom and who knows where else! We'd like to track them all down for a big Sambro welcome party!

At first, the purpose of these web pages was to determine if there would be enough interest in planning and/or attending a family reunion in August 2001. The answer is YES!!!! There is enough interest!!! Through our first family newsletter, we have determined that there is enough interest! To date, we have received replies from over 20 families who will (or hope) to attend!!

The Reunion Date for our First Reunion is August 4 - 6, 2001 in Sambro, Nova Scotia!

If you are interested in any way, shape or form, I'd love to hear from you. Contact details are listed below. In the meantime, here are some things to think about.

For more information on this family and our reunion, please contact:

Leslie Harnish
1734 Ketch Harbour Road
Sambro, NS B3V 1L6
Tel: 902-868-2553

Last Modified: April 13, 2003

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