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Bank book of A. P. Schloetzer

This is a bank book that my grandfather, A.P. Schloetzer used as a day book. He used it to record, among other things, the price of eggs, the birth of cattle, and the birth of my mother, Geneva Schloetzer.


The Haviland State Bank, Haviland, Kansas

In Account with
A. P. Schloetzer, Haviland, Ks.

Inside cover

contains miscellaneous calculations.

First page

Wagons Loads

feed 14

eggs doz 10

fruit jars
(bought of Douglass)

stone jar (10 gal)
(bought of douglass)

Second page

Miss Geneva Schloetzer was born April 29, 1923 at 8:30 in the morning. She weighed 9lbs. when she was born. She didn’t heal up good. We had Dr. Bucklin for her 3 times. Geneva first wore a button fixed with cotton. Then the doctor put plaster on her. She then healed up in good shape. First trip we made with her was sometime in June. We started to Bucklin with her. We got as far as Coats. Roads were so bad.

Third page

We went to Sharon with Geneva August 12, 1923. She was little over 3 months old. We were to visit Douglass one Sunday September 9th. Baby was afraid of Mrs. Douglass. She cried quite awhile. Geneva could smile when she was 3 months old. Geneva could kick, holler, laugh, and play with her rattle when she was little past 5 months old. She could turn over when 4 months, 2 weeks old.

Fourth page

Lewis Peterbaugh
Son of
Mr. and Mrs.
Bertha Puterbaugh was born
_____ ______ 19__

Fifth page (includes inside back cover)

Left page:
Charles took sick March 28th. He was sick March 29th. 1931. He has the sick headache. Weak, cold, nervous, scolding, forgetting to (too) things. He was niece.

Mabele 26 very sick March 24, 25th sick.

A blizzard March 27, 28, 29. Cold, real cold.

Rone calf born March 11th 1931
Red calf born March 29th 1931
Red calf born in the afternoon (20) until 4:00 o’clock in the evening.
Little rone born in the middle afternoon.
Snowing March 27, 28, & 29. Snow on ground. Cold.

Inside back cover:
I sold 3 doz. Of eggs to Mrs. Perry at 18 a doz. and ½ doz.

Mr. & Mrs. Perry worked for us through harvest when we lived on the Puterbaugh place 3 years ago. When they left they went out to Pikes Peak, Colorado. They had 3 boys. They came from Kansas City Mo.

Back cover

This book has account of Miss Geneva Mae Schloetzer, age and birth.