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Schow Photographs

These photos are not high quality because they have been photocopied too many times. If you have a better quality version you are willing to share with me, please e-mail me.

The wives of these men are shown directly below them.

Niels Christian Anderson Schow (1816)

Charles Frederick Schow (1874)

Andrew P. Schow (1839)

James-Jens Schow (1848)

Marie Pedersen From (1809)

Sarah Owens

Anne Jeppersen (1840)

Anne Hansen

Anne Marie Kirstine Rasmussen (1842)

Mary Ann Parry

James Henrie (1827) and his wives: Rhoda Hatch (born 1832, married 1850), Gedske Schow (born 1864, married 1879), Christena Schow (born 1844, married 1861)