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St. Joseph's Cemetery

St Joseph's Cemetery is located just south of the City of Auburn, New York on state route 38.

The cemetery listing on this page is a partial listing.

REARDON, Irene E., burial May 3, 1971 age 75y
REARDON, John H., burial September 14, 1960 age 64y
REARDON, Theodore N., burial April 26, 1989 age 69y
VIBBERT, Cora, burial May 21, 1986 age 83y
VIBBERT, George M., burial January 14, 1992 age 92y
VIBBERT, Leo, burial October 31, 1921 age 1h
VIBBERT, Marie F., burial September 18, 1914 age 5d
VIBBERT, Mary A., burial May 23, 1960 age 69y
VIBBERT, Ralph E., burial October 19, 1962 age 72y

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