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Our Ancestors and Cousins

From 1619 to 2007

By Stephen Griffiths

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September 4, 2009

The purpose of this site is to share my family tree with my family and friends. My direct ancestors are AUSTIN, BEHR, BIXBY, CLEVELAND, FRANK, GRIFFITHS, HODGE, PHILLIPS, SCHULZ, SHAVER, WINN and YOUNG.


The GRIFFITHS and YOUNG branches of the family tree are from England and immigrated to the United States in the 1850's. They settled in Brooklyn, New York. The FRANK and SCHULZ branches are from Germany and immigrated in the 1850's. They also settled in Brooklyn, New York.

The AUSTIN, HODGE, and SHAVER branches of the family tree settled in Madison county, New York. The AUSTIN and HODGE families lived near the hamlet of Perryville in Fenner and Sullivan townships. The SHAVER family settled near Milestrip in the township of Smithfield.

The PHILLIPS family is one of my roadblocks. The only evidence that I have that Frederick PHILLIPS existed, is his name on my grandmother's birth certificate. Family lore says that he was a crewman aboard a ship that sailed the Great Lakes and that he died shortly before his daughter, Hattie, was born in April, 1886.

Much of the information that I have on the BIXBY, CLEVELAND, and WINN families is from the 3-volume Genealogy of the Cleveland and Cleaveland Families, by Edmund Janes Cleveland and Horace Gillette Cleveland, published in 1899. I have done some work on the descendants of Ambrose BIXBY & Priscilla CLEVELAND, i.e. Rhoda BIXBY & Horace HATCH, Sarah BIXBY & Abraham CHATFIELD, and Eveline BIXBY & David HODGE.

Clara & Seymour Griffiths

ca. 1908

I have had my Y-DNA tested by Family Tree DNA and have joined the Griffis/Griffieth/Griffith/Griffiths and the British Isles groups. So far, I have not had any positive matches.

My work is not done and I will be updating this site when I have new information to share. I will post my progress on the What's New page.

I am not a professional genealogist and make no claims as to the accuracy of this site. You may use any data on this website but remember that genealogical work is always subject to revision. If you copy some of my material, your readers will appreciate a citation to my site so that they may see if my data has been updated. If you have any comments or corrections for this site, please contact me at Please have the subject of the e-mail set to the family in question; for example, HODGE family tree.

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