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The Acadian Recorder

JANUARY 18, 1818

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General Information and Index. (Click on section title to skip down page)

Marriages:  The Acadian Recorder reports these in a limited manner, but they originate throughout the Province.  Often the dates found in this section and the Deaths section contain two references of inst. (or instant) and ult. (or ultimo).  These refer to the month in which the date occured. Inst. or instant means the date is in the current month. Ult. or ultimo means the date given is in the previous month.

Deaths:  Again these originate throughout the Province, and sometimes are International.

Ship News:  The news typically lists ship arrivals and departures, usually by giving ship name, master, and home port or last port sailed from.  Sometimes there are also passengers lists, information of wrecks etc which are reported under this section as well. If you see the symbol  "&.c" in the texts,  this was the old form of "etc".

Estate Notices:  These were advertisements placed when someone died announcing that claims against and owed to the estate had to be settled within a certain time period.  This section is a compliment to the Deaths section as an additional source. This section will be done once every few months. Since they often ran the same ad for 2 years, the list usually stays the same for a long period of time.  Sources here are not only the name of the deceased, but also those who administered the estate, usually other family members.  The complete text is not done.  This is just a list containing estate owner, administrator(s) and the date the original notice was placed (if available).

Advertisers:  Again this section is a list of names, with type of business and location if available.  Real estate sales will also
appear in this section, whether private or public/sherrif auction.  This section and the next are not being included yet, but will be eventually added in.

Snips and Clips:  Interesting odds and ends.



SHIP NEWS - Port of Halifax

Monday Jan. 12 arr.:  brig Commerce, [ ____ ] - Boston;  sch. Nancy, Sellers - Philadelphia;  sloop Catharine-Ann - St. Andrews.

Friday Jan. 16 arr.:  brig Alligator, Coulson - Norfolk 11 days cargo flour &c. to Mr. Mathew Richardson;  brig Britannia, Vandine - Anitgua 33 days to Mr. John Starr.

The brigs Margaret and Regent from hence have arrived at Jamaica.

The sch. Industry, Dunn of Prince Edward Island from Jamaica bound to this place, out 40 days, went ashore about ten miles to the eastward of Beaver Harbour in a gale of wind on Sunday the 4th inst. - Cargo saved; the vessel it is feared will be lost.

Cleared:  sch. Sarah Jane, M'Kinna - B.W. Indies;  brig Armenia, Barber - B.W. Indies; Peggy, Stairs - Demerary;  Alert, Grant - B.W. Indies;  sch. Critic, Jeffery - Boston;  Harriet, Bremner - B.W. Indies;  Amelia, King - Liverpool, Eng. [cargos were given but not  transcribed.]

The brig Messenger had sailed from Boston for St. Johns Newfld with a cargo of bread, flour, meal, rice &c. amounting to upwards of  £1500 to be distributed amongst the poor of that place.

[very poor copy - more of column impossible to read]

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