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The Acadian Recorder

JANUARY 03, 1818

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General Information and Index. (Click on section title to skip down page)

Marriages:  The Acadian Recorder reports these in a limited manner, but they originate throughout the Province.  Often the dates found in this section and the Deaths section contain two references of inst. (or instant) and ult. (or ultimo).  These refer to the month in which the date occured. Inst. or instant means the date is in the current month. Ult. or ultimo means the date given is in the previous month.

Deaths:  Again these originate throughout the Province, and sometimes are International.

Ship News:  The news typically lists ship arrivals and departures, usually by giving ship name, master, and home port or last port sailed from.  Sometimes there are also passengers lists, information of wrecks etc which are reported under this section as well. If you see the symbol  "&.c" in the texts,  this was the old form of "etc".

Estate Notices:  These were advertisements placed when someone died announcing that claims against and owed to the estate had to be settled within a certain time period.  This section is a compliment to the Deaths section as an additional source. This section will be done once every few months. Since they often ran the same ad for 2 years, the list usually stays the same for a long period of time.  Sources here are not only the name of the deceased, but also those who administered the estate, usually other family members.  The complete text is not done.  This is just a list containing estate owner, administrator(s) and the date the original notice was placed (if available).

Advertisers:  Again this section is a list of names, with type of business and location if available.  Real estate sales will also
appear in this section, whether private or public/sherrif auction.  This section and the next are not being included yet, but will be eventually added in.

Snips and Clips:  Interesting odds and ends.



SHIP NEWS - Port of Halifax

Sunday Dec.28 arr.:  sch. Roseway, M'Donald - Boston.

Tuesday Dec. 30 arr.:  sch.  Four Sons,  Kelly - Boston 7 days.

Wednesday Dec. 31 arr.:  sch. Enterprize,  Fraser - New York 12 days.

Sailed yesterday morning brig Pallas, Booth for Liverpool Eng. - Passengers T. James Esq, Lady and sister and Mr. Stevens.

Cleared:  brigs Elizabeth, Peitzsch - Barbados;  Harriet, Whitman - Kingston, Jam.;  Pallas, Booth - Liverpool E.;  Freetown, Archibald - W. Indies;  Waterloo, Koch - W. Indies;  Sally, Rumford - W. Indies;  schrs Mother, Duffus - W. Indies;  Sarah-Jane,  M'Kennan - W. Indies.

The sch. Four Sons, Capt. Mann for New York ladened with fish was lost on Cape Oget near Arichat 19th inst.

A sch. from Newfoundland,  from Prince Edward Island with 60 passengers was lost at Pettit de Grate;  and another sch. from the same place with 30 passengers on Antigonish Bar about 3 weeks since - 5 men perished.

The sch. ______, Capt. M'Neil from hence was lost on Canso Point about 10 days since.

The ship Mary-Ann, Hanworth and sch. North Star, Dumierous from Burin N.F. arr. at Gilbralter Oct. 19. The sch. Nancy from hence arr. at Philadelphia in 12 days.  The brig Alligator of this port sailed from Antigua Nov. 28 for Norfolk.  A sch. from Newfld with 120 passengers for Halifax has been lately wrecked on Green Island.

The British brigs Francis and Lucy from Norfolk, and Marda from New York  have been seized at Antigua for the violation of some law.

The Princess Elizabeth packet from hence arr. at Falmouth 21st Oct.
The lady Wellington packet sailed from New York for England the 7th inst.
The brigs Eagle and Margaret from hence arrived at New York Dec. 14.

St. John N.B. Dec. 20 - The Comet, Bell from Cork via Halifax is reported to be in the offing.

Quebec.  Dec. 2 - the brig Favourite, Young from hence for Madeira was wrecked on [ _____ ] Island Nov. 21, crew saved, vessel supposed to be totally lost.  Ship Agnes, Lines from London is on shore at Mal Bay with the loss of cable and anchor.

Lloyds List.  Oct. 24 - The Hercules, Langdon of and from Liverpool for Miramichie foundered at sea Sept. 16 150 miles from Cape Clear. Crew Saved by Two Brothers of Rochester and landed at Malaga.  Sept. 30 - The Rover, Frank from St. Andrews for Stockton sprung a leak and was abandoned 300 miles westward of Ireland. The master and crew took to the boat and after being three days at sea landed in [ _____ ] Harbour near Westport.  Oct. 17 - The Princess Elizabeth packet from Halifax 21st ult. arrived at Falmouth 20th inst.

Crookhaven. Oct. 15 - arr. Duke of Richmond, Perdie;  Henderson, Steele from Miramichie.
New York.  Dec. 17 - cleared Enterprize, Bruce for Halifax.
Philadelphia.  Dec. 16 - arr. Robert, Anderson from hence.
The United States brig Boxer was lost off the south pass of the Missisippi 24th Oct.

E=Estate owner; a=adminstrators; d=original date published.

E = George Bently, Cornwallis.
A = Jane Bently;  Ashel Bently.
D = June  1817  Annapolis.

E = Edward Bond,  Halifax
A = W.K. Reynolds;  John Rogers.
D = September 4,  1816.

E = Clement Breaux,  Mariner, formerly Jersey.
A = John Dumeresq.
D = July 6,  1816  Halifax.

E = John Conrod,  Halifax.
A = Mary Conrod.
D = October 9, 1817 [appears in same notice as Knodle]

E = John Crook, Mariner
A = Elizabeth Crook;  Michael Publicover.
D = May 1, 1817  Lunenburg.

E = John Dill, jr.,  Londonderry
A = Mary Dill;  James Flemming;  James Dill.
D = September 1, 1817

E = Joseph Dormond,  Falmouth
A = Anny Dormond;  Constant Church jr.;  W.H. Shey.
D = September 1, 1817

E = William S. Harding
A = Mary Harding;  Nathaniel Smith.
D = May 2, 1817  Seven-Mile Plain

E = John Hawes sen., Trader, Halifax
A = John Hawes sen.; John D. Hawes jun.
D = July 6, 1817

E = George Knodle
A = Elizabeth Knodle.
D = October 9, 1817 [appears in same notice as Conrod]

E = John Le Lieuvre,  trader,  Chetecamp [sic].
A = Angelic LeLieuvre;  Wm Mortimer;  George Campbell.
D = August 28, 1817  Pictou.

E = Rev. John Man, Newport
A = John Man;  John Allison
D = July 13, 1817

E = Samuel T. Prescott,  Dartmouth.
A = John Owen;  Thomas Hosterman.
D = January 1, 1817

E = William Ring.
A = David Ring;  Joel Martin;  James Thompson.
D = October 1 [no year],  Halifax.

E = John Rolfe,  Shore District near Newport.
A = John Rolfe;  Michael Rolfe.
D = June 20, 1817

E = Rev. Thomas Shreve, Lunenburg.
A = Abigail Shreve; Caleb Shreve.
D = September 26 [no year given]

E = Peter Vroom, Aylesford
A = John Vroom; Geo. Vroom.
D = July 22, 1816

E = Patrick Walsh, Halifax
A = David Ridgeway;  M.L. Perkins
D = May 23, 1817

E = Alexander Wills,  gardener,  Halifax.
A = James Smith;  William Annand.
D = February 15, 1817

E = Moses Nickerson,  Barrington
A = Susanna Nickerson;  William Nickerson
D = [no date given]

E = Amos Walley,  Newport
A = John Walley.
D = December 24,  1817

E = John Lennox,  Halifax
A = Ann Margaret Lennox.
D = November 4, 1817

E = Christopher Wooster,  Granville
A = Jacob Wooster;  John Wooster.
D = November 28,  1817

E = Richard Stayner jun.,  Halifax
A = Catharine Stayner; John Stayner; John Albro.
D = November 29, 1817

E = Alexander Smith,  Halifax
A = Mary Smith.
D = May 18, 1816

Bowie & Dublois Auctioneers; General Merchandise Halifax
Fillis & Perkins  Auctioneers; General Merchandise Halifax
Charles Hill & Co. Auctioneers; General Merchandise Halifax
W.K. Reynolds & Co. Auctioneers; General Merchandise Halifax
John Albro General Merchandise [not given]
Michael Bennett General Merchandise Duke & Water St. Hfx
H. Best General Merchandise 96 Granville St. Hfx
Stephen & William Deblois General Merchandise 28 George St. Hfx
Adam Esson General Merchandise Halifax
John Ferguson General Merchandise Halifax
Wm. Hackett & Co. General Merchandise 10 Water St.
James Hamilton & Co. General Merchandise 20 Market Square Hfx
Joseph Hamilton General Merchandise 13 Upper Water St. Hfx
George Handley General Merchandise Halifax
David Hall General Merchandise 5 Water St. Hfx
David Hare General Merchandise Halifax
Higgins & Brown General Merchandise 3 Upper Water St. Hfx
J. Lyons General Merchandise 29 1/2 George St. Hfx
H. M'Donald jun. General Merchandise 23 Hollis St. Hfx
J.W. Morris General Merchandise 222 Upper Water St. Hfx
John Pendergast General Merchandise 265 Upper Water St. Hfx
Robert Phelan & Co. General Merchandise [not given]
William Pryor General Merchandise Pryors Wharf, Halifax
Benjamin Salter & Co. General Merchandise Halifax
Thomas Salter & Co. General Merchandise Halifax
John Smith General Merchandise 8 Lower Water St. Hfx
James Tilton General Merchandise 29 Upper Water St. Hfx
J. & M. Tobin General Merchandise Halifax
William & Edward Wallace General Merchandise [not given]
White, Creighton & Co. General Merchandise [not given]
J.E. Acres Art Teacher Halifax
Mathew Mitchell Baker 139 Lower Water St. Hfx
Judah Wells Boardinghouse 41 Barrington St. Hfx
Levi Wells Boardinghouse and Stables Halifax
Mr. George Eaton Book seller Halifax
George Street Boot & Shoe maker Granville St. Hfx
Edward Longard Boot & Shoe maker 7 Granville St. Hfx
Hugh Randall Boot & Shoe maker Halifax
John Smith Carriage Halifax to Windsor
William Macfeat Chair maker 64 Upper Water St. Hfx
Clock & Watch maker Halifax
Richard U. Marsters Clock & Watch maker 2 Sackville St. Hfx
Clothing 58 Grafton St. Hfx
Thomas & Michael O'Mara Coach & Chaise Makers Marchington's Lane, Hfx
Mary Scott Dartmouth Coffee House Team boat Wharf
William Petrie Doctor 139 Hollis St. Hfx
John Sterling Doctor / Surgeon Halifax
Thomas Walker Doctor / Surgeon 116 Granville St. Hfx
S. Mackglew Dress-maker 3 Hollis St.
Miss Patte Dress-maker 42 Bedford Row
W. Macara & Co. Drugs and Medicines Granville St. Hfx
D. MacDonald Dyer Halifax
Charles W. Torbett Engraver 112 Granville St. Hfx
Halifax Steam-Boat Co. Ferry Halifax - Dartmouth
Jon. & John Tremain Hardware 16 Lower Water St. Hfx
J. Robinson Hat maker / seller 34 Buckingham St.
James Harris Inn Aylesford
W. H. Worthy Lime Kiln Halifax
W. Conroy Livery stables Halifax
Thomas Kelly Minature Painter 22 Bedford Row
Abdiel Kirk Music Teacher / Book seller Halifax
P. Peters Restaurant - Masons Arms Dutch Town, Hfx
C. & J. West Sailmakers Market Wharf, Hfx.
Messrs Jennings & Bowen  School 3 Hollis st. Hfx
Mrs Hall School 151 Upper Water St. Hfx
John Fraser Tailor 54 Upper Water St. Hfx
James Kerr Tailor Granville St. Hfx
William Patterson Tailor 138 Lower Water St. Hfx
James Rickard Tailor Halifax
C. Wilson Taylor 3 George St. Halifax
Martin Walsh Taylor 149 Hollis St. Halifax
Halifax Tobacco Co. Tobacco, Snuff & Segars 32 Bedford Row, Hfx

Land Sales.

Public Auction / Private sales / Rentals

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