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The 1800 Will and Power of Attorney of
Major Peter Vanalstine

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Pioneers of the Bay of Quinte

Why I am interested in this will
It is widely written that Major Peter Vanalstine died in 1811 however his will and Power of Attorney papers below clearly identify that he died between 10 May 1800 and 15 November 1800. His will is dated 10 May 1800 when he is still obviously alive and a power of attorney dated 15 Nov 1800 states that he "is since dead".

Transcribed by Randy Saylor, Nov 3, 2005

Source: Court of Probate estate files, RG 22-155, AO, MS638, reel 69
WILL – 10 May 1800
In the name of God Amen, I Peter Vanalstine of Adolphustown Midland District and province of Upper Canada, being in health and calling to mind the uncertainty of  time, do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament, in manner, following, that is to say, First I will and positively Order, that all my just debts and Funeral charges be paid and for the accomplishing thereof, I do hereby impower my executors and Executrix herein after named, to sell so much of my Estate as together with my ready cash will be sufficient to discharge the same, I give and bequeath unto my Son, Alexander Vanalstine my best fowling pece for his birth right, It is my Will, and I order, that my Son Cornelius Vanalstine, have as much of my stock as to make him as to make equal to what my Son Alexander, and my Daughter Alley Myres have already had. I give and demise unto my two Nieces Alley Dorland and Scynthe VanDyck and to the heirs of their Bodys?, Four Hundred acres of Land being Lots number seven and eight, in the Second Concession West Side of the West lake , to be equally divided between them. I give and demise unto my three children, Viz Alexander Vanalstine Alley Myers and Cornelius Vanalstine their heirs and assigns, all my real and personal Estate of what nature? ???? that may be left after paying any just debts, and taking out what ???? before is given, to be eaqually divided amongst them.
It is my Will, and I do constitute my two sons Alexander and Cornelius Vanalstine my Executors , and my Daughter Alley Myres my Executrix of this my last Will and Testament.
In witness thereof I Peter Vanalstine have to this my last Will and Testament, set my hand and seal this tenth day of May 1800.
Thos Dorland                                                   P V Alstine
Robert McDowall
Abraham Maybe
POWER OF ATTORNEY – 15 Nov 1800 (written after death of Peter Vanalstine)
Know All Men by these presents That whereas Peter Van Alstine of Adolphustown Midland District County of Lennox and province of Upper Canada, by his last Will and Testament  bearing Date the Tenth day of May and in the year of Our Lord one thousand Eight hundred. Did give and bequeath to Alexander Van Alstine, Alada Meyres and Cornelius Van Alstin, each of them third of his Estate after paying his just debts Funeral charges and four hundred acres of land to his Two Neices Alley Dorland, Synthia Van Dyck and of his said Will made and Constituted the aforesaid Alexander Van Alstine Cornelius Van Alstine & Alada Meyres Executrs and Executrix. And wereas the same Peter Van Alstine is since dead. Now know ye That We the said Cornelius Van Alstine & Alada Meyres have made ordained constituted and appointed and by these Presents do make ordain constitute and appoint Our loving Brother Alexander Van Alstine of Marysburgh. Midland District County Prince Edward and Province aforesaid our true and lawfull Attorney for us and in our names and for our Use to ask demand sue for recover and receive of William Weeks Esq of the town of york Home District and province of Upper Canada and from all other persons who are indebted to us by the last Will and Testament of Peter Van Alstine aforesaid all such sum and sums of Money. Debts and Duties whatsoeverto have these and take all Lawfull means and ways in our Name or otherwise for Recovery thereof by Attachment? Arrest, Distress or otherwise and to agree and compound for the same and acquittment? or other sufficient Discharges for the same  for Us and in our names to make seal and Deliver and to do all other Lawfull Acts and things whatsoever concerning the Promises as fully in every ???? as if we were personally present , and Attorneys one or more under him for the Purpose aforesaid to make and at his Pleasure to work, ratifying and allowing and whatsoever our said Attorney shall in our Names Lawfully do or cause to be done in and about the premises by Nature of these Presents.
in Witness we have present to set our Names and Seals this fifteenth day of November and in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred.
Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of us –
Allen Clarke
Joseph Carnahan
Corns Vanalstine
Alada W Meyers
Personally appear before me Thomas Dorland Esq the above signed and sealed and acknowledged within power of Attorney to be their Voluntary act and for the purpose therein mentioned the day and year above written
[signed] Thos Dorland
PROOF of WILL - 24 Nov 1800
Province of Upper Canada, Home District …
Before one David Burns, Official Principal of the Court of Probate ….
Personally … appeared Thomas Dorland … witness to the foregoing Will of Peter Vanalstine …. he was present and did see the said peter Vanalstine sign and seal the said Will ….was of sound mind and memory and understanding … in the presence of Thomas Dorland Robert McDowall and Abraham Maybe  …. 24th day of November in the Year of our Lord one Thousand Eight Hundred.
Signed D Burns, Off P                         T Ridout, Register