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1824 Census Murray Township
Newcastle District

(later) Northumberland County

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Census Records
Records of the Bay of Quinte

Source: 1824 Census, Murray Township, Municipal Records, AO, MS16, reel 7
Randy Saylor, transcribed 10 Jan, 2008

Census Murray 1824 [sticker]
[Note: The superscript 100 appears to be used by the Clerk for counting purposes.]

Number of Each Family
Names of Heads of FamiliesMales under 16Females under 16Males over 16Females over 16Total
George Davis1211
John Clark 1111
Hezekiah Clark1111
Avery Story6
Peter Crouter2111
William Jackson111
Thos Ferguson2121
Benjn Smades1111
John Lawson Jr2111
John Huff4111
Owen Sullivan2111
John Cushing2211
Samuel Gibson411
John Gibson111
Stephen Young732
John Kemp117
Tobias Rickman2211
Jacob Rickman2521
John Tunney111
John Rickman211
John McCall1211
John McCall3231 100
Duncan McIntire123
John Wessels132
Lot Hazard4211
John Warren1
John Valentine1231
Claselius? Brock1211
Bryon Cullin?1 10011
John Montgomery4211
John Vansicklen212
Cyrus Mon??1411
Sylvester Richmond1
Martin Vanblaricom11
James Terrel3111
James Holland1
Job Hart1211
David Van Volkenburgh11
John Richmond4211
Stephen Wessels2311
James Campbell4111
Cornelius Vansicklin2113
Ferdinand Vansicklin2111
Matthew Honwck??111
William Howell231
Jonathan Hart171
Samuel Clapp132
Anthony Terrel43
Saml Crosby211
Thos Gainforth2211
Coll McDonell111
Enoch Allard21
Peter Vallier121
Peter Stoneburgh Jr21 1001
John S? Vail1212
John Wilson2321
Joseph Gould3111
William Bamfield11
Richard Carl?4111
Jesse Runnels? [Reynolds]3111
Dougal McLean122?1
Isaac Johnson1312
Stephen Blye111
Peter Stoneburgh Ser?321
Isaac Terry2511
Lewis Lewis11
Joseph Rogers5221
Daniel Walker312
Abraham Stoneburgh1111
Lewis St George111
Johnson Weller311
John V Murphy111
Warhan Nobles13142
Cornelius Bonter2322
Sheldon Hawley121
William Ripson21
Frances Kimbal4111
Abraham Ostrum1132
Samuel Rosebush2 10011
John Frazer11
Henry Barkley322
Samuel Curtis21
Thomas Anderson511
Christopher Varty2531
Isaac Alyea 111
Edward Bonter3242
John Hannigan?111
James Anderson3311
Stephen Tompkins3211
Charles Biggar122
Rufus Wells1121 100
John Wight1122
John Rowe1111
Frances Vandebogart411
Doc Pitkin? Gross4111
Isaac Hendricks111
Daniel Hendricks6
Henry Buller2311
Asa Weller62
Daniel Coon111
Samuel Heath1
Widow Magdaline Weller311
Peter Vail1312
William Ireland211
John R Blaker3311
William McKinney311
Abraham Maybee Jr2411
Elijah Brundage11
Benjamin Brundage111
Henry Brundage12
John Fralic221
John Moldrum?211
Frances Lebrash2211
Elianor Smades3
John Wies?3122
Frances Ireland111
John Rogers3132
William Henesy1
Isaac Benns111
Daniel B Way1111
Samuel Cooley321
Simon Closvson?1
John H Rathbun1111
George Abbot2211
George Davey2411
Henry Simmons111
Augustus Murrysett311
Richard Henesy3231
Jacob Hendricks2412
Lyman Smith2132
Daniel McKenzie4232
Abraham Simmons2222
Nancy Porter3
Peter Levingston1111
John McFall211
William Tay2111
Samuel Levingston4111
John Brock4232
John Sanders132
Abraham Gale3122
Benjamin Payne4122
John Vanoter?211
Richard Morgan2511
Archibald Blanchard111
Benjamin Seignion?1
Ichabod Morden111
Jacob Ford111
Cyrus Marsh222
John Heinman?1
Edward Hatfull1111
John N Blacker3311
Richard Bullock3232
Peter Maybee4221
John Singleton3321
James Chisholm1
Charles Chisholm1
Josiah Wellington332
George Gibson11
Titus Doolittle121
Enoch Orser1
Angus Chisholm211
Hezekiah Bettys4111
William Bronch111
Henry Melville3351
Tomas Potts5311
Susanna Evans11
John Watters?2211
William Brown1521
James H Powers11
Samuel Powers1
James Powers111
Thomas Smith22
Josiah George1111
David Paddock111
Nathaniel Thayer 2
Abijah Smith2352
Richard Parcels3231
Jacob Rose3111
John D Smith Snr112
John D Smith Jnr11
John Cook231
Widow Sarah Nix311
Edward Goodyou21
John Watters322
John Wight
John M Flindall
District of Newcastle to wit}  John Wight of Murray in the said District Yeoman one of the assessors for the said Township for the present year maketh oath and saith that the above List of Inhabitants has been first Fully taken by him this department and John Flindall the other assessor by attendance at the usual place of adode of the ????? heads of families and that the ??? a true and correct? statement of the ??? in the Township to best of his knowledge and belief
Sworn before me at Hope in the said District this ? March 1824 [signed] T Ward? Clerk of the Peace